Friday, October 16, 2009

Ini atau Itu a.k.a. This or That

There is this game that my friend and I used to play with one another at her blog.  It's called This or That.  It's very easy to play.  Just like the name suggests, you are compulsory to choose between two things that the player before you ask.  When you choose, you need to provide a reason why you choose it.  Okay, here's an example of how it is played. 

E.g. Milo or Vico? 
My choice: Milo.  Because, it is more chocolaty. 

Like that, ok?

I'm bringing this up because I wanna play it with you guys.  Whoever reads this MUST choose and comment on it.  After you choose and give your reasons, you ask the next person your questions.  Like the above example, after I stated my choice and reasons, I give new questions:

TV or Internet?

Then the next person who reads this will need to answer.  Get it?

I wanna play this game!  I miss it very very much.  The other day, I went to this old friend's blog again to reminisce about the old time.  Unfortunately, it has been closed down.  I mean, the blog is still there but she no longer posts new entries in it.  So sad~

That is why I wanna play this with you guys.  So that whenever I'm bored, I'll just go to this entry and see all the creative questions and answers that you guys have come up with. 

Let's play!


mcjayn said...

Obviously, someone has to start, so...

Japanese or Korean language?

Mad Maureen said...

Japanese. Because I never learn Korean..

Ok, my question. Actually, this question was asked in my LSP401 class last semester.. hehe..

Happiness or intelligence?

mcjayn said...

Happiness la. I think no need to elaborate mah. But since it's a rule, haih *kenapalah rule dia macam ini?* If i have intelligence only and I dun have happiness, what's the point? my ultimate desire is to have happiness. everything i do is to achieve happiness. macam Abraham Maslow kata itu, self-fulfillment or penyempurnaan kendiri. So, in the end, happiness is that really counts.

mcjayn said...

oh. pulak. forgot to post a Q.

headache or stomachache?

Gnet said...

headache coz stomachache is such a pain in the a** :P

now, chocolate or ice-cream?
i know my answer which im dying to typpe but i cant! grr :D

Mel Malden said...

ku tauk jawapan mok jawab opposite of Gnet's ans-to-be.

ICE Cream...
ish,kenak mesti explain ba..
COz ice-cream can be in many flavour n colour, and best served cold, which i like obviuosly.
whereas chocolate could be in 2 major colour (as far as i noe) which brown n white...
Err..i oso dont y does the color matter 2 me..ahah
pedulila, i got my reasons...

now, my Q.

Bola itu bulat or bola itu sfera?


Mel Malden said...

MEL, bole ka jawab soklan2 len? ngee~

gula batu said...

bola itu bulat.
bulat n sfera sik bumi ditunggah sfera sbb nya leper kat poles p kembang kit kat bhgn tgh.ini terjadi krn putaran bumi mengelilingi matahari scr rapid.xla rapid ne..p oleh krn nya bpusing paksinya senget..aku sik tau la teori tok apply sik kat bumi p mun neptune ka saturn ka tokla jwpnnya..bola sik berpusing p nya ditendang o dsepak o dtampar..jd aku assume nya bulat.mun xcayak,try ukur radiusnya.mun sama ukurannya di semua arah,maka kompomnya bulat!cam caka jak ku eksplen pjg2!

Q : MELOT OR STEP? (msti jujur,xbleh bulak!bulak itu dosa!)

mcjayn said...

STEP, caka kawu.

Aku pilih
Melot, obviously. Sebab nya tinggi.

X hal. Ble konpesyen kelak :p

Spender ka bra? Haha

Mel Malden said...

haha..cis na juak step.
soklan paling xmunasarawak setakat tok.

ku pilih spender.

sebab superman pake spender d luar.
Nya x pake bra d luar nak?
Mari kita imagine superman pakai bra di luar..
Hmmm..agak kurang macho.

Q : taik mata or taik idong..

mcjayn said...

haha, apalah melot. adakah nya compare ngan superman indah? cis. aku pun pilih spender tapi sebab sik sama. cos aku boleh x pakey bra tapi x boleh x pakey spender. hehe.

k, bagi soalan kawu...

aku pilih taik mata.

sebab, mun aku korek taik mata di public sik la ceridak gilak banding ngan mun aku korek taik idong di public. ya sure takorang x mauk ngaku sedara dah.

short & fat but pretty/handsome or tall & lean but ugly?

wahahaha. jawabla sapa yg rasa dirinya brani.

mcjayn said...

sorry, cuma mok tambah situk. sebab aku lupak mok jawab soklan melot tadik. mun ko mok jawab soklan len, ble tapi soklan sebelumnya still wajib. hehe. mun mok molah lebih utk dapat markah bonus, silakan...

