Monday, December 28, 2009

X' Mas This Year a.k.a. Krismas Taun Tuk

Nothing spectacular this Christmas.  I didn't even feel the holiday mood.  All I thought about as Christmas approached was 'Ugh.. my holidays are gonna end soon.'  And I hate that feeling.  

On the first day of Christmas, we had our usual Malaysian festival routine which is to visit friends and family.  Visit their houses and eat, talk, laugh and then bye-bye.  We didn't go to too many houses this year as Ma, my sis, and I kept complaining about the hot weather and the crowded houses (which I don't favour unless all of the them are my friends or people I know so that I can join in their conversations and have fun) that Pa relented and went home after only two houses for each visit.  Hehe :p 

The second day of Christmas on the other hand, was more eventful and exciting.  Lots of good movies on the TV too!  We had open house on that day but not that many people came as we don't usually have open houses on Christmas.  This is the first time after a decade, I think.  In the previous years, my friends only come to my house to have a chat and rest their stomach after visiting other friends' houses.  Haha.  

On that same day, later in the evening, a prayer was held for my late dear friend, Boboy.  It has already been one year after his passing but it's still hard to believe that he's actually gone.  After the prayer fellowship, I joined the Gossip Boys (Adler, Carl, Julian, Nicholas) and some other friends for a late-nite house-visits.  Crazy, I know.  Kaco orang tido jak (disturbing other people's sleep). 

After a total of four houses, we made our way home before 12 midnight.  But on this Christmas Day, God will always find ways to make us more giving.  The Gossip Boys and I (The Gossip Girl) gossiped all the way (but I know the juicier ones are only shared among themselves :p Kedekut!).  We took the darker and winded route home instead because Nick's house is on the way.  

Something unexpected happened and we almost missed it.  A guy in tattered clothes was frantically hailing our car to a stop.  In situations like this, we were very much tempted to leave and pretended not to know anything but as I said earlier, God always finds a way to make us more giving loh... We even debated among ourselves whether we should help the guy or not.  Well... maklumlah di dunia yang serba moden ini, banyak orang berpura-pura susah untuk menagih simpati tetapi orang yang menolong itu yang dikhianatinya (as we are all aware of today, there are a lot of people who con others by pretending to be sick or poor and then bite the hands that feed them).  This is what happened in the car... 

Adler slowed down but did not stop.  We almost left the guy there.  But...
Me: Eh, call ambulance la.  At least, telo debei megheh nyin gak gin singen.  Ngak malem ih... (Eh, why don't we just call the ambulance.  At least, the guy will not be left there alone.  It's already night time.) 

Adler: Sebenarnya aku takut.  Ni tauk nya orang jaik ka. (Actually, I'm scared.  Who knows if he's a bad guy?)

Me: Aku pun takut... tapi sikkan mok tinggalkannya jak dah malam-malam tuk? (I'm scared too... but should we leave him there now that it's already dark?)

The guys, who were kind did more that I asked of them.  They reversed the car to get a better look at the scene and then decided to help the guy after all. 

Adler: Turun magang kita.  Ok, Melissa siko dalam kereta.  (Let's go out together.  Ok, Melissa will stay in the car.)

So, the four of them took off leaving me alone in the car with Julian to guard the door.  LOL.  Terharu seketika (so touching you know...).  The guys are nice and sweet.  Quite gentleman, I'd say.  I quickly locked the doors to add to the drama.  

It was a self-accident.  The road was too dark and he was drunk, as I suspected.  His eyes were red, okay. 

The Gossip Boys then decided to take the drunk guy home but unfortunately, his family members were not home so we took him to the hospital instead.  I was rather worried the whole time because I was afraid that the guy would trick us into bringing him home then have some bad guys waiting for us there and rob us or something.  Yes, my imagination works really well in moments like that.  But nothing like that happened.  We went back safely but with more stories to tell.  LOL.   

The moral of the story is: Don't Drink (alcohol) AND Drive. (I must get this clear because I always drink mineral water while driving.  I get thirsty easily). 

If you wanna drink, don't drive.  If you wanna drive, don't drink.  All of us in the car had a drink or two that night except Adler who was driving.  He is sensible that way.  So girls, except for Nicholas, the Gossip Boys are still single and available.  Looks aside, they are quite a good catch :p Haha, please don't be angry.  You can't possibly be mad at me for being honest, right? 

1NewMessages: The wi-fi at home finally worked.  You can expect more news from me now.! 


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Home Run a.k.a. Berekot Balit Rumah

As you may have correctly guessed, I'm back in Sibu already.  But not without much obstacles.  Ah well, it seems that I attract troubles like a magnet. 

We (my sis and I) almost couldn't make it to Sibu on the 22nd.  It's a long story but I have the time if only you could bear with me. 

It's like this...

On the afternoon of 22nd, not wanting to miss our flight like we did the previous year, my sis and I both got ready early.  We then headed to the Penang Airport with 2 hours to spare only to find that our flight had been delayed for 35 minutes.  I cursed inwardly.  Now, I had to wait for 2 hours and 35 minutes, sitting in the cold airport doing nothing because I only got e-books and my laptop is without a battery.  Just great.  

I hate airports (except KLIA :p).  

I hate having to wait for transport to go to the airport.  I would get butterflies in my stomach and I keep worrying if our transport hasn't arrived and this only adds wrinkles to my face.  

I hate having to look after my stuff at the airport.  Because if you don't, they could get stolen.  

I hate waiting at the airport.  It's boring and cold.  Besides, I can imagine the fat multiplying in my butt for sitting too long.  

I hate checking-in my luggage.  Because I had to be careful while packing my stuff so as not to exceed the maximum weight or else I would be charged.  I'm poor.  And I hate packing.  

