Sunday, October 18, 2009

Peristiwa Air Jamban a.k.a The Waterloo Incident

Before I proceed, I want to let you know that I am a shy person.  Yisehh~ nang bena bah..
So it is not easy for me to tell of the experiences that I have been through especially when I will be embarrassed by it.  But because I'm a man (or girl?) of my word, I will tell you anyway :p (mun kita sik puji diri, sapa gik mok puji kita nak?)


Once upon a time... 

If I'm not mistaken, I was 6 years old (Kindergarten 2) then.  Everyday, grandma would dress me up nicely for school.  Yeah, nicely here means pretty dresses.  Even though I looked like a little boy, I would be dressed up as a little girl.  So, masa ya ada sikit kedak pondan la rupa aku.. huhu~

Sambung cita... there was this one time, I asked my grandma to do something pretty with my hair and being a sweet and doting grandma, she did as asked.  Only, it wasn't pretty on me T_T

Because my hair was really short, nothing much could be done and we didn't have cute little hair pins at that time.  So, grandma tied my hair, coconut tree style.  Then, she put on a ribbon.  I was so happy because I thought I would look as pretty as my elder sister after grandma ties her hair that I didn't even bother to look at myself in the mirror.  So, to school I went happily.

I only realized something was very wrong when Mrs Chew (not a real name), our teacher threatened to tie up my classmate's hair like mine if they did not stop talking.  Masa ya, aku dah boleh tangkap maksud isi tersirat bah... sedih aku.  

And when Pa came to fetch me in the evening, Ma asked me who tied my hair and I told her it was grandma.  She laughed and said, "Why did she tie it like that?" then continued to laugh some more.
Immediately, I untied and pulled at my hair and sulked the whole way home.

Kenak mak bapak kita suka jak mok tetak ngan kita masa kita kecik-kecik? Kak ya bila dah besa, cita balit ngan kita depan kazen mazen kita? T_T

Here's another incident when I was 10.  That time, our school organized a Swimming Club and I was in it.  Obviously, to be in a Swimming Club, you'll need to have a swimsuit.  Mine was already too small so Ma and I went to shop for a new one.
At the shop...

Ma: Miss, where is the swimsuit section for children?
Salesgirl: Oh, please follow me.
Ma: *was flipping through the swimsuits*
Suddenly the salesgirl interrupted.
Salesgirl: Ma'am, the swimming trunk section is over here *pointing towards the rack full of swimming trunks*
Ma: *laughing* Oh, my kid here is a girl.
Salesgirl: *embarrassed* Oh. I thought she was a boy.  She looks so much like a boy... *smiling*
Me: *wishing that the earth would open and swallow me alive*

Sikit marah pun ada aku ngan salesgirl masa yaCis, perlukah nya tunjuk pandey sampey mok mengorekkan mak aku? Salahkah mun aku laki tapi pakey swimsuit sebab mok tutup aurat? Jeles!

Another one.  But this one proved to be an advantage to me la... Hee.

That time, the whole family was going for our cuti-cuti Malaysia.  I was 10 then.  There was no Air Asia then, I think so we flew with MAS.  

It was very nice because they gave away free toys for children that time.  Ah Mau and I who were under 12, both got a different package each.  Hers was a colouring book with crayons while mine was... SURPRISE!  SURPRISE!  Plastic airplane model of the flight that we were flying in.  

I was so so so so so HAPPY.  Sik rugi rupa kedak laki.  Hehe.
That was one memorable ride for me.  

One more embarrassing story that I can remember though it has nothing to do with my boyish look.  

It happened not too long ago on my trip to KL with my best friend, Amy (not a real name).  Being jakun and all that, we tried ice-skating at the Sunway Pyramid.  It was so much fun.  That was my first time ever skating on ice.  I don't even know how to roller skate.  Oops.  So, I had to stay close to the wall while trying to make it round the skating rink.  

In contrast to Amy who was already getting the hang of it, I was a total klutz.  I fell down but got back up only to fall back down again.  This happened a few times.  So Amy offered me a few tips and patiently guided me to follow her.  

At last, when I thought that I was finally getting the hang of it, I slipped.  But before I fell on my butt, I managed to grab a stranger's hand but lost grip and grabbed his bracelet instead.  The bracelet broke and the beads all came tumbling down.  

Everything happened so fast.  It was one of the most embarrassing moment in my life because everyone, yes, EVERYONE who was skating in the rink looked at me and came over to help us pick up the beads.  I kept apologizing to the guy and he assured me that it was no big deal.  But one of his guy friends had to come over and made a remark, "Ho... now that you've broken his bracelet, you should probably become his girlfriend or something." WTF? Perlukah? Aku dah cukup malu dah masa ya nya mok mengapi-apikan keadaan gik.  Cis.  

I left after that. 

These are the few embarrassing moments that I can remember.  Jatuh keayuanku.
What's yours?

1NewMessages: Aku punya housemates agak kepohHehe.  Sebilangan jak la.  Marek lekak kakar ngan Adler dalam tepon, aku madah ngan Yan (bukan nama sebenar), "Yan, cayak sik mun aku madah aku kakar ngan kawan aku sampe RM $$$?" Tiba-tiba ada suara menyampuk, "Ha? Ni da gei sui?" yang bermaksud, "Ha? Kawu tepon sapa ya?" Kuangkuangkuang.  Lalu, sigek gik suara, "Kawu kakar ngan sapa? Laki ka mpuan?" Excuse me.  Is that necessary? Ngan slambanya aku menjawab, "Kawan lamak bah... mestilah lamak kakar."  Yang aku sik paham situk, apa kena mengena kakar ngan laki ka mpuan? Adakah beza harganya? Ada gik soalan selanjutnya sebenarnya tapi aku molah sik dengar lalu masuk dalam bilit.  Hehe.  Aku tauk aku jaik tapi Yan sik bisin pun... padahal aku kakar ngannya dalam bahasa Sarawak yang kitak orang sik sepatutnya faham. 


Mad Maureen said...

Urm, how come you never tell me about this incident at the ice skating? Urm, okay, i get it, don't want to share embarrassing moment with one person nia kan.. eh,btw, the guy with the bracelet handsome or not? this is giving me an idea for a short story.. hua3..

mcjayn said...

lu siao kah?

Catholic Undergraduate Society said...

aku siao ko padah? yg ko kaka ngan kwn sampey RM$$$ ya? hmmm...

Catholic Undergraduate Society said...

oops, my bad.. tersilap komen pakey akaun CUS.. sori, yg benar, Maureen.

gula batu said...

soaln mau laki ya ensem x djwb dgn jayanya oleh mel : lu siao ka? BWAHAHAHAHHAHA

mcjayn said...

mestilah hensem. kannya hero dalam crita aku tuk? ada ala-ala tapak kaki Tom Krus bah..