Mad Maureen said...

my choice.. tall and lean but ugly.. cos muka tu boleh buat plastic surgery tapi kalau short tak boleh nak tambah tulang and fat memanglah boleh plastic surgery tapi tu perlu surgery bahagian besar. kalau surgery kat face tu melibatkan bahagian yang kecil saja.. ok, next..

yg mana lebih penting?

a sweet memory in university or a great future in workforce?

soalan ni kiranya kompromi ler. kalau u nak best hidup kat uni, maksudnya ur workforce nanti x best. and vice versa.

mcjayn said...

eleh... kalo short and fat tu x ble diet ke? mun aku la, aku pilih short and fat sebab dah lebih kurang pun ngan aku. mun plastic surgery, mahal gik dari ko pegi marie france bodyline asa ku.. hehe. dahlah kenak sindir gik kelak.

k, utk soalan kawu...
great future in workforce la. because u only need to stay in uni for what, 3 to 4 years whilst workforce.. hm.. for the rest of ur life. of cos i choose the latter.

Next Q: Happy in love but die young or screwed up love life but long life?

Gnet said...

haha silly la u ppl
some of ur questions are quite difficult to answer. thanks mel (yang tinggi dan lampai dan kapten futsal haha) for answering the opposite(icecream) T_T

I would choose happy in love but die young coz screwing up love life but long life will be sooooo painful?

my ques : to open up yourself to new relationships(flirt for instance) when you're still in a relationship(that u r uncertain of or getting stale like a fish or smth like that) or to not do that?

why my ques so depressing wan ley -.-

Mad Maureen said...

Response to Mel yg mengaku diri tak tinggi --> Easier said than done.. Who was the one round2 at Penang, which btw, is going to have fun karaoke-ing later today and then find it easy to answer my question? I thought when we are at university the desire to have fun is like at the top priority? (come on la, be honest) though the duration is shorter, but the temptations is no doubt, greater.. btw, if you are not happy with your workforce in the future,then you change your job. but if you are not happy with your uni, can you change uni that easily? kan kan?

Reply to Gnet's question will be (tho i honestly never been in a relationship before)--> open up to new relationships if the current relationship is uncertain would be my choice. It's because if the relationship is uncertain, it means that the trust is not enough - and there's no official commitment whatsoever (belum agi bertunang). But it depends (very subjective), cause there wouldn't be a relationship at the first place if there's no commitment involved. Some people are worth being faithful to and some are not. But generally, i would choose open to new relationship while in a relationship.

Next question: [settle down with a stable job] or [single, free and having a great career] is better?

mcjayn said...

eh, ah mau. i thought ur Q meant that if u have a great working life, means secara balasannya (x by choice), ur uni life sucks and vice versa. i memang pergi happy hour la tadi but that's what i choose to do. apalah. takkan if i can be happy, i wanna unhappy kan diri semata-mata hoping that my later life will be great as a compesation to the life i have now? secara reality, if u can be happy now, be happy and dun regret it later.

my answer to ur new Q is single, free and having a great career. this is very much my style. no commitment. dun say, eh bukan ur in a r/ship now kah? yes, but i'm still single cos x tied down or anything. and i dun believe being engaged means that someone will not be able to flirt around any longer. memang x patut, but kan the hubungan belum official lagi.

my Q: complicated relationship with a guy/girl ur in love with or steady relationship with a nice guy/girl that ur fond of but not in love with?

Mad Maureen said...

the answer to your question will be having a complicated relationship with someone whom you love, cause if having it with a nice guy whom you're fond of, i will feel dissatisfied, "i will feel like something was tugging at the back of my mind" (sounds familiar?) unless, unless, special case --> i will fall in love with him eventually. But in my case, it's hard for me to fall in love with a nice guy i am fond of, so i chose the former.