I hate the stores at the airport.  They charge ridiculously high prices for stuff you could easily get for cheaper prices if you just step outside the building.  

I hate carrying my stuff.  They are heavy.  Very, very heavy.  

I hate the staff at the airport.  Most of them anyway.  Air hostess aside, most of them are simply rude.  

In short, I hate everything about the airport except maybe the toilets.  They are quite clean, you know. 

To cut a long story shorter (I said short-er, 'kay?), the problem only came up when we reached LCCT.  Yeah, we were flying with Air Asia.  Again, this is one ride that I hate. 


Hear me out first.  I'm not here to make a protest against Air Asia.  Let's continue the story. 

When we arrived in KL, we went to check-in our luggage immediately together with the Leech (Yes, somehow, we took the same flight home) only to find that the counter was already closed.  Not wanting to give up, I approached a staff at the next counter and inquired about the flight.  She checked the schedule and said, "It has departed." 

Huh? Did I hear her correctly? 

Unconvinced, I said,"How come? It's supposed to depart 15 minutes later!"
"Yah, 15 minutes later but you're only here now?" she started to ignore me. 
I was furious.  "NO! We got delayed in Penang by AIR ASIA!"
Only then did she turned her head to face me and said,"Go to counter R59/R58." 

Shit la that lady.  Who do you think you're bluffing? Air Asia flying before the scheduled time? Hoho.  Think I was born yesterday?

So, to counter R58 the three of us went.  At first, he told us that we could only board the next flight which will be at 6 a.m. the next morning, WTH.  Then suddenly, he got a call and the next thing we knew, we were checking-in our luggage and ran all the way to the gate and towards the flight only to see that it was jammed.  Hahaha.  I knew it.   

Meanwhile, the Leech kept bugging me all the way asking me about the sandwich that she had ordered online.  WTF.  What's so important about it? You're about to miss a flight and all you care about is your damn stale sandwiches? Whoa, even wanted me to ask the staff about it.  Gila!  You go ask him yourself la.  What do I care? Should have asked me nicely instead of, "Eh, you have to help me ask about this sandwich that I've ordered online."  Have to? Hello, aunty.  Why do I have to? Even the staff ignored the question and I didn't pursue it further.  Menyampah betul. 

Hm... okay.  I have always hated flying with Air Asia because of many reasons which will take me forever to list down.  Wahaha.  Don't sue me.  I'm a consumer, I get the right to complain, right?
But, there are certain things about Air Asia that impresses me, such as:

1. Luggage handling
Not to say that the luggage are handled very carefully because my bags always look very worn out on the belt.  But so far, I've never lost a bag with Air Asia (not gonna jinx it), that is they don't send your bags to the wrong flight no matter how chaotic the situation is (e.g. our situation).  With airlines such as MAS, we've experienced it twice.  Can you imagine how frustrating and inconvenient it is to not have your luggage with you? You can, right?

2. Not forced to miss your flight
Like the situation that I've mentioned above, we could still get on the flight even 15 minutes before departure time.  Actually this is the second time.  The last time I had the same experience was even more exciting.  I only got 5 - 10 minutes to spare!  But with MAS, "Even if you're the Governor, we won't wait for you."  It's because I'm not a governor that you should wait for me.  I'm poor and I don't have any money to buy new tickets ok? Bongok. 

3. The smell of the airplane
I can't stand the smell of MAS airplane.  Period. 

Now, I'm not condemning MAS; just comparing these two airlines cos I've never experience the service of other airlines.  I think.  But if I really am given a choice, I would pick MAS.  Why? Hohoho, this is one very embarrassing excuse but because I'm very honest, I'll tell you.  With MAS, I don't have to walk so far to get to the airplane because the entrance is connected to the building.  Heehee.  My hand-carried stuff are really heavy because they are filled with souvenirs for family members at home.  Oh, I'm such a filial daughter *shy a.k.a. tersipu-sipu*.

So, that's about all I have to say about my journey back home this time.  I don't know why there always seem to be obstacles on my journey home.  As Shakira put it, the way back home is always long.  But once you arrived, it's always worth the trouble.  *sigh* Home sweet home indeed.

How about you guys? Any trouble getting anywhere before?  

1NewMessages: This post was written on 29th November 2009.  Can you believe how long I had to wait to post it up???? It's all because of the damn internet connection at home!!!  I'm now at my cousin's house :) Will try to blog more often.  Actually I spent a lot of my time watching DVDs at home and going out with friends because I always have a near-death experience whenever I'm bored.  Lol.  Wish Pa will get a wireless soon~~

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Fell In __ a.k.a. Aku T'lah Jatuh __

Instruction: Please choose the right word to fill in the blanks.  

A. -to bankruptcy (muflis)
B. -to a ditch (dalam longkang)
C. love (cinta)
D. Semua di atas (All of the above)
E. Tiada jawapan atas sana (None of the answer above)

Think carefully and wisely before making the decision.

Answer: E

Because... I fell into a ditch together with a bicycle.  Together-gether!  With me still sitting on the bicycle.  Quite a ridiculous sight if you try to imagine it.   We (the bicycle & I) were stuck at the brim but half of me was inside.  Like this:  

It was seriously embarrassing.  

The story started like this.  The weather was quite nice so Lis asked me to go cycling together around the campus before dinner.  For your information, the compound in our campus is very hilly and not very ideal for people who are too short to ride on an adult bike beginners like me.  

Cycling is not difficult but you need skill to control the bike.  At first, we rode uphill and it was no big deal.  It was the going downhill that got me into the accident *koff* just *koff* like *koff* Step.  Hehe. 

Before I fell into the ditch, thoughts about how I would fall, where I would fall, and memories about a friend's friend who fell into a ditch and ended up in a coma had me worried for a while.  All these things ran through my head while my bicycle was heading towards the ditch unable to be stopped, that I forgot to feel scared.  I was more like, 'Uh-oh, I'm going to fall into a ditch' and waited for it to happen. Stupid.  

