Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is That An Answer? a.k.a Jawapan Ka Ya?

Funny how the stressful mind always manage to give excuses for every action that the body does.  For instance, I've just read half of a chapter and already my mind feel like it's cramped with too much information so it was screaming for a break.  Most of the time, it's useless stuff that I keep up there.  Stuff that helps to fail in exam. 

My brain is a little tired now, what with the extra activity nowadays a.k.a STUDY.  So now is my break time.  I'm one of those people who dislike wasting time so I'm going to use up this break time to blog.  My parents should be proud of me.  (But why do I still get scolded???) *sigh* 

I've digressed quite a bit from my main purpose up there.  So I'm not gonna beat about the bush anymore.  The story is like this... 

While studying my notes like a pelajar mithali (good student), a GREAT idea hit me in the head and I went dizzy for a while.  But when my head cleared, I pondered upon the idea and thought, "Not bad, eh?"

As usual, being the generous person that I am, I'll share the great idea with all of you here.  It's called: Is That an Answer? 
Are you scratching your head? I thought so.  
It's actually the name that I'm gonna give for the new game that we're gonna play here.! 

Exciting right? But first let me tell you how to play the game.  
Hehe, the idea is not originally from me.  I saw it on Spontan, a show that I really love.  Speaking about Spontan, someone promised to help me save them but until now there's still no news.  Never mind.  

Oh, the game instructions.  It's very simple, it's almost like the This or That game where you ask questions.  Only now, the next person will not be answering your question but reply it with a question instead.  


Player 1: Are you scratching your head?
Player 2: Why do you say that?
Player 3: What should I say then? 

And then it goes on and on and on... 

It's kinda challenging because you'll need to think of a question that will not stop the game.  If by any means, the game is stopped... then the person shall be punished.  The punishment will be decided through votes.  Haha.  Let's see who the lucky person is.  

Now, without further ado, I'll ask the first question that will cause the cascading effect.  Muahahahhahaha.  (Finally, I get to use the phrase cascading effect after I first learned it in Biology Form 6  T_T ). 

1NewMessages: After posting up this entry for a while, I realized that I forgot to ask the Q that would set the cascading effect.  Paloi nar juak.  Excited bah... 

Q: Why are you reading this? 


a.k.a. Sapa sik tauk apa ya?

Why am I blogging about this? Despite the fact I kept saying I would be going on a hiatus over and over again?
It's because I'm very concerned about the two things that you ladies carry with you all the time.  Nampak gilak bulak.  

Okay, I'll be honest as usual and tell you why.  
It's this. 

I've got my eye for the black one but if it's not available the white one would do.  There's nothing like a free bag :)  Ahaha.  

On a more serious note, breast cancer has spread far and wide.  And it doesn't just happen to women, but men too.  You may laugh but it's true.  However, the percentage is higher in women than in men.  Maybe because we wear bras? Lol. 

This is kind of a sore subject for me because I've lost many loved ones to it.  So, ladies beware.  It can happen to anyone.  But your chances increase if you have any relatives who develop breast cancer.  According to emedicinehealth, "the risk is highest if the affected relative developed breast cancer at a young age, had cancer in both breasts, or if she is a close relative."  As you can see, genetic is one of the most important factor.  

Hormones also play a very important factor here.  Those who hit puberty before age 11 or experience late menopause (age 55 and above) have higher risks as compared to those who started their first periods late or early menopause.  Huh? Mun kedak ya, lebih kurang semua orang akan dapat la? Mun dapat Toto senang kedak ya kan bagus? 

Oh, and guess what.  Drinking alcohol also elevate the risk.  Shit.  Dah la aku tuk kaki botol.  From the same website, emedicinehealth: "Women who consume two to five alcoholic beverages per day have a risk about one and a half times that of nondrinkers for the development of breast cancer.  Consumption of one alcoholic drink per day results in a slightly elevated risk."  T__T Aku sedang cuba membayangkan Gawai tanpa tuak.  Sikpat.  

There are other causes too but you can google it up.  Heh.  Malas aku mok taip.  Kedak molah esei jak. 

Now, on to the good stuff.  The campaign is organized by Go visit! 

You can also do your shopping there.  By doing just that, you are contributing RM10-RM15 to the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM).  This is a non-governmental organization.  The organization is dedicated to preventing cancer, saving lives from cancer and improving the quality of life of those living with cancer through patient care and education.  If you are passionate about this cause and have some extra money to spend, what are you waiting for? Dermalah... *putting on a desperate, sad face* 

I won't talk a lot but I'll post up some of the cute stuff that you can buy at 

Cute and elegant at the same time.
I think this is the first time I use both description in the same sentence.  

Handmade Teddy

This is the cheapest so far.  RM 20.

Now I know, ladies and gentlemen.  The stuff are not cheap but think about it, you're contributing to a good cause.  So, just consider it as a donation and the stuff that you buy as a token.  Then you won't feel that bad for spending such a large amount.  Haha.  That's what I always do whenever I buy things that help to raise fund for charity.  And then try very hard to forget about the money T_T 

That's because I'm a total spendthrift.  The clothes that I buy hardly exceed RM 20!! Unbelievable? Hm.. maybe someday I'll blog about my shopping habit.  

But right now, I need you guys to visit 

Show some love.  For me and for them :)

P/S: If I do win that bag (cross my fingers), I promise I'll put up pretty stupid pictures of me posing with it.  So, ladies and gentlemen, pray that I'll win the bag ok? Thank you. 

1NewMessages: Seriously, this is the last post before the HIATUS.

2NewMessages: Oh, you can visit this site for tips on how to check your boobs.  Got model some more!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Itu Bermaksud! a.k.a. That's Mean!

WARNING: This is a MEAN entry as indicated by the title.  Don't read if you are still pure and innocent. 

Yes, I meant that's mean.  Because I am MEAN.  