Next - [work at hometown with less job opportunity and less chance of succeeding in career but not alone cause you're with family ] or [work at somewhere far from home but with a bigger job opportunity and chances to shine in your career but have to endure loneliness]?

gula batu said...

Q amau ng MAD la!!!caka li Q pjg2!!!

work at somewhere far from home but with a bigger job opportunity and chances to shine in your career but have to endure loneliness

xpa lonely bak kata akon asal bleh balit mbak duit byak pat k plah umah bagak2 k family..

Q : KURAP KA SKEBIS??ehehehehehe

mcjayn said...

apa skebis ya? x tauk so x pat jawab :p

gula batu said...

ish!!!pnyakit kulit ya ba!!xsyok na ko tok!k la ku 2ka soalan..


mcjayn said...

ee! padah lah betul-betul soalan ya len kali. cam describe kit2 kah...

aku pilih kasut. sebabnya mun aku berkaki ayam, mak aku mesti madah "ni kasut kawu? pake kasut la. kotor."
xda orang madah, k slepar la.
dalam erti kata lain, slepar ya pun boleh ditunggah sbg kasut p kasut xkan ditunggah slepar.

Q: bongkak atau bongok?

gula batu said...

caka ko mel!anok Q aku!!
ku mok jwb Q ko.
ku pilih bongok..
cuz bongok wlpun dbuli p still dterima ramai n byk la juak kawan (pembuli?).mun bongkak, org akn pulaukan..(islandkan)

Q : LOVE OR FRIENDSHIP? bg ku 2 2 tok pnting p ku mok dgar (baca) pndapat takorg..

mcjayn said...

Aku pilih... Friendship.

Brapa kali dah ku kenak soalan tuk. Hish. And jawapan ku tetap sama setiap kali. Sebabnya, aku percaya aku dapat hidup single seumur idup tanpa perlu ada laki tapi sik dapat hidup sebagai social outcast. lagipun... mesti rami yang akan nangis mun aku pilih love sebab aku tauk aku disayangi kengkawan ku :) wahahaha. mun ko brani muntah keluar jaga kawu step. telan balit!

ney da ku nganok soalan kawu. aku stakat sejez cara mok membaiki nya supaya nya x jaik :p

Q: Tough exam or Tough assignment?

Gnet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gnet said...

yarabiiii step
saya ketawa menggilai-gilai membaca soalan anda

this q&a is quite interesting eh. never stop stopping here lol

i choose tough assignment!
because that's the correct way to learn. we pick up little things when doing assignment like teamwork, writing skills and other stuffs.

tough exams? pfftt. even final also people baca last minute. students nowadays read books just to pass exams. lepas tu, lupa semua. betul tidak??

meanwhile for the tough assignment just now, lessons are learnt and they're for a lifetime :) :)

Next ques!
A guy with bad breath when he talks or a guy who burps out loud in public?


mcjayn said...

Eee~ kenak soklan Gnet semakin ceridak? Hee.

i choose a guy who burps out loud in public. cos bad breath sangat-sangat ceridak. x mungkin dpt kissing. mun aku dah tauk laki ya jenis burp halilintar, aku xkan embak nya pegi makan masa dating. atau minum minuman bergas.

Q: If you're a teacher, would you prefer bad r/ship with students or bad r/ship with your colleagues?

mcjayn said...

Eh, tapi on second thoughts aku terpikir ada gula batu clorets. kedak mok tukar jawapan jak... tapi macam x ble..

x hal la. burp pun burp la.

Mel Malden said...

i prefer bad r/ship with my colleagues.

coz being a teacher, your main concern is of coz your students dho.
I mean, student ya yg ko akan create their personalities, and they will remember you for the rest of their life. whereas colleagues, mun ko tuka skolah ka pa ka, lalek dak nya la.

mun ko cekgu yg berkaliber, student akan ingat ko. n mun student menjadi org yg berjaya, dak nya akan ingat kau n appreciate kau coz made them the person they are today.


Q : to study but no income or get a job n study later

Mad Maureen said...

yes, betul cakap Melod. aku setuju. Lagipun time teachers' day sapa yg beri hadiah? setentunya bukan colleague kan? and colleague mun nangga ktk byk student suka, nya akan berpura-pura bait and cuba bodek ktk.. hmm, agree?