Suddenly, "Aahhh!!!" 

It did not come from me but from one of the passers-by who saw the whole incident.  

I just lay there, face-down and feeling a little stupid, deciding on what to do next.  Baru ku tauk camney rasa makan tanah, literally.  I thought about getting up (because it was the most reasonable thing to do after falling down) but felt a little tired and decided to stay in that position for a little while because I wanted to gather my thoughts first but suddenly a pair of hands (or was it two?) lifted me up and I had no choice but to get up.  

Sorry, passers-by.  Not that I am ungrateful but I just got so used to getting up on my own. 

When I got up, people who surrounded me were anxious and excited.  It was rather amusing but then I panicked.  'What's wrong? What's wrong?' I thought while feeling my face (well... I care about the safety of my face :p).  

Lis paled.  She said, "Bibir kawu, bibir kawu" which meant "Your lips, your lips."  I had a cut on my lips and it bled but as I wipe my face with the back of my hand, I saw a trail of blood.  It was weird.  I didn't think that my lips would bleed so profusely and asked Lis, "Bibir jak kah? Bibir jak kah?" (Only the lips? Only the lips?)

When I think back about our conversation, it sounded rather funny.  Why is it that when we feel panic or anxious, we tend to repeat what we say a few times?  

It turned out that my nose was bleeding too.  Shocking.  But kinda cool (like in the movies).  What a shame that we didn't get a snapshot of it *sigh*.  Actually, I'm very grateful that I did not lose any tooth (touch wood!).  Just imagine me having to wear dentures at my age.  Ugh! 

However, the most painful thing about the accident was not my wound but my pride.  Malu tauk sik naik beskal sampey masuk longkang!  Of course the swellings hurt too but the thing that I used to sit on the bicycle hurt worse.  I'm glad I can still make this sign: 


The moral of the story is, get a proper bicycle next time and make sure that your feet can touch the ground while you're seated on the bicycle.  

Another moral of the story is, don't laugh at your friend's misfortune like I did.  Before our cycling trip, Lis told me about Step's little accident and I said, "Eeh... malu eh." (Eeh... how embarrassing).  Karma.  

As a tribute to the incident, I hereby enclose a picture of the wound taken the day after.  Enjoy! 

The bridge of my nose was a little swollen. 

Why aren't wounds/swellings in the pattern of tattoos?  At least I won't be feeling half as bad.  Tsk.

1NewMessages: This post is long overdue.  The incident happened on November 9th 2009.

What To Do With It? a.k.a. K Polah Apa Benda Ya?

It's been a while since I've come up with a new game.  I know the old ones are getting pretty boring already so I'm gonna add more games so that we can all continue to feel young.  I've thought of a new game (considering it, actually, since the game is not originally from me :p) and I think it should be interesting to play as it will also be testing our creativity.  Aiya... all games also test our creativity la.. 

The name of the game is the same as the title of the post: "What to do with it?" 

The game is actually an item in Guilford's Creativity Test.  Hehe... I can still remember even though the exam was already two weeks ago.  Wahaha... hopefully I'll get an A for the subject.  

So, how do we play the game? It's pretty simple actually.  I give you an object, say, a pencil.  And then you think of other than its original function that a pencil can be used for and explain how it is used.  You can suggest as many as you like and then when you're done with it, you give a new object to the next player.


Object: Pencil 
Funtion: As a hairpin.  You tie your hair up in a bun and stick the pencil through it and you've got yourself a new hairpin!  

New object: Socks 

Like that la... So let's get the ball rolling!

Object: Rubber band


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Salesperson vs. Customer a.k.a. Penjual lwn. Pelanggan

This semester is the first time in my three and a half year of studying that I finished my exam earlier than everybody else.  Hence a celebration is a must.  So, BF and I planned on a trip to Genting. 

We stayed one night in KL before heading to Genting the next morning.  While staying in KL, the only activity that I find worthwhile enough to fit in my tight schedule is none other than shopping.  I love shopping not because I love to spend money but because of the challenges it poses on me.  For example, hunting for cheap clothes (not cheap cheap but things that are sold for ridiculously high prices which I can get for half the price).  Good thing that BF loves it too. 

One of our destination was Sg. Wang, where businessmen try their best to milk as much money as possible out of unsuspecting tourists

It was one of my must-go mall in KL (out of habit, actually).  It was also there that we met all the types of salesperson that one can expect to stumble upon on a bad day. 

A) A salesman who is very persuasive even though you have made it very clear that you DO NOT WANT the product.  

This one is very annoying.  At first sight, they appear to be very helpful and friendly.  But after you've tested the product and found that it is not to your liking and you start to decline, he'll try to convince you more and more without giving you a chance to speak at all.  

So all I did was smiled, nodded, then walked away.  It worked.  Guess actions do speak louder than words, huh?


B) A salesgirl who has too much opinion.

This is even more annoying especially when she doesn't even approach you to offer assistance.  Instead, all she does is stand at the sideline (not that I disapprove of it), at the same time observing your every move (this kinda gives me the creep but I can still understand cos she may be paranoid that I would want to steal her stuff) AND talking about you with her colleagues!  This one I really beh tahan (cannot take it).  

Shit, shit, SHIT YOU!  

This happened while I was shopping for my bag.  The kepo (busybody) aunty actually commented on my choice of bags because I wasn't tall enough to carry the look.  She talked so loudly, I suspect deliberately, for me to hear. 

Hei makcik, cerminlah diri tu... (in fact, she did look at herself in the mirror but it was only out of vanity *rolled eyes*).  I decided to get even. 