With the examination getting nearer and nearer, stress is catching up.  And when I become stressful... the mean spirit will hover around me.  Heheheh.  This is a wicked laugh.  Not cheeky.  

So, when I'm mean, those around me who are fortunate enough will feel the "love".  

I was born a perfectionist.  Some people prefer to call it fussy.  Whatever.  
Born.  That means it's natural.  Not my fault. 
But because I'm trying to fit in this imperfect world, I try to control my perfectionism/fussiness.  (I know someone is going to point out all the things I've done due to that particular trait.  I-D-O-N-O-T-C-A-R-E.) 

So what if I'm fussy? So what if I'm a perfectionist? 
That doesn't mean that what others did to provoke me was no fault of theirs.

Tell me, if you are reading your notes at your own desk but when you leave your table just for a few seconds to go to the toilet, and then you come back and find that your things have been moved and is replaced by a person sitting and eating there, how would you feel?
Damn it.  It's your table, your chair, your notes, your STUFF.  

Hello? Cik kak, from what I can see your table is barely 3 steps away from mine and it's EMPTY.  Tak boleh ke buat your bisnes kat sana? Adoi~ 
Okay, never mind.  Since I'm so generous and all that.  

Then, when that person had finished whatever that person had to do, crumbs of bread or rings left by the glasses were left for me to clean up.  WTF? (gently said)  
Kanasai lu. 
And when I warned that person not to dirty my place nicely, the answer that I got was "Where got?!!!" (LOUD & clear).  

You wanna mess with me? I mean, you seriously wanna mess with me?
Haha, I won't make threats here la... I'm nice mah... 

Seriously, if you wanna invade others' privacy, have the courtesy to do it gracefully laApu~~ itu pun nak ajar ke? Hm... maybe I should charge your mum some tuition fees for courtesy lesson.  Walaupun I'm not that courteous but I know la how to behave.  Or else, how do I survive here? It's not easy to come here alone being so far away from home, okay? I don't have your luck.  Always must have company wherever you go.  Heck, I don't even have such a doting parent who will fly all the way here just by picking up the phone and shed a tear.  And I'm not asking for it either.  

All I want is to be left alone.  By THE LEECH

Yes, I am mean.  I did a survey on meanness and got a lot of comments about how mean I am. 
I did a quiz on the 7 deadly sins, and guess what I got? Anger.  No suprise kan
Maybe because I'm short, that's why I'm short-tempered too.  Sikda kaitan alu.

1NewMessages: Seriously going on a hiatus now.  I am not coming back here before my exam is over and nobody can tempt me.  Period.
P/S: Please don't tempt me. 

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hari Nak Happening Gilak a.k.a. An Eventful Day

24th October 2009 was the day.  

It was the happy-hour-before-torture day and it started at 12 noon.  But because of technical problem, we started a little later.  Hehehe... aku mintak maaf sebab tertido time ya.  Bukan sengaja.  Aku makan ubat migraine bah.. nya madah mungkin mengantuk.  Aku ingat aku sikkan mengantuk.  Skali nangga, ngantuk duhal.  Baru ku tauk aku tuk jenis mabuk ubat...

We set out in two cars.  

First, we went to Red Box for karaoke.  Woohoo~ I love singing.  Have you guys heard me before? No? You're lucky.  Adalah seseorang ya pura-pura malu mok nyanyi ya... 
After 3 hours of chaos, we switched back to holy mode and went to church.  

Oh, this is too embarrassing.  But because I'm very honest, I'll tell it all.  
In the middle of the mass, my stomach suddenly growled.  So wild!  We didn't have lunch, what... and the staff there, bulak ngan mekorang madah ada snacks tapi molah-molah lupak.  Cheese cake betul. 
So, I told Angel (not real name) how hungry I was and we started discussing about where to go for dinner.  Slambe beb.   Hohoho.  Now you know we didn't pay attention during mass :p 
Before the mass ended, we've decided to go to Queensbay for dinner.

Maybe it was just our luck.  Or maybe it was karma.  

On our way to Queensbay... 
the rented car gradually slowed down and halted to a stop.  
Me: Eh, Angel.  What's wrong? Why are you slowing down? 
Angel: Not me.  It's the car.  I think we've run out of gas.  
Me: WTF? 
Everyone in the car: *worried* 

Suddenly, my phone vibrated.  I knew without even looking that it would be...

Ah Mau: Helo, lu nang tiok ha mik? (Hello, what's up with you guys?) 
Me: Wa chi tiok wa nang ae chia bo iu liao lo.. (I think we've just run out of gas.. ) 
Ah Mau: Oh... *announcing to the people in their car* 
Me: *listening to the people in our car who suggested that the people in the other car help us buy petrol* 
Me: Eh, bi.. ehsai lu nang tolong wa nang bae iu oh? (Eh, bi.. could you guys help us buy some petrol?) 
It was not a request, actually.  Hehe.  Just to make the command sounded better.  
Ah Mau: O. (means OK in hokkien)

The first thing that we did when we realized that we were stranded there (even just for a while) was to lock our doors.  Fuh~ it's not paranoia.  We could get kidnapped, you know. There were 4 cute people in the car and only 1 macho person.  Lucky we were stuck in the highway which was quite busy.  Thanks be to God.  So, we talked about anything and everything in the car.  You can also read Step's account of the story. 

After help arrived and everything was back to normal again, we were once again on our way to Queensbay for dinner like a family.  (Note to self: will post up some pics soon)

We also had a bottle of champagne to celebrate the night.  People there were eying us and thought that we were having alcohol maybe because it was a Malay stall.  Hehe.  Guess what, it was only sparkling juice.  *sigh* Got ripped off again.  Never mind.  It still taste great.  

Then, we headed to the movies and watched Whiteout.  

Hmm... I thought it was going to be something really thrilling but instead the storyline turned out to be quite predictable.  The villain will be the person closest to the heroin and the one you least expected.  And the motive? Money.  Same old, same old.  Good thing that Kate Beckinsale was gorgeous.  She even showed some skin *drool* (Not mine though).  
It's not that bad, actually.  But for thriller/action lovers, you might wanna skip it.  

