Monday, October 26, 2009

Hari Nak Happening Gilak a.k.a. An Eventful Day

24th October 2009 was the day.  

It was the happy-hour-before-torture day and it started at 12 noon.  But because of technical problem, we started a little later.  Hehehe... aku mintak maaf sebab tertido time ya.  Bukan sengaja.  Aku makan ubat migraine bah.. nya madah mungkin mengantuk.  Aku ingat aku sikkan mengantuk.  Skali nangga, ngantuk duhal.  Baru ku tauk aku tuk jenis mabuk ubat...

We set out in two cars.  

First, we went to Red Box for karaoke.  Woohoo~ I love singing.  Have you guys heard me before? No? You're lucky.  Adalah seseorang ya pura-pura malu mok nyanyi ya... 
After 3 hours of chaos, we switched back to holy mode and went to church.  

Oh, this is too embarrassing.  But because I'm very honest, I'll tell it all.  
In the middle of the mass, my stomach suddenly growled.  So wild!  We didn't have lunch, what... and the staff there, bulak ngan mekorang madah ada snacks tapi molah-molah lupak.  Cheese cake betul. 
So, I told Angel (not real name) how hungry I was and we started discussing about where to go for dinner.  Slambe beb.   Hohoho.  Now you know we didn't pay attention during mass :p 
Before the mass ended, we've decided to go to Queensbay for dinner.

Maybe it was just our luck.  Or maybe it was karma.  

On our way to Queensbay... 
the rented car gradually slowed down and halted to a stop.  
Me: Eh, Angel.  What's wrong? Why are you slowing down? 
Angel: Not me.  It's the car.  I think we've run out of gas.  
Me: WTF? 
Everyone in the car: *worried* 

Suddenly, my phone vibrated.  I knew without even looking that it would be...

Ah Mau: Helo, lu nang tiok ha mik? (Hello, what's up with you guys?) 
Me: Wa chi tiok wa nang ae chia bo iu liao lo.. (I think we've just run out of gas.. ) 
Ah Mau: Oh... *announcing to the people in their car* 
Me: *listening to the people in our car who suggested that the people in the other car help us buy petrol* 
Me: Eh, bi.. ehsai lu nang tolong wa nang bae iu oh? (Eh, bi.. could you guys help us buy some petrol?) 
It was not a request, actually.  Hehe.  Just to make the command sounded better.  
Ah Mau: O. (means OK in hokkien)

The first thing that we did when we realized that we were stranded there (even just for a while) was to lock our doors.  Fuh~ it's not paranoia.  We could get kidnapped, you know. There were 4 cute people in the car and only 1 macho person.  Lucky we were stuck in the highway which was quite busy.  Thanks be to God.  So, we talked about anything and everything in the car.  You can also read Step's account of the story. 

After help arrived and everything was back to normal again, we were once again on our way to Queensbay for dinner like a family.  (Note to self: will post up some pics soon)

We also had a bottle of champagne to celebrate the night.  People there were eying us and thought that we were having alcohol maybe because it was a Malay stall.  Hehe.  Guess what, it was only sparkling juice.  *sigh* Got ripped off again.  Never mind.  It still taste great.  

Then, we headed to the movies and watched Whiteout.  

Hmm... I thought it was going to be something really thrilling but instead the storyline turned out to be quite predictable.  The villain will be the person closest to the heroin and the one you least expected.  And the motive? Money.  Same old, same old.  Good thing that Kate Beckinsale was gorgeous.  She even showed some skin *drool* (Not mine though).  
It's not that bad, actually.  But for thriller/action lovers, you might wanna skip it.  

Oh, and before I forget, Dedy Michael (not real name), thank you for being such a good sports.  I know we bullied you a lot but thanks again for the drinks :) 
Itulah akibatnya orang yang baru dapat JPA.  Hehe, God will bless you :p (macam sik ikhlas jak bunyi)

1NewMessages: May be considering a hiatus.  A short one though.  Exam fever is here but my notes are still virgin. 


Mad Maureen said...

OMG... The dialogue part that i included in my post was inaccurate.. So everybody was blogging about this -and i was the latest to publish, thanks to Fajar line.. huhuhu..

gula batu said...

xpa..kta dgar dr yg meminta bantuan n dr pemberi bntuan..baru la adil..

mcjayn said...

it's ok la. the gist is there. lebih kurang gitu-gitu. mun mok tepat, len kali ko rekod sebelum tepon.

Mad Maureen said...

oh, sebab yg gula batu beri tu boleh dipakai.. kuangx4. ok, biasalah kan, dlm dunia journalism, the information not accurate. does this mean aku ada petanda dapat jadi seorg journalist? kuangx4..