I told BF matter-of-factly AND loudly, "Eh, that aunty talked about me so loudly.  She said, 'Badan kecik, [tapi] nak pilih yang tu'."  The moment those words escaped my lips, I flushed.  'Since when did I become so bold,' I thought.  But as swift as the feelings came, it passed and I just shrugged. 

I knew the aunty heard me cos she turned her back immediately and hid her face.  So not wanting to let someone as "smart" as her to gain the commission from selling me a bag, I walked to other sections where the more beautiful bags were.  Huh~


C) A salesgirl who takes things too personally. 

People always say that you should not mix work and play.  It means that we must be professional in our work, right?

Again, this time, I was still looking for my bag.  Hehe, I take shopping very seriously ler... Besides, there were too many bags and I did not know which one to choose.  Plus, I was comparing prices here and there.  

So, after taking our time to try on the bags, it was down to only two choices - a grey bag or a white bag.  I spent at least 15 minutes trying to decide which one to buy but finally decided on the former because it was much cheaper.  

We only realized our mistake a little too late.  I had thought that it was cheaper than it really was but I was wrong.  Turned out that it was only a few "tens" cheaper than the white one.  I hate it when they put too many price tags on a product that it gets the customer confused.  Tsk.  

BF thought that the white one is more worth it because of the size and the design. So, because he was the one paying, I had to listen to him and chose the white one :p Hee~ (He wanted to give me something as a sign of gratitude for what I've given him earlier.  I did not make him, ok).  

This got the promoter a little upset because suddenly she had "lost" her commission (you see, she had asked BF to let her sign the receipt for the bag earlier) because the bag was in another section but still belonged to the same department.  WTH.  It was our money.  

I guess her little scene caused a cascading effect because I, too, got a little upset with her outburst.  She told her friend that I wanted to change the bags, hence she didn't want to sign the receipt anymore and walked away just like that.  

Can you believe it? We never had a pact or what but she acted as if we owed her big time.  Just because of that, my supposed-to-be-happy moment was ruin and I kept thinking that it was my fault.  As a result, BF became a little upset too because I got upset.  Crazy, right?

I talked to BF about it.  He replied, "That's why she's still a salesgirl."  

I felt rather impressed with the depth of psychological knowledge that he possesses (because I thought he meant that a salesgirl must be able to make a customer feel guilty for not buying their products) to which he added, "If she's a professional, she wouldn't still be working there now, right?"  

Right.  I forgot that BF is a practical kind of guy.  

All of these happened in just one evening.  Just imagine what would have happened had I stayed longer.  

Anyway, I went home with a new dress and a bag.  Both are white.  Guess I'm a pure shopaholic eh? LOL. 

Any similar experiences?

1NewMessages: Just came back from the trip.  Tired but fun!  Lots of overdue updates to come... ugh.

2NewMessages: Please excuse my doodling.  Just trying to colour up my space :p

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sexy Back a.k.a. Lagu JT tuu...

First and foremost, let's shout it out together: 

FREEDOM!!!  I'm BACK.  Yes, sexy's back[If you can't read it the first time, don't try to read it at all.]

Just like I promised, I'll be back blogging again in no time.  Today, I've got one of the hottest topics to discuss about.  Girls (sorry yea boys, but this could save the life of your girlfriend - I mean, she'll not be so miserable la...), we're gonna talk about our bodies!  
I love and hate this topic.   *sigh*

All my life, I dreamed about having a body like this: 

But nobody has a body like that (except maybe Jessica Alba?).  Lol. 

I am one of those girls who always got teased by their (jerky) guy friends who think that a girl's eyes grow on her chest.  You won't believe how generous these dudes are.  They've shared millions of tips with me on how to enhance the size of my "eyes".  

Here are some of the more famous ones: 
1. Drink papaya juice with milk.  I heard it's effective (if you want to lau sai and spend an entire day in the toilet). Lau sai means diarrheic in Hokkien. 

2. Maybe you should eat chicken breasts.  I heard they're good.  (Chickens are flat-chested too what) 

3. How about drinking soya milk? The last time you came back from your trip to KL, your "eyes" look bigger.  Do you think it's the soya milk? (Should I drink breast milk too? *rolled real eyes*) 

4. Or you could massage it.  Do you want me to help? Hehe. (Since I'm so flat-chested, do you think you know where the right spot is? *tempeleng the guy*) 

 Most of the time I'll just laugh and shrug it off.  But did you know that deep down in my heart I felt so embarrassed and hurt? Why did you guys talk about me as if I'm one of the dudes? I'm a lady la! *sulk and don't wanna "friend" them anymore*

But that was then.  Now... 
(if you're thinking I went for a boob job, no.  It's nothing like that.  This is even better.)

I found this (here)...






That's Keira Knightley.  The heroine of Pirates of the Carribean
The first picture is the original version while the second one has been digitally enhanced.  You see? You see!  Even one of the most famous Hollywood actress has a flat chest!  And men still find her sexy, ok.  I will not be intimidated anymore by your teasings.  For all you know, I could be a Hollywood actress too :p 

So, finished with the boobs, ada lagi... 
I always hated this: 
This still looks ok cos I was wearing jeans.  I love my jeans T_T

If not, it will look extra round and BIG like I just stuffed an entire bolster in there T_T  I can just forget about stuffing myself into this tiny skirt

But now I don't mind it that much because... hehe, jangan jeles.  

Wanna take a closer look?

Wahahaha.  Look how round and big her butt is? People even accuse her of tampering with it.  Now that I think about it, I should be proud right? It's an in thing.  So girls, be proud of your sexy backside :)

But when I think back about all the teasings I got back then...