Oh, and before I forget, Dedy Michael (not real name), thank you for being such a good sports.  I know we bullied you a lot but thanks again for the drinks :) 
Itulah akibatnya orang yang baru dapat JPA.  Hehe, God will bless you :p (macam sik ikhlas jak bunyi)

1NewMessages: May be considering a hiatus.  A short one though.  Exam fever is here but my notes are still virgin. 

Saturday, October 24, 2009

O Iyo ko? a.k.a. Is it true?

That we are really that ignorant about the state of welfare in the other part of the world, e.g. poverty?

How many of us can truthfully and sincerely say that we never knew that poverty existed in this world? 
Right.  I think not too.  I believe that no one who is reading this right now has totally zero idea about poverty.  I mean, who can be that ignorant, right?

You may agree but most of the time when asked about the existence of such people in our area, the answer will be "Oh... I never knew that."  

If you hear that answer slipping off your tongue, think again.  Is it true that you were NEVER told about poverty?

Or you simply just forgot about it? 

I think most of us belong to the latter group.  Whenever issues concerning sufferings or anything unpleasant crop up, we tend to talk about it for a while and then forget about it.  And we continue our lives as usual as if nothing had happened.  

I don't blame these people.  In fact, I may be one of them.  Because why should we? It doesn't have an immediate effect on us.  We don't know them.  Besides, we have enough problems to deal with as it is.  

True.  But human that we are, when we see another human being suffer, somehow, someday, it WILL leave an impact on us. 

Like this.   

The  picture  depicts  a  famine  stricken  child  crawling  towards  an  United  Nations  food  camp,  located  a  kilometer  away.  The vulture is waiting for the girl to die so it can eat it. 

What happened after that nobody knows, including the photographer who took it.  But this picture, it won him a Pulitzer and changed his life forever.  
Three months later, he committed suicide. 

Ironic, huh? The man who did not want to go near the girl for fear that he would contract a disease ended up taking his own life. He left a note explaining that the "vivid memories of killings and corpses and anger and pain" had haunted him, causing his depression.  

Guilt.  Such a powerful emotion. 

If you ask me, it's a waste.  If the man was to end his life three months later, he should have risked it and save the girl from hunger.  At least, there would still be hopes for survival.  To his credit, he did chase the vulture away.  But who knew, after he left what would have happen right? Sources say that it took 20 minutes for the photographer to position himself in order to get the best shot.  WTH?

In a way, we are very much like the photographer.  We would chase the vulture away if only to satisfy our conscience.  It's like watching a burning building and asking people not to throw oil into the fire though the main concern should be to put out the fire.  

If it had been you there, what would you do? 
Think about it.  

Anyway, it all boils down to our attitude.  My English language teacher, Mrs Yeo (not real name) used to say, "Whatever actions that you take in life, it will be determined by your attitude." 

So, to be or not to be, that is the question.  
Whatever other reasons that you give, those are just excuses

P/S: Forgive me if I sounded too emotional but the picture itself leaves such a great impact on me that I simply cannot erase it from my mind.  It is not the presence of the vulture that disturbs me, but rather the fact that the picture was taken at all (and then submitted and won a Pulitzer... WTH?)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mainan Aku Duluk a.k.a My Toys Then

When my sisters and I were still small kids, we loved to play.  A LOT.  Bongok, sapa sik suka main masa kecik?  Since there were three of us and only one of Ma, it was kind of tiring to tidy up after us.  So, in the end, our toys were kept in the storeroom far from reach.  When we were small, the storeroom was a scary place because it was quite large and very very dark.  FYI, at that time, we still lived in the old house (my grandma's house); not the house we have now.  So, Ma's problem was solved... for a while.  

Being the creative kids that we were (we took it from Pa's side :p), we did not stop playing just because Ma took our toys away.  We made our own toys instead.  So, Ma had to put up with us turning everything in the house including the furniture into toys.  Most of the time we got scolded because according to Ma, we were damaging the furniture and turning the house upside down.  But did we care? Hehe, masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri.  The two most industrious toymaker were my older sis and I, probably because Ah Mau was still too little to join us then.  

I'll give you some of the examples of our creative products.  

1.Rattan Chair

What do you think it can be used for apart from its conventional function? 
Answer: Trishaw or boat.  How? We lay the rattan chair down on its back and slide it on the floor.  The driver will sit behind (on the leg of the chair) while the passenger sits on the back of the chair.  The driver will push the trishaw/boat around while the passenger just sit back and relax.  This one got Ma really angry cos she said we would spoil the tiles and the chair.  So Michele (not real name) and I stopped for a while and waited until Ma left the living room before continuing our little game.  

2. Toilet rolls 
Actually we use only the middle part or the "bone" (whatever it is called cos I never learned about the anatomy of a toilet roll before).  
Answer: The "bone" was used as mug and we had a strip of hard paper pasted on it to create the ear of the mug.  Creative or not? Hehe, even Ma had to genuflect us for that.  Just kidding. 

3. Lego and ruler 
Answer: This one is rather common, I think.  The lego blocks were turned into kek lapis while two rulers were taped together to create a pair of tongs.  Then we would play bakery. 

There were a lot more stuff that we created.  Some I've forgotten while some I just find too tedious to write down. 

Anyways, the above happened only when we found ourselves lacking of toys.  But when our Uncle Simon (not real name) came to visit, once a year or maybe even less, he would bring us lots and lots of toys.  I mean LOTS and LOTS of toys.  He was like our Santa Claus.  The toys he brought exceeded his own stuff.  Really, I am not exaggerating here.  And there was one time we visited him and his fiancee (now my aunt la) gave us a big plastic bag (kedak plastik sampah hitam ya) of toys!  That's why we love them.  Haha, macam tak ikhlas je...

