Monday, September 28, 2009

Benci tapi Serasi a.k.a Hate but Compatible

Tak orang pernah sik ada kawan yang rasa kedak benci jak tapi mun pasal molah keja kelak, mesti tak orang pasangan ngan nya?

Aku ada.

Nya kawan aku yang aku benci tapi serasi. Mun masa besa-besa, slalu jak u-u i-i. Sik la teruk gilak tapi nya bukan bes pren aku. Ada juak masa kamek duak sama-sama pegi happy hour.

Sebenarnya, aku bukan la benci bermusuhan ngan nya. Cuma... kadang-kadang aku rasa kedak tensen jak mun nangga nya. Kedak ada jak tulis perkataan "kerja" ya atas palaknya ya. Dahlah aku tuk jenis yang pantang ada orang menensenkan aku, mestilah aku manas. Mun sik cayak, cuba try tanyak adik aku.

Yala kadang-kadang, mun mek orang berdiscusting pasal assignment mek orang, mesti kedak banyak argument. Masing-masing ada idea dimpun. Tapi aku sik kisah. Suka pun ada, sebab aku paling pantang mun orang ya acuh sik acuh molah keja.

Tapi, jauh di lubuk hatiku, aku dapat rasa kawan aku ya kedak sik brapa suka ngan stail aku keja. Cos stail aku, ilek-ilek jak molah keja. Sik kedak nya, nya mala jak kejar masa. Aku kejar pun kejar la tapi mun sikda ilham, aku peram lok idea ya. Aku sik pandey molah keja dalam keadaan tensen. Nang sik dapat. Runsing.

Ada skali ya, nya manas ngan aku sebab aku belum baca gik draf yang nya molah untuk pembentangan mek duak. Sebenarnya, bukan aku sik baca, aku belum abis baca. Lekak aku baca sikit, aku terus rasa pening-pening lalat. Lalu aku pun pikir bait aku baca lekak aku tido. Lekak aku bangun tido, aku pun lapar, lalu gi makan. Masa makan ya, kan break time aku? Mestilah aku molah benda yang aku suka. Slalunya, aku akan cek Facebook aku. Bila dah start main Facebook ya, lalulah lupa dunia untuk seketika. Bila aku dah sedar, trus rasa ngantuk. Mok tido gik. Yala sik abis-abis lalu aku baca draf ya... Sori, aku hanya insan biasa. Mala jak kenak cubaan. Ish, pahal setan ya suka jak mok kaco aku? Huhu~

Walaupun bunyi aku crita tuk kedak mok mengumpatnya jak tapi sebenarnya, aku mok give thanks ngannya cos mun sik kerana mukanya yang menensenkan ya, mesti aku sikda motivasi mok molah keja. Mala jak suka tangguh tangguh. Ada kebaikan muka tensen ya.

Bagi nya pulak... aku sik tauk la. Hehe. Sori la aku sik dapat menjadi pasangan yang baik (kenak rasa kedak lain macam jak bunyi tok?).

Camney-camney pun...

Walaupun aku suspek, respek, ngan espek kawan aku ya sik suka ngan aku, nya tetap akan berpasangan ngan aku. Wajib. Aku pun sik paham.

Tapi aku ada teori.

Kali aku tuk pun kawannya yang benci tapi serasi.

*Note: Lain kali jak aku translate. Ngantok dah.

*Note: Couldn't sleep so decided to translate anyway.

Have you ever got a friend whom you don't favour too much, but whenever it involves work/assignment, you'll pair up with him/her?

I have.

She's the friend whom I hate but is compatible with me. Usually, we don't bother much about each other's lives. It's nothing nasty but she's just not my best friend, you know what I mean? Sure, there were times when we would have our fun moments.

To be fair, she's not my enemy or what. It's just that I always feel tense whenever I see her. Most of the time, anyway. It's like I see the word "WORK" stamped on her forehead. For your information, I'm the kind that gets very temperamental whenever someone makes me feel stressed. Don't believe me? Try asking my sister.

Sometimes, when both my friend and I discuss about our work, there would be an argument about how the work should be done. Each with her own idea. I don't really mind though. In fact I enjoyed it because I hate people who don't give a damn in the products of their work. It pisses me off!

However, deep down in my heart (deep deep, down down - iklan jap), I can feel that this friend doesn't like my working style. Because, my style of working is slow and steady. Unlike her who always races against time. I do race too sometimes, but when I'm uninspired, I would leave it for a while and only come back to it when I have new ideas. I can't work under stress. I just can't. *sigh* (I dunno how to translate "runsing" so just replace it with the sound effect when I feel that way :p)

There's this one time when she got angry with me cos I didn't finish reading the draft that she wrote for our presentation even though she had given it to me some time ago. Actually, it's not that I didn't read, I just haven't finished it yet. Cos after I read a few lines, my head started spinning so I decided to read it only after I've had my afternoon nap. But after I woke up, my stomach started grumbling, so I had to find something to eat. Usually, I would do something that I enjoy while eating (multitasking la konon) because it's my break time. Often, this means Facebook-ing. But when I start on Facebook, I would be lost to the world. When I wake up to reality, it's usually when I'm already tired and sleepy. This means sleeping again. That's why I couldn't finish reading it. Sorry, I'm just mere human. Always faced with temptation. Tsk, why does the devil always like to flirt with me? Huhu~

Although I sound like I'm badmouthing this friend of mine, I'm not. In fact, I want to thank her. If not because of her stressful expression, it's hard for me to be motivated in completing my work because I am a procrastinator. In a way, it's a blessing in disguise, that stressful face.

I dunno what she thinks about me though. Hehe. I'm sorry if I'm not a good partner (it doesn't sound quite as weird in English. Lol).


Eventhough I suspected that she dislikes me too, this friend would always pair up with me in any groupwork. For sure. I don't understand it too. Lol.

But I have a theory.

Maybe I'm also the friend that she hates but is compatible with.


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im linking u babe. blog more! ;)

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yo, Gnet. Congratulations, ur d first! hehe. i'll try to but as i said in my first post, mainly to kepoh-kepoh blog orang :p