Grandma: Eh, lu ae kacui siang ka na ang-kau-hia ae kacui anae... *went on about other people with similar butts* 
(Eh, you know, your butt looks like the red ant's derriere...)
Me: T_T 

Me: *complaining to Ma about my butt and accusing her for not inheriting her butt to me* 
Mama: Ma si beh an cua la... anae ma ka ho kua.  Mana ae sui na si bo shape eh... 
(It's ok la... looks good what.  You won't look half as good if you don't have any curve eh...)
Me: Tsk. 

When Mama teased Papa about his butt which is quite round and big for a man. 
Papa: Kabut kejiih lah daao.  Mun mayhor seluwer debei teruih luluih baai.  
(It's good that my butt is like this.  If my pants are loose, they won't fall down instantly.) 
Me: Apakah? 

My Papa and Mama converse in Melanau between themselves.  But they speak Hokkien to us kids.  Weird huh? Maybe it's their romantic language? Hehe.  

But I think it's more convenient to badmouth about us (kids).  Not that we didn't understand the language.  Just that they are so used to thinking that we are more Chinese than them.  Like this one time I caught them both talking about my sisters and I while happily sipping tea and I silently walked in on them...

Me: HA!  *this is me giving them a surprise* Cho mik lu nang mengumpat lang anae tua sia?  
(HA!  Why do you guys talk so loudly when badmouthing about people?) 
Papa: *Obviously shocked* Hey! Hamang ka lu anae ka tua lang kong ua? Wa nang teng pai tolok wu anae kuan ka wa nang ae pe bo kong ua.  
(Hey!  Who taught you to talk like that to an adult? During our time we didn't talk to our parents in such a manner, you know.) 

Jawapan standard bapa saya.  

Me: *pretending not to have heard him* 
Mama: Eh... wa nang tolok wu kong lu nang ae pai ua.  Hile huan cai si wu ia ba.. 
(Eh.. who says we were badmouthing you guys? We were only stating the facts..)  
Me: *cis*

1NewMessages: Wait for my new updates about exciting things that happened while I was on a hiatus.  Huhu~

Sunday, November 1, 2009

On A Hiatus a.k.a. Cuti Peperiksaan

2nd November - 12th November 2009 = 11 days.   

Hehe, just telling and pretend that everybody is interested :P 

I'll be BACK.  Wait for me.  

1NewMessages: Sometimes Most of the time, BIG sacrifice is needed to achieve something, no matter how small.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is That An Answer? a.k.a Jawapan Ka Ya?

Funny how the stressful mind always manage to give excuses for every action that the body does.  For instance, I've just read half of a chapter and already my mind feel like it's cramped with too much information so it was screaming for a break.  Most of the time, it's useless stuff that I keep up there.  Stuff that helps to fail in exam. 

My brain is a little tired now, what with the extra activity nowadays a.k.a STUDY.  So now is my break time.  I'm one of those people who dislike wasting time so I'm going to use up this break time to blog.  My parents should be proud of me.  (But why do I still get scolded???) *sigh* 

I've digressed quite a bit from my main purpose up there.  So I'm not gonna beat about the bush anymore.  The story is like this... 

While studying my notes like a pelajar mithali (good student), a GREAT idea hit me in the head and I went dizzy for a while.  But when my head cleared, I pondered upon the idea and thought, "Not bad, eh?"

As usual, being the generous person that I am, I'll share the great idea with all of you here.  It's called: Is That an Answer? 
Are you scratching your head? I thought so.  
It's actually the name that I'm gonna give for the new game that we're gonna play here.! 

Exciting right? But first let me tell you how to play the game.  
Hehe, the idea is not originally from me.  I saw it on Spontan, a show that I really love.  Speaking about Spontan, someone promised to help me save them but until now there's still no news.  Never mind.  

Oh, the game instructions.  It's very simple, it's almost like the This or That game where you ask questions.  Only now, the next person will not be answering your question but reply it with a question instead.  


Player 1: Are you scratching your head?
Player 2: Why do you say that?
Player 3: What should I say then? 

And then it goes on and on and on... 

It's kinda challenging because you'll need to think of a question that will not stop the game.  If by any means, the game is stopped... then the person shall be punished.  The punishment will be decided through votes.  Haha.  Let's see who the lucky person is.  

Now, without further ado, I'll ask the first question that will cause the cascading effect.  Muahahahhahaha.  (Finally, I get to use the phrase cascading effect after I first learned it in Biology Form 6  T_T ). 

1NewMessages: After posting up this entry for a while, I realized that I forgot to ask the Q that would set the cascading effect.  Paloi nar juak.  Excited bah... 

Q: Why are you reading this? 


a.k.a. Sapa sik tauk apa ya?

Why am I blogging about this? Despite the fact I kept saying I would be going on a hiatus over and over again?
It's because I'm very concerned about the two things that you ladies carry with you all the time.  Nampak gilak bulak.  

Okay, I'll be honest as usual and tell you why.  
It's this. 

I've got my eye for the black one but if it's not available the white one would do.  There's nothing like a free bag :)  Ahaha.  

On a more serious note, breast cancer has spread far and wide.  And it doesn't just happen to women, but men too.  You may laugh but it's true.  However, the percentage is higher in women than in men.  Maybe because we wear bras? Lol. 

This is kind of a sore subject for me because I've lost many loved ones to it.  So, ladies beware.  It can happen to anyone.  But your chances increase if you have any relatives who develop breast cancer.  According to emedicinehealth, "the risk is highest if the affected relative developed breast cancer at a young age, had cancer in both breasts, or if she is a close relative."  As you can see, genetic is one of the most important factor.  

Hormones also play a very important factor here.  Those who hit puberty before age 11 or experience late menopause (age 55 and above) have higher risks as compared to those who started their first periods late or early menopause.  Huh? Mun kedak ya, lebih kurang semua orang akan dapat la? Mun dapat Toto senang kedak ya kan bagus? 