At first, Ma and Pa didn't want to accept but us children outnumbered them so they had to give in.  It was a relief to them too as they didn't have to buy us any more toys in the market there by reminding us about all the toys that we already had.  That time, the three of us were really good teammates especially in asking our parents to buy us toys.  Whenever one of us saw any toys that we liked, she would stop and wouldn't budge from the place until either Ma or Pa came to carry her.  Then the one who wouldn't budge would cry followed by the other two although these two were clueless.  Bongok kan? Tapi berkesan.  Haha.  Sadly, we cannot make use of this trick anymore.  Huhu.  Mesti kenak tinggal benar-benar. 

How about you? Any similar experiences?

1NewMessages: Tadik masa aku jalan-jalan, tiba-tiba Si Ane dari Subaidah jalan tepi aku lalu tegur aku, "Hello~" (bukan style Adler).  Mulanya aku prasan ingatkan orang mok kaco aku gik tapi hati kecilku berbisik, "Psst.  Nanggalah orang sebelah kawu ya." Lalu aku pun nangga.  Nasib aku nangga.  Mun sik, mesti nya madah aku tuk lawa.  Hehe, malu aku... lalu aku pun kakar ngan nya.  Aku paling suka Ane ya mun aku agak Subaidah makan.  Nya slalu jak molah roti canai.  Mun nya ada, aku rasa best sebab nya slalu jak nanyak aku mok makan apa.  Maka, walaupun orang rami camney pun, aku tetap bukan last.  Hehe, mentang-mentanglah suara aku kecik.  Mun orang sik pei etensyen mesti sik denga sebab di Subaidah ya kurang udara.  So susah la suara aku mok disebarkan.  Cewah.  Aku lupak dah istilah pizik ya.  Yang aku tauk, mun dalam bahasa omputih, nya guna travel.  Tapi sikkan la aku mok madah, suara aku melancong melalui udara, nak? 

2NewMessages: Aku mok tolong promosi sigek tempat makan yang best.  Kenak nya best? Sebab nya murah ngan sedap.  Makanannya stail homecooked.  Chinese food la.  Bayarannya RM2 jak and kawu dapat sepinggan nasik ngan 2 igek lauk (sik dapat pilih-pilih), semangkuk sup, segelas minuman (boleh refill), ngan ada buah gik.  Seimbang sik? Hehe, murah bah... Dahlah kenyang.  Mun takorang rasa berminat, ble la pegi.  Nama tempat ya Excel, tingkat atas Gotcha Hair Saloon.  Nya bukak tiap ari Isnin sampey Khamis, kul 5.30 - 7.30 p.m.  Tapi, minggu depan sebab study week, nya bukak 5.00 - 6.30 p.m. jak.  Mebi dak anti siya pun mok stadi juak.  Hehe.  Sebenarnya lunch nya pun ada, RM 1 jak, kul 11.30 a.m - 1.30 p.m. tapi sebab aku suka dinner siya, jadi aku pun promosi dinner jak la.  Jom pegi ramey-ramey. 

Monday, October 19, 2009

How Unfortunate... a.k.a. Adus, Malangnya!

An accident happened when I crossed the road today.  *insert horrifying sound of heavy things colliding here*
When I turned to the left...
I saw a Kancil and a Kenari collided.  Saspen sik? Hehe.  Nothing extraordinary actually but the fact that it happened in the campus got me really mad.  Why is it that people cannot drive more carefully in an enclosed area? Ingat Litar Sepang ke?

That wasn't the first time an accident happened in campus.  Once, it even happened to a friend who was trying to cross the road.  A car suddenly appeared out of nowhere and ran over his feet.  Eeks! He fainted right there and then because of the pain.  In both accidents, it involved foreign students.  Hmm...

So can you imagine how safe would it be in the real roads when motor-vehicle accidents still happen (and quite often too) in the campus?

Maybe satu hari kelak, kita semua perlu pakey baju besi sebab mok elakkan badan hancur.  

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Peristiwa Air Jamban a.k.a The Waterloo Incident

Before I proceed, I want to let you know that I am a shy person.  Yisehh~ nang bena bah..
So it is not easy for me to tell of the experiences that I have been through especially when I will be embarrassed by it.  But because I'm a man (or girl?) of my word, I will tell you anyway :p (mun kita sik puji diri, sapa gik mok puji kita nak?)


Once upon a time... 

If I'm not mistaken, I was 6 years old (Kindergarten 2) then.  Everyday, grandma would dress me up nicely for school.  Yeah, nicely here means pretty dresses.  Even though I looked like a little boy, I would be dressed up as a little girl.  So, masa ya ada sikit kedak pondan la rupa aku.. huhu~

Sambung cita... there was this one time, I asked my grandma to do something pretty with my hair and being a sweet and doting grandma, she did as asked.  Only, it wasn't pretty on me T_T

Because my hair was really short, nothing much could be done and we didn't have cute little hair pins at that time.  So, grandma tied my hair, coconut tree style.  Then, she put on a ribbon.  I was so happy because I thought I would look as pretty as my elder sister after grandma ties her hair that I didn't even bother to look at myself in the mirror.  So, to school I went happily.

I only realized something was very wrong when Mrs Chew (not a real name), our teacher threatened to tie up my classmate's hair like mine if they did not stop talking.  Masa ya, aku dah boleh tangkap maksud isi tersirat bah... sedih aku.  

And when Pa came to fetch me in the evening, Ma asked me who tied my hair and I told her it was grandma.  She laughed and said, "Why did she tie it like that?" then continued to laugh some more.
Immediately, I untied and pulled at my hair and sulked the whole way home.

Kenak mak bapak kita suka jak mok tetak ngan kita masa kita kecik-kecik? Kak ya bila dah besa, cita balit ngan kita depan kazen mazen kita? T_T

Here's another incident when I was 10.  That time, our school organized a Swimming Club and I was in it.  Obviously, to be in a Swimming Club, you'll need to have a swimsuit.  Mine was already too small so Ma and I went to shop for a new one.
At the shop...