Answer to Melod's question will be to study but no income. Sebabnya, cos still boleh minta duit mak bapak time study with no income...heheh.. if i get a job and study later, hmm, memang takda can nak minta duit dari mak bapak.. mak bapak akan cakap dah ada kerja, tak pyh minta duit la.. anyway, duit kitorang pula diminta utk tlg adik2 sekolah (kalau ada adik2,eheh)..

my question: [get high salary doing job that you are good at but don't really like] or [do a job that you really like and good at it but the salary just cukup makan to feed yourself]?

mcjayn said...

Melot mauk continue study ka? ju..

get a high salary doing job that i am good at but don't reli like. cos i x hate it. just x reli like. ahahah. lepas tu, can use the money to do the job that i like la sebagai hobi atau kalo dah kaya sgt, resign je lepast tu dedicate my life doing the job that i love. hehe

Q: kurus tahap anorexia yang memang macam skeleton ka gemok tahap obese yang dapat menyembunyikan 3 org manusia?

Mad Maureen said...

oh, betul juga.. so kalau minat jadi penyanyi, beli mesin karaoke lepas tu kan? atau menyanyi sebagai commentator time Mass (refer to aunty u-know-who bersuara opera)..

The answer to your question is: sebab aku jenis yg berjimat-cermat, aku pilih kurus tahap anorexia macam skeleton.. cos menjimatkan ruang, menjimatkan kain, (menjimatkan makanan? tak juga sebab mereka muntah lepas tu..), menjimatkan losyen badan, menjimatkan banyak benda lagi ah.. kalau gemuk, hish, berlaku banyak perbelanjaan.

my question is: yg mana lebih stress: menjadi lecturer ke menjadi cikgu?

mcjayn said...

ni ku tauk? bila masa ku jadi lecturer? ko tuk!

nvm. aku akan answer sedaya yg boleh berdasarkan pemerhatian & sedikit experience yg ada.

i think, menjadi cikgu is more stressful than a lecturer. for e.g. most of the lecturers in our uni (my school la..) are always so relaxed. lagipun, ada lecturer yg xde ajar pun. stakat pegi kelas show powerpoint or talk crap. then habis masa, balik. i rasa they x have lesson plan macam cikgu. ada la course outline tu... tapi bukan macam cikgu yg kalo xde lesson plan, can be sued and put behind bars. aduh. kak ya gaji lecturer pun tinggi sikit dari cikgu. yala cikgu stress sebab gaji sikit tapi keja byk.

Q: Work hard to complete your assignment but get a C or plagiarize and get an A?

Mel Malden said...

aku asa aku jenis mun ku gyk mood blaja, better ku gyk teruskan. aku asa ku jenis mun ku da keja, mesti ku mls blaja balit. comitment da lain. kan?

hehe..tanpa ku sedari..ku da 3 year ..akan abis xlama gyk. jiwa ku x redi gyk mok keja.harhar.aku xcukup matang gyk, ko nangga la gyk men futsal, kaka benda xsenonoh, men psp gyk..haha xtauk gyk, p ada hati kecil padah 'mun da peluang, better ko sambung gyk'
ngee~ sik abis gyk degree..

Mel Malden said...

Ans : work hard to complete your assignment but get a C.

Common la, you copy2 dapat A, you yourselves know it isnt your true work at all. there must be a guilty feeling that haunt later on.

if you put hardwork , but still get C, you know what you are capable of. And you know if you put extra effort, you might would achieve better grades than yang pasti, no guilt! ya yg penting.

huh..ku slalu alami tok,mun mok submit lab report, ku da lama siap. kakya da la kwn minta simpati, alu copy report. pas anta, ku pat B, nya pat A. cis..p ku lalek pa, keja ku suci.hee...

Q : this question apply 4 ppl of our age. being childish or completely mature?

mcjayn said...

Melot lupak jawab soalan mula-mula. Apala! Ko ingat blogging ka?
(Sikda, sikda. Jez kidding *ambik ati*)
Hehe, sbenarnya aku pun pk kedak ya juak. Aku rasa, mun mok sambung, better sambung terus. mun keja kelak, mesti rasa kedak, eh... iboh jak la. keja pat duit. pahal mok memenatkan otak aku blaja gik. kedak ya la.

A: Being completely mature.

Sebabnya, aku x suka org