Oh, and guess what.  Drinking alcohol also elevate the risk.  Shit.  Dah la aku tuk kaki botol.  From the same website, emedicinehealth: "Women who consume two to five alcoholic beverages per day have a risk about one and a half times that of nondrinkers for the development of breast cancer.  Consumption of one alcoholic drink per day results in a slightly elevated risk."  T__T Aku sedang cuba membayangkan Gawai tanpa tuak.  Sikpat.  

There are other causes too but you can google it up.  Heh.  Malas aku mok taip.  Kedak molah esei jak. 

Now, on to the good stuff.  The campaign is organized by Go visit! 

You can also do your shopping there.  By doing just that, you are contributing RM10-RM15 to the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM).  This is a non-governmental organization.  The organization is dedicated to preventing cancer, saving lives from cancer and improving the quality of life of those living with cancer through patient care and education.  If you are passionate about this cause and have some extra money to spend, what are you waiting for? Dermalah... *putting on a desperate, sad face* 

I won't talk a lot but I'll post up some of the cute stuff that you can buy at 

Cute and elegant at the same time.
I think this is the first time I use both description in the same sentence.  

Handmade Teddy

This is the cheapest so far.  RM 20.

Now I know, ladies and gentlemen.  The stuff are not cheap but think about it, you're contributing to a good cause.  So, just consider it as a donation and the stuff that you buy as a token.  Then you won't feel that bad for spending such a large amount.  Haha.  That's what I always do whenever I buy things that help to raise fund for charity.  And then try very hard to forget about the money T_T 

That's because I'm a total spendthrift.  The clothes that I buy hardly exceed RM 20!! Unbelievable? Hm.. maybe someday I'll blog about my shopping habit.  

But right now, I need you guys to visit 

Show some love.  For me and for them :)

P/S: If I do win that bag (cross my fingers), I promise I'll put up pretty stupid pictures of me posing with it.  So, ladies and gentlemen, pray that I'll win the bag ok? Thank you. 

1NewMessages: Seriously, this is the last post before the HIATUS.

2NewMessages: Oh, you can visit this site for tips on how to check your boobs.  Got model some more!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Itu Bermaksud! a.k.a. That's Mean!

WARNING: This is a MEAN entry as indicated by the title.  Don't read if you are still pure and innocent. 

Yes, I meant that's mean.  Because I am MEAN.  

With the examination getting nearer and nearer, stress is catching up.  And when I become stressful... the mean spirit will hover around me.  Heheheh.  This is a wicked laugh.  Not cheeky.  

So, when I'm mean, those around me who are fortunate enough will feel the "love".  

I was born a perfectionist.  Some people prefer to call it fussy.  Whatever.  
Born.  That means it's natural.  Not my fault. 
But because I'm trying to fit in this imperfect world, I try to control my perfectionism/fussiness.  (I know someone is going to point out all the things I've done due to that particular trait.  I-D-O-N-O-T-C-A-R-E.) 

So what if I'm fussy? So what if I'm a perfectionist? 
That doesn't mean that what others did to provoke me was no fault of theirs.

Tell me, if you are reading your notes at your own desk but when you leave your table just for a few seconds to go to the toilet, and then you come back and find that your things have been moved and is replaced by a person sitting and eating there, how would you feel?
Damn it.  It's your table, your chair, your notes, your STUFF.  

Hello? Cik kak, from what I can see your table is barely 3 steps away from mine and it's EMPTY.  Tak boleh ke buat your bisnes kat sana? Adoi~ 
Okay, never mind.  Since I'm so generous and all that.  

Then, when that person had finished whatever that person had to do, crumbs of bread or rings left by the glasses were left for me to clean up.  WTF? (gently said)  
Kanasai lu. 
And when I warned that person not to dirty my place nicely, the answer that I got was "Where got?!!!" (LOUD & clear).  

You wanna mess with me? I mean, you seriously wanna mess with me?
Haha, I won't make threats here la... I'm nice mah... 

Seriously, if you wanna invade others' privacy, have the courtesy to do it gracefully laApu~~ itu pun nak ajar ke? Hm... maybe I should charge your mum some tuition fees for courtesy lesson.  Walaupun I'm not that courteous but I know la how to behave.  Or else, how do I survive here? It's not easy to come here alone being so far away from home, okay? I don't have your luck.  Always must have company wherever you go.  Heck, I don't even have such a doting parent who will fly all the way here just by picking up the phone and shed a tear.  And I'm not asking for it either.  

All I want is to be left alone.  By THE LEECH

Yes, I am mean.  I did a survey on meanness and got a lot of comments about how mean I am. 
I did a quiz on the 7 deadly sins, and guess what I got? Anger.  No suprise kan
Maybe because I'm short, that's why I'm short-tempered too.  Sikda kaitan alu.

1NewMessages: Seriously going on a hiatus now.  I am not coming back here before my exam is over and nobody can tempt me.  Period.
P/S: Please don't tempt me. 

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hari Nak Happening Gilak a.k.a. An Eventful Day

24th October 2009 was the day.  

It was the happy-hour-before-torture day and it started at 12 noon.  But because of technical problem, we started a little later.  Hehehe... aku mintak maaf sebab tertido time ya.  Bukan sengaja.  Aku makan ubat migraine bah.. nya madah mungkin mengantuk.  Aku ingat aku sikkan mengantuk.  Skali nangga, ngantuk duhal.  Baru ku tauk aku tuk jenis mabuk ubat...

We set out in two cars.  

First, we went to Red Box for karaoke.  Woohoo~ I love singing.  Have you guys heard me before? No? You're lucky.  Adalah seseorang ya pura-pura malu mok nyanyi ya... 
After 3 hours of chaos, we switched back to holy mode and went to church.  