Ma: Miss, where is the swimsuit section for children?
Salesgirl: Oh, please follow me.
Ma: *was flipping through the swimsuits*
Suddenly the salesgirl interrupted.
Salesgirl: Ma'am, the swimming trunk section is over here *pointing towards the rack full of swimming trunks*
Ma: *laughing* Oh, my kid here is a girl.
Salesgirl: *embarrassed* Oh. I thought she was a boy.  She looks so much like a boy... *smiling*
Me: *wishing that the earth would open and swallow me alive*

Sikit marah pun ada aku ngan salesgirl masa yaCis, perlukah nya tunjuk pandey sampey mok mengorekkan mak aku? Salahkah mun aku laki tapi pakey swimsuit sebab mok tutup aurat? Jeles!

Another one.  But this one proved to be an advantage to me la... Hee.

That time, the whole family was going for our cuti-cuti Malaysia.  I was 10 then.  There was no Air Asia then, I think so we flew with MAS.  

It was very nice because they gave away free toys for children that time.  Ah Mau and I who were under 12, both got a different package each.  Hers was a colouring book with crayons while mine was... SURPRISE!  SURPRISE!  Plastic airplane model of the flight that we were flying in.  

I was so so so so so HAPPY.  Sik rugi rupa kedak laki.  Hehe.
That was one memorable ride for me.  

One more embarrassing story that I can remember though it has nothing to do with my boyish look.  

It happened not too long ago on my trip to KL with my best friend, Amy (not a real name).  Being jakun and all that, we tried ice-skating at the Sunway Pyramid.  It was so much fun.  That was my first time ever skating on ice.  I don't even know how to roller skate.  Oops.  So, I had to stay close to the wall while trying to make it round the skating rink.  

In contrast to Amy who was already getting the hang of it, I was a total klutz.  I fell down but got back up only to fall back down again.  This happened a few times.  So Amy offered me a few tips and patiently guided me to follow her.  

At last, when I thought that I was finally getting the hang of it, I slipped.  But before I fell on my butt, I managed to grab a stranger's hand but lost grip and grabbed his bracelet instead.  The bracelet broke and the beads all came tumbling down.  

Everything happened so fast.  It was one of the most embarrassing moment in my life because everyone, yes, EVERYONE who was skating in the rink looked at me and came over to help us pick up the beads.  I kept apologizing to the guy and he assured me that it was no big deal.  But one of his guy friends had to come over and made a remark, "Ho... now that you've broken his bracelet, you should probably become his girlfriend or something." WTF? Perlukah? Aku dah cukup malu dah masa ya nya mok mengapi-apikan keadaan gik.  Cis.  

I left after that. 

These are the few embarrassing moments that I can remember.  Jatuh keayuanku.
What's yours?

1NewMessages: Aku punya housemates agak kepohHehe.  Sebilangan jak la.  Marek lekak kakar ngan Adler dalam tepon, aku madah ngan Yan (bukan nama sebenar), "Yan, cayak sik mun aku madah aku kakar ngan kawan aku sampe RM $$$?" Tiba-tiba ada suara menyampuk, "Ha? Ni da gei sui?" yang bermaksud, "Ha? Kawu tepon sapa ya?" Kuangkuangkuang.  Lalu, sigek gik suara, "Kawu kakar ngan sapa? Laki ka mpuan?" Excuse me.  Is that necessary? Ngan slambanya aku menjawab, "Kawan lamak bah... mestilah lamak kakar."  Yang aku sik paham situk, apa kena mengena kakar ngan laki ka mpuan? Adakah beza harganya? Ada gik soalan selanjutnya sebenarnya tapi aku molah sik dengar lalu masuk dalam bilit.  Hehe.  Aku tauk aku jaik tapi Yan sik bisin pun... padahal aku kakar ngannya dalam bahasa Sarawak yang kitak orang sik sepatutnya faham. 

Friday, October 16, 2009

Ini atau Itu a.k.a. This or That

There is this game that my friend and I used to play with one another at her blog.  It's called This or That.  It's very easy to play.  Just like the name suggests, you are compulsory to choose between two things that the player before you ask.  When you choose, you need to provide a reason why you choose it.  Okay, here's an example of how it is played. 

E.g. Milo or Vico? 
My choice: Milo.  Because, it is more chocolaty. 

Like that, ok?

I'm bringing this up because I wanna play it with you guys.  Whoever reads this MUST choose and comment on it.  After you choose and give your reasons, you ask the next person your questions.  Like the above example, after I stated my choice and reasons, I give new questions:

TV or Internet?

Then the next person who reads this will need to answer.  Get it?

I wanna play this game!  I miss it very very much.  The other day, I went to this old friend's blog again to reminisce about the old time.  Unfortunately, it has been closed down.  I mean, the blog is still there but she no longer posts new entries in it.  So sad~

That is why I wanna play this with you guys.  So that whenever I'm bored, I'll just go to this entry and see all the creative questions and answers that you guys have come up with. 

Let's play!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Aku a.k.a. Melissa

I've just realized that I never made a proper introduction about myself. So rude of me. Heh. My name is Melissa, just call me Mel if you don't wanna call me Melissa. Not Liss. Or Lissa. Or Meliss. Or whatever. Just Mel.

Currently, I'm still studying in a public university in our tanahair tercinta. Not important for you to know where. Hehe. 

I'm short for my age. Yes, laugh all you want. I never liked it as well until I came here and then only I realized that it was actually a blessing in disguise. If I had been a lot slimmer and taller, life would be a lot more difficult here. This is also not important for you to know because it has nothing to do with my life.

As you can tell by my name and my profile picture, I'm a girl. Doesn't really need a genius to figure that out unless Melissa has suddenly become a name for boys as well. Apa aku merepek tuk? But to be honest, when I was small people could only identify that I was a girl by my name. My looks? Hoho... Kalah kemachoan Adler ngan aku. Iboh jeles!

