Thursday, October 29, 2009


a.k.a. Sapa sik tauk apa ya?

Why am I blogging about this? Despite the fact I kept saying I would be going on a hiatus over and over again?
It's because I'm very concerned about the two things that you ladies carry with you all the time.  Nampak gilak bulak.  

Okay, I'll be honest as usual and tell you why.  
It's this. 

I've got my eye for the black one but if it's not available the white one would do.  There's nothing like a free bag :)  Ahaha.  

On a more serious note, breast cancer has spread far and wide.  And it doesn't just happen to women, but men too.  You may laugh but it's true.  However, the percentage is higher in women than in men.  Maybe because we wear bras? Lol. 

This is kind of a sore subject for me because I've lost many loved ones to it.  So, ladies beware.  It can happen to anyone.  But your chances increase if you have any relatives who develop breast cancer.  According to emedicinehealth, "the risk is highest if the affected relative developed breast cancer at a young age, had cancer in both breasts, or if she is a close relative."  As you can see, genetic is one of the most important factor.  

Hormones also play a very important factor here.  Those who hit puberty before age 11 or experience late menopause (age 55 and above) have higher risks as compared to those who started their first periods late or early menopause.  Huh? Mun kedak ya, lebih kurang semua orang akan dapat la? Mun dapat Toto senang kedak ya kan bagus? 

Oh, and guess what.  Drinking alcohol also elevate the risk.  Shit.  Dah la aku tuk kaki botol.  From the same website, emedicinehealth: "Women who consume two to five alcoholic beverages per day have a risk about one and a half times that of nondrinkers for the development of breast cancer.  Consumption of one alcoholic drink per day results in a slightly elevated risk."  T__T Aku sedang cuba membayangkan Gawai tanpa tuak.  Sikpat.  

There are other causes too but you can google it up.  Heh.  Malas aku mok taip.  Kedak molah esei jak. 

Now, on to the good stuff.  The campaign is organized by Go visit! 

You can also do your shopping there.  By doing just that, you are contributing RM10-RM15 to the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM).  This is a non-governmental organization.  The organization is dedicated to preventing cancer, saving lives from cancer and improving the quality of life of those living with cancer through patient care and education.  If you are passionate about this cause and have some extra money to spend, what are you waiting for? Dermalah... *putting on a desperate, sad face* 

I won't talk a lot but I'll post up some of the cute stuff that you can buy at 

Cute and elegant at the same time.
I think this is the first time I use both description in the same sentence.  

Handmade Teddy

This is the cheapest so far.  RM 20.

Now I know, ladies and gentlemen.  The stuff are not cheap but think about it, you're contributing to a good cause.  So, just consider it as a donation and the stuff that you buy as a token.  Then you won't feel that bad for spending such a large amount.  Haha.  That's what I always do whenever I buy things that help to raise fund for charity.  And then try very hard to forget about the money T_T 

That's because I'm a total spendthrift.  The clothes that I buy hardly exceed RM 20!! Unbelievable? Hm.. maybe someday I'll blog about my shopping habit.  

But right now, I need you guys to visit 

Show some love.  For me and for them :)

P/S: If I do win that bag (cross my fingers), I promise I'll put up pretty stupid pictures of me posing with it.  So, ladies and gentlemen, pray that I'll win the bag ok? Thank you. 

1NewMessages: Seriously, this is the last post before the HIATUS.

2NewMessages: Oh, you can visit this site for tips on how to check your boobs.  Got model some more!


Gnet said...

no need hiatus la u!! :D

mcjayn said...

hahaha... i thought so too. always, always gatal tangan wanna come back here. but seriously, now need to focus on study. but i'll be back in no time on the 12th :) wait for me!

l!zTeRR!tory said...

mcm baru semalam ko log in blog kawu...kih3..

mcjayn said...

ish, comment jak pun... xda ku molah entry.