Oh, this is too embarrassing.  But because I'm very honest, I'll tell it all.  
In the middle of the mass, my stomach suddenly growled.  So wild!  We didn't have lunch, what... and the staff there, bulak ngan mekorang madah ada snacks tapi molah-molah lupak.  Cheese cake betul. 
So, I told Angel (not real name) how hungry I was and we started discussing about where to go for dinner.  Slambe beb.   Hohoho.  Now you know we didn't pay attention during mass :p 
Before the mass ended, we've decided to go to Queensbay for dinner.

Maybe it was just our luck.  Or maybe it was karma.  

On our way to Queensbay... 
the rented car gradually slowed down and halted to a stop.  
Me: Eh, Angel.  What's wrong? Why are you slowing down? 
Angel: Not me.  It's the car.  I think we've run out of gas.  
Me: WTF? 
Everyone in the car: *worried* 

Suddenly, my phone vibrated.  I knew without even looking that it would be...

Ah Mau: Helo, lu nang tiok ha mik? (Hello, what's up with you guys?) 
Me: Wa chi tiok wa nang ae chia bo iu liao lo.. (I think we've just run out of gas.. ) 
Ah Mau: Oh... *announcing to the people in their car* 
Me: *listening to the people in our car who suggested that the people in the other car help us buy petrol* 
Me: Eh, bi.. ehsai lu nang tolong wa nang bae iu oh? (Eh, bi.. could you guys help us buy some petrol?) 
It was not a request, actually.  Hehe.  Just to make the command sounded better.  
Ah Mau: O. (means OK in hokkien)

The first thing that we did when we realized that we were stranded there (even just for a while) was to lock our doors.  Fuh~ it's not paranoia.  We could get kidnapped, you know. There were 4 cute people in the car and only 1 macho person.  Lucky we were stuck in the highway which was quite busy.  Thanks be to God.  So, we talked about anything and everything in the car.  You can also read Step's account of the story. 

After help arrived and everything was back to normal again, we were once again on our way to Queensbay for dinner like a family.  (Note to self: will post up some pics soon)

We also had a bottle of champagne to celebrate the night.  People there were eying us and thought that we were having alcohol maybe because it was a Malay stall.  Hehe.  Guess what, it was only sparkling juice.  *sigh* Got ripped off again.  Never mind.  It still taste great.  

Then, we headed to the movies and watched Whiteout.  

Hmm... I thought it was going to be something really thrilling but instead the storyline turned out to be quite predictable.  The villain will be the person closest to the heroin and the one you least expected.  And the motive? Money.  Same old, same old.  Good thing that Kate Beckinsale was gorgeous.  She even showed some skin *drool* (Not mine though).  
It's not that bad, actually.  But for thriller/action lovers, you might wanna skip it.  

Oh, and before I forget, Dedy Michael (not real name), thank you for being such a good sports.  I know we bullied you a lot but thanks again for the drinks :) 
Itulah akibatnya orang yang baru dapat JPA.  Hehe, God will bless you :p (macam sik ikhlas jak bunyi)

1NewMessages: May be considering a hiatus.  A short one though.  Exam fever is here but my notes are still virgin. 

Saturday, October 24, 2009

O Iyo ko? a.k.a. Is it true?

That we are really that ignorant about the state of welfare in the other part of the world, e.g. poverty?

How many of us can truthfully and sincerely say that we never knew that poverty existed in this world? 
Right.  I think not too.  I believe that no one who is reading this right now has totally zero idea about poverty.  I mean, who can be that ignorant, right?

You may agree but most of the time when asked about the existence of such people in our area, the answer will be "Oh... I never knew that."  

If you hear that answer slipping off your tongue, think again.  Is it true that you were NEVER told about poverty?

Or you simply just forgot about it? 

I think most of us belong to the latter group.  Whenever issues concerning sufferings or anything unpleasant crop up, we tend to talk about it for a while and then forget about it.  And we continue our lives as usual as if nothing had happened.  

I don't blame these people.  In fact, I may be one of them.  Because why should we? It doesn't have an immediate effect on us.  We don't know them.  Besides, we have enough problems to deal with as it is.  

True.  But human that we are, when we see another human being suffer, somehow, someday, it WILL leave an impact on us. 

Like this.   

The  picture  depicts  a  famine  stricken  child  crawling  towards  an  United  Nations  food  camp,  located  a  kilometer  away.  The vulture is waiting for the girl to die so it can eat it. 

What happened after that nobody knows, including the photographer who took it.  But this picture, it won him a Pulitzer and changed his life forever.  
Three months later, he committed suicide. 

Ironic, huh? The man who did not want to go near the girl for fear that he would contract a disease ended up taking his own life. He left a note explaining that the "vivid memories of killings and corpses and anger and pain" had haunted him, causing his depression.  

Guilt.  Such a powerful emotion. 

If you ask me, it's a waste.  If the man was to end his life three months later, he should have risked it and save the girl from hunger.  At least, there would still be hopes for survival.  To his credit, he did chase the vulture away.  But who knew, after he left what would have happen right? Sources say that it took 20 minutes for the photographer to position himself in order to get the best shot.  WTH?

In a way, we are very much like the photographer.  We would chase the vulture away if only to satisfy our conscience.  It's like watching a burning building and asking people not to throw oil into the fire though the main concern should be to put out the fire.  

If it had been you there, what would you do? 
Think about it.  

Anyway, it all boils down to our attitude.  My English language teacher, Mrs Yeo (not real name) used to say, "Whatever actions that you take in life, it will be determined by your attitude." 