Okay. As I was saying, I used to look very macho when I was still in primary school. Imagine going through that age being daddy's little princess T_T There were many embarrassing incidents due to this "misunderstanding". But it would have to wait until the next post la...

I don't know why I hated being a girl but I didn't hate girls. My best friends were all girls. But my playmates were the boys.  I hated the boys because I wished that I was one of them. 

Teachers couldn't understand why I didn't behave like a girl and always played with the boys. I didn't like wearing skirts and if I had to, I would wear layers of shorts underneath. The teachers would show their disapproval and some even went as far as complaining to my mother about me because my mother was also a teacher. WTF? How did I hurt them? Did I do any wrong by playing with the boys? Did I somehow hurt them because I didn't act like a girl? Did I somehow hurt them because I didn't like wearing skirts? &%$#!!!

For your information, being a tomboy does not run in my family. Nothing to do with genetic factor. It was more of an individual preferences. Some may be psychological. I'm not sure. 

When I was a kid, my grandmother did tell me that when I was still in my mother's womb, grandma had expected me to be a boy. But when I was born, my father told her, "It's another Michele (my elder sister)" meaning to say that it's another girl. 

I suspected that maybe she (grandma) had wanted a boy but I don't hate her for that because it was only because of the Chinese tradition that she hoped for a boy. But I know she loves me because she was the one who doted on me when Ma and Pa had their hands full on my 2 sisters. 

Yeah, I'm the second child in the family and only 2 years after I was born, Ah Mau came into the picture so I was never really doted on. Papa's favourite had always been Michele although he would never admit it (do I sound jealous? :p) but I could never blame him. They were pretty close when we were little. I, on the other hand, was closer with my grandma. I would follow her when she went back to our kampung and when I cried, she was the one who consoled me. I love you, grandma :)

Anyway, I'm thankful for everything I've been through because it has shaped me to become the person I am today. Just imagine if my parents had treated me like their jantung hati intan payung, would I be as independent as I am now? 

For me, as one who hates responsibility, I think I will be very dependent on them. For example, my parents are quite protective of us because according to them, we are girls so we need to be more careful than boys.  Hence, they feel that we may not be quite as ready to drive cars even though our license say "YES, you are ready." 

My eldest sister didn't like the idea but couldn't do anything about it. But when it was my turn, I wouldn't take it all in because all my life, nobody really cared that much about me so I had all the freedom I wanted. But now... suddenly you wanna tell me that I'm just a girl? Hello, I was the son you never had. 

I couldn't rebel too much so I had to seek a chance when they would have to let me drive. Then one fine day on a Chinese New Year, that opportunity came knocking at my door. Two of my friends didn't have any transport to go home. None of their parents were able to fetch them so I told Pa that I had no choice but to send them home. Pa was more lenient and he trusted me more with things like that than Ma. So I approached him first. When he gave me the green light, Ma came in.

Ma: What? Why are you letting her drive?
Pa: *was combing his hair that time, getting ready for work I think* Haih... no choice what. Besides, her friends are with her. I'm sure, they'll be wise enough to drive safely.
Ma: Hmph... I don't know. Later if anything happens...

Funny why Ma always thought that we'll get into accidents as long as any of us are behind the wheels. Thankfully, she no longer thinks like that now. Without wasting more time, I grabbed the car keys and drove away to freedom... At least, I got their permission and blessing even though Ma gave it grudgingly. Cos I always believe that when you do something, you must get the blessings of your parents or else it will not be successful/ accomplished well. I think it's mentioned somewhere in the Bible, besides praying before you do anything.

I think I've said enough for now. There are more stories that I want to share with you when the time comes. But for now, this is quite enough. So basically, you can see that I'm not as feminine as I would love to be but I love myself. At least I'm not as rough as I used to be now. I'm also stubborn (Ma said I've always been this way even before I was born. The paediatrician had to split open my mum's tummy just to get me out after I was 10 days overdue :p). Also, people say that I'm rebellious but I don't really agree. I may rebel at times but it's with a cause. Not mintak puji. Hehe.

Okla. If I don't stop now, I never will. Jya, mata.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Tuklah Timenya... a.k.a. This is the Time...

For those who went to ICG 2009, do you still remember what Gerard or Gerald (or whatever his name is) said about being a true Catholic? The constitutive elements of the church are...
1. Scripture
2. Sacraments
3. Social Mission

Most of us have only 2 but don't be sad just yet. Now you can have all 3!
Isn't that exciting? *clap hands* -- dun wori, it's only a parody (like what you would see in ads).

But I was serious about the 3 elements. First, let me show you something to let you get the feel. Please prepare your heart and mind for the visuals that follow.

You can also watch a video of the typhoon here.

Maybe because they are in the Philippines, some of us may feel that there is not much we can do to help them. All we can do is pray for them. BUT. If there's a will, there's a way right?

In Penang, the Our Lady of Sorrows church provide a channel to help these victims by donating clothes, food, money, etc. All you need to do is haul all your unused stuff to church that you think they might need. Yes, it's that simple. Or for those of you who are not in Penang, just contact your church and let them know about your interest to help these less fortunate victims. I'm sure that they will be more than happy to assist you.

If you need more conviction that it is really a call for us to help them, try opening the bible to James 2:14 - 26. I'll just quote a line: If it[faith] is alone and includes no actions, then it is dead. Actually, I copied brother Ashley :p

Anyway, there are still lots of examples in the scriptures (e.g. Matthew 25: 31 - 46) that tell us it is not enough to just profess your faith on your lips but not through your deeds as well.

But seriously, I don't think that I would need to quote the bible just so that you would start acting. Mere humaneness would suffice.

Come, let's hold hands and make the world a better place! LOL. I mean, go, donate now!

Kebesian Itu a.k.a. The Irony

Orang slalu jak madah mun mok sehat, mesti eksesais slalu. Mebi bena so aku pun cuba try, ni lah tauk dapat sembuh kelak batuk-batuk aku. Jadi, marek aku bangun awal sebab mok temankan Yan (bukan nama sebenar) eksesais. Sebenarnya nya yang gerakkan aku. Mula-mula aku dah ingat mok pas jak tapi bila dengar nya bangun awal sebab mok eksesais jak, trus aku merajinkan diri bangun walaupun aku baru jak tido 4 jam. Huhu~

Mekorang stat kul 8 pagi sampey kul 9 pagi molah eksesais. Pelik aku masa dalam jim ya. 30 minit yang pertama, aku setitik peluh pun belum gik. Yan dah kedak lekak mandik dah. Maka aku tuk orang yang cepat berpeluh. Blakang la.

Lekak eksesais ya, lalu sik ngantok gik mata aku. Layan Facebook la jap. Kak ya, seperti besa, aku empak jak apa-apa makanan depan mata sebab aku malas mok masak. Sikda mood bah. Nangga jam dah kul 2 petang, aku redi la mok pegi perjumpaan ngan pengarah Jabatan Pendidikan Khas. Glamer asa. Sebenarnya, nya datang mok berik talk jak pun.

Dah balit dan mandik apa semua, aku rasa best jak. Alu rasa kedak mok landing atas tilam tapi nangga jam baruk kul 7 lalu. Sik jadi lalu sambung Facebook gik. Sah aku sik tahan. Aku mengalah kul 8 alu dah mok tido tapi nangga ada mesej hampir basi dalam henpon aku. Si Kuyat tuk duhal. Berbalas-balas mesej sik sampey 15 minit aku rasa, trus aku rasa lemah dah. Mata aku mintak tutup. Tpaksalah aku mengalah.

Tido.... ting, ting, ting!
Kul 1 pagi. Aku terbangun. Lapar la pulak...

Mula tek mok juak aku eksen sik tauk perut lapar tapi bila aku cuba try mok tutup mata, sik mok lelap. Tpaksalah aku angkat punggung berat pegi dapur carik makanan. Sambil makan, layan Facebook gik. Tiba-tiba, lekak aku baca status Adler pasal jadi king, aku rasa mok muntah. Bukan sebab nya jadi king. Sebab rasa sik sedap perut. Oh, apalah nasibku ini. Tauk aku ya... simptom migrain mok datang.

Mok sik mok, tpaksa aku pegi muntah di jamban. Kak ya, makan ubat dan molah seperti besa. Oh, hausmet aku nangga-nangga sebab dengar bunyi-bunyi ngeri aku molah dalam jamban tapi aku slamba jak jalan masuk bilit mok tido.

Hasilnya, pagi tuk aku sik pegi duak igek kelas. Bukan aku mok ponteng, aku dah redi semua dah tapi tiba-tiba, lekak muntahkan semua sarapan aku, rasa lemah badan dan palak aku jadi gemuk. Tpaksalah aku tido balit.

Yang aku tensen, masa pegi klinik tadik, lupak mok mintak MC. Doktor ya pun satu, tauk minggu tuk still minggu kuliah, mok juak eksen sik berik. Ish. Tensen.

Persoalannya: Kenak lekak eksesais aku sakit indah? Masa aku malas dudok depan komputer jak sehat walafiat jak aku (bukan mok mintak tapi bena).

People always say that exercise can keep you healthy. So I tried it. Who knows, maybe it can cure my cough? Hence, I woke up early yesterday to accompany Yan (not a real name) to the gym. Actually, she woke me up. I didn't do it voluntarily :p In fact, I thought of passing at first but when I heard that she woke up early just to exercise (like we promised), I fought the dozziness off and forced myself to wake up even though I only slept for like 4 hours T_T

We started our exercise at 8 a.m. which lasted until 9 a.m. It felt weird in the gym because I didn't sweat until only 30 minutes later even though I had been working my ass like hell. When I glanced at Yan, she was already sweating profusely as if she'd just stepped out from the shower. Actually, I sweat easily, especially my back. But I don't know what happened to me back there.

After our trip to the trip to the gym, I didn't feel sleepy anymore so I decided to log in to Facebook. As usual, when I'm in front of my computer, I just eat whatever food that is within reach because I was not in the mood to cook. Lazy XD Then, attended a talk by the Pengarah Jabatan Pendidikan Khas at 2.30 p.m.

When I got back home, after showering and everything, it felt so natural to just lie down in bed and drift off to slumberland but I didn't because the clock said that it was only 7 something. The next best thing to do is Facebooking of course. Ugh, halfway through I knew that I couldn't bear it any longer. I needed to sleep. And at 8 p.m. I retired to bed. Saw an unreplied message on the phone from Kuyat and after messaging each other for less than 15 minutes, I gave up. Sleep won.

*Dozing off* Ting, ting, ting!
1 a.m. I awoke with a start. *stomach growling*

At first I tried to ignore it and forced myself to go back to sleep but couldn't. I had to drag my big ass to the kitchen and made something to eat. While eating, I logged in to Facebook again. Suddenly, while commenting on Adler's king status, I felt a little nauseous. Not because I found out that he was the king of the night but because my stomach was uncomfortable. Ugh, what luck! I know that symptom. It's a sign that I'll be down with a migraine.

Had to drag myself to the toilet again to barf. Actually, I ran to the toilet because I didn't want to make a mess in the living room. Took some pills and acted as if it was part of my routine already. My housemates gave me an odd look, maybe because of the horrifying sounds coming from the toilet a while ago but I just shrugged and walked steadily back to my bedroom to sleep.

This morning, I skipped 2 classes because I vomitted all of my breakfast into the toilet bowl. What a waste. The milk is so expensive! And that's the last of my peanut butter T_T The activity left me exhausted and weak all over so I had no choice but to go back to sleep.