So, to be or not to be, that is the question.  
Whatever other reasons that you give, those are just excuses

P/S: Forgive me if I sounded too emotional but the picture itself leaves such a great impact on me that I simply cannot erase it from my mind.  It is not the presence of the vulture that disturbs me, but rather the fact that the picture was taken at all (and then submitted and won a Pulitzer... WTH?)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mainan Aku Duluk a.k.a My Toys Then

When my sisters and I were still small kids, we loved to play.  A LOT.  Bongok, sapa sik suka main masa kecik?  Since there were three of us and only one of Ma, it was kind of tiring to tidy up after us.  So, in the end, our toys were kept in the storeroom far from reach.  When we were small, the storeroom was a scary place because it was quite large and very very dark.  FYI, at that time, we still lived in the old house (my grandma's house); not the house we have now.  So, Ma's problem was solved... for a while.  

Being the creative kids that we were (we took it from Pa's side :p), we did not stop playing just because Ma took our toys away.  We made our own toys instead.  So, Ma had to put up with us turning everything in the house including the furniture into toys.  Most of the time we got scolded because according to Ma, we were damaging the furniture and turning the house upside down.  But did we care? Hehe, masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri.  The two most industrious toymaker were my older sis and I, probably because Ah Mau was still too little to join us then.  

I'll give you some of the examples of our creative products.  

1.Rattan Chair

What do you think it can be used for apart from its conventional function? 
Answer: Trishaw or boat.  How? We lay the rattan chair down on its back and slide it on the floor.  The driver will sit behind (on the leg of the chair) while the passenger sits on the back of the chair.  The driver will push the trishaw/boat around while the passenger just sit back and relax.  This one got Ma really angry cos she said we would spoil the tiles and the chair.  So Michele (not real name) and I stopped for a while and waited until Ma left the living room before continuing our little game.  

2. Toilet rolls 
Actually we use only the middle part or the "bone" (whatever it is called cos I never learned about the anatomy of a toilet roll before).  
Answer: The "bone" was used as mug and we had a strip of hard paper pasted on it to create the ear of the mug.  Creative or not? Hehe, even Ma had to genuflect us for that.  Just kidding. 

3. Lego and ruler 
Answer: This one is rather common, I think.  The lego blocks were turned into kek lapis while two rulers were taped together to create a pair of tongs.  Then we would play bakery. 

There were a lot more stuff that we created.  Some I've forgotten while some I just find too tedious to write down. 

Anyways, the above happened only when we found ourselves lacking of toys.  But when our Uncle Simon (not real name) came to visit, once a year or maybe even less, he would bring us lots and lots of toys.  I mean LOTS and LOTS of toys.  He was like our Santa Claus.  The toys he brought exceeded his own stuff.  Really, I am not exaggerating here.  And there was one time we visited him and his fiancee (now my aunt la) gave us a big plastic bag (kedak plastik sampah hitam ya) of toys!  That's why we love them.  Haha, macam tak ikhlas je...

At first, Ma and Pa didn't want to accept but us children outnumbered them so they had to give in.  It was a relief to them too as they didn't have to buy us any more toys in the market there by reminding us about all the toys that we already had.  That time, the three of us were really good teammates especially in asking our parents to buy us toys.  Whenever one of us saw any toys that we liked, she would stop and wouldn't budge from the place until either Ma or Pa came to carry her.  Then the one who wouldn't budge would cry followed by the other two although these two were clueless.  Bongok kan? Tapi berkesan.  Haha.  Sadly, we cannot make use of this trick anymore.  Huhu.  Mesti kenak tinggal benar-benar. 

How about you? Any similar experiences?

1NewMessages: Tadik masa aku jalan-jalan, tiba-tiba Si Ane dari Subaidah jalan tepi aku lalu tegur aku, "Hello~" (bukan style Adler).  Mulanya aku prasan ingatkan orang mok kaco aku gik tapi hati kecilku berbisik, "Psst.  Nanggalah orang sebelah kawu ya." Lalu aku pun nangga.  Nasib aku nangga.  Mun sik, mesti nya madah aku tuk lawa.  Hehe, malu aku... lalu aku pun kakar ngan nya.  Aku paling suka Ane ya mun aku agak Subaidah makan.  Nya slalu jak molah roti canai.  Mun nya ada, aku rasa best sebab nya slalu jak nanyak aku mok makan apa.  Maka, walaupun orang rami camney pun, aku tetap bukan last.  Hehe, mentang-mentanglah suara aku kecik.  Mun orang sik pei etensyen mesti sik denga sebab di Subaidah ya kurang udara.  So susah la suara aku mok disebarkan.  Cewah.  Aku lupak dah istilah pizik ya.  Yang aku tauk, mun dalam bahasa omputih, nya guna travel.  Tapi sikkan la aku mok madah, suara aku melancong melalui udara, nak? 

2NewMessages: Aku mok tolong promosi sigek tempat makan yang best.  Kenak nya best? Sebab nya murah ngan sedap.  Makanannya stail homecooked.  Chinese food la.  Bayarannya RM2 jak and kawu dapat sepinggan nasik ngan 2 igek lauk (sik dapat pilih-pilih), semangkuk sup, segelas minuman (boleh refill), ngan ada buah gik.  Seimbang sik? Hehe, murah bah... Dahlah kenyang.  Mun takorang rasa berminat, ble la pegi.  Nama tempat ya Excel, tingkat atas Gotcha Hair Saloon.  Nya bukak tiap ari Isnin sampey Khamis, kul 5.30 - 7.30 p.m.  Tapi, minggu depan sebab study week, nya bukak 5.00 - 6.30 p.m. jak.  Mebi dak anti siya pun mok stadi juak.  Hehe.  Sebenarnya lunch nya pun ada, RM 1 jak, kul 11.30 a.m - 1.30 p.m. tapi sebab aku suka dinner siya, jadi aku pun promosi dinner jak la.  Jom pegi ramey-ramey.