What pisses me off is that, when I went to the clinic this afternoon, I forgot to ask for an MC. Arghh! That's my main purpose for going there. And the doctor was no better, she didn't even offer me one. It's common knowledge that classes are still on this week, yet no MC as a proof for my absence. *%@#&^!!*

The irony: Why am I sick after I made an effort to be active physically? I was healthy when I lazed around in front of my computer putting on more weight (Touch wood. Not trying to jinx myself or what but it's true).

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sakit Punggung a.k.a. A Pain in the Ass

WARNING: This is a badmouthing post. Don't read if you're not a gossiper like me. Anyway, proceed at your own risk :)

Ever come across people whom you just can't stand but stick to you like leeches? Never in my life did I expected someone to be so... leechy? Couldn't find the right adjective but that's how I would describe her. Yes, it's a female leech, unfortunately. And we stay under one roof.

First, let me fill you in on what a leech is if you don't fully understand. A leech is:

  1. Any bloodsucking or carnivorous aquatic or terrestrial worm of the class Hirudinea, certain freshwater species of which were formerly much used in medicine for bloodletting. This is how it looks like:
  2. A person who clings to another for personal gain, esp. without giving anything in return, and usually with the implication or effect of exhausting the other's resources; parasite. This is how she looks like:

Why is she a leech? Hmm... where do I begin?

But before you try to tell me not to judge people, let it be made known that I am not the only one having this kind of thoughts about her. It's not even a thought, it's reality. Having 4 out of 5 people agreeing to this (all of whom are her housemates - that odd one out is herself of course), can you say that I'm bias and that I should have given her a chance? I think not.

Ok, let's start with the kitchen utensils, tools, and wares. I love cooking and she cooks a lot. So both of us have our own cooking utensils. Hers are more expensive than mine la... but who cares? The dish I prepared were not any less tasty than hers (haha, show off a little here). At first, there weren't any problems in the kitchen. Then, as we got to know each other more, she began to show her true colours. She started borrowing things from me - things that she herself has. This I don't mind. It's the way she talks and use my stuff that got to me. Just imagine a situation like this:

I just finished cooking and the meal looked so inviting. I was just about to take my first bite when suddenly...
Leech: Eh... Melissa. I want to use the wok (FYI, my wok) now. Can you clean it first?
Melissa: *in my heart* Cannot! Cannot! Cannot! Are you blind? I'm still eating!!!!
But that did not take place. Instead...
Melissa: Huh...? *hoping that she would catch the hint but failed miserably* ... okla..

And then, one time, I really wanted to cook cos my stomach was already growling very, very loud. I asked to borrow her pot cos mine was already used (by her). She said ok but the moment I reached for her pot, her eyes were glued on me - watching my every move. I couldn't stand it.
Melissa: What? You want to learn cooking is it?
Leech: Huh? No la... *chuckling* (oblivious to my sarcasm)
Melissa: Then why do you keep staring at me? Don't tell me you have a lesbian tendency... *disgusted face*
Leech: Careful oh... I love my pot very much.
Melissa: (I knew it. RM500 so great meh? Heh. If you weren't using my pot, I wouldn't have to use yours) I'm going to damage your pot with my cooking *laughing wickedly*
Leech: Melissa Chua! *laughed as if it was the funniest thing on earth*
Melissa: *rolled eyes & continued cooking*

One fine day...
Leech: Where is my bowl, my bowl, my bowl..? Have you guys seen my bowl? *announcing loudly in the living room*
Melissa: How does it look like?
Leech: *describing her bowl*
Melissa: No, I don't think so.
Then, another housemate walked in. She started her interrogation again. Still, no one had seen her bowl.
Melissa: *a little annoyed* Why? What's so important about the bowl?
Leech: I want to eat now. It's my lunchtime.
Melissa: So?
Leech: I need my bowl. If not, I cannot eat.
Melissa: Just take any other bowl. There's a lot of bowls in the kitchen. Just take any one and use it la...
Leech: I want my bowl... *whining*
(This is the part where I felt like slapping her but did not waste my energy on a sure-fail mission which was to help her face the reality, like in the movies. That's what they always do, right?).
Suddenly, while she was still eating, one housemate walked in holding none other than her beloved bowl.
Leech: *cried out loud* My bowl! My bowl! That's my bowl!
(OMG! I felt like digging a hole and bury my head in it then. WTF? She's 24 and yet acting like a toddler? Yes, 24. This is my blog and I can reveal her true age, muahahaha)

Then, there were also other problems like doing assignments.

Leech: Hey, I have a problem with my assignment. Can you help me?
Melissa: Sure. What is it?
Leech: What are the criterions that I should use in evaluating my students' performance in class?
Melissa: Hm... that depends on your objectives. What are your objectives?
Leech: *showed me her draft*
Melissa: *gave her a few examples* Hm... Like that la. Those were just examples. So, have you got it?
Leech: But, how? I don't know what else to write.
Melissa: (Here we go again... ) *sigh* If you're evaluating their presentation skill, the criterions that you set could be creativity, smoothness, understanding of the topics, etc.
Leech: What else?
Melissa: (What la? Are you trying to ask me to do your assignments? God gave you a brain, use it la! Why keep borrowing mine? #@*%!!!) Hm..? Not sure oh... That's all I can think of now. You try and google it up or what la, k? *putting on a no-nonsense face and continued with my OWN assignment*

And other MINOR problems like:

Leech: Can you accompany me? I want to throw the rubbish.
Housemate A: Ok, but you have to wait first ya..
Leech: Ok.
Melissa: (What? It's just Ground floor. Only less than 20 steps away from the lift!!! -_-|||)

Oh, the problems are more than just listed here. But I'm too lazy to list them all down. It's enough that I can finally lash out my anger here. By the way, I've tried to let her know that her attitude is making people avoid her but most of the time she just pretended not to catch my meaning or maybe she just simply doesn't care. O' well.

P/S: Perlukah aku terjemah? Aih... malaslah. Molah aku makin manas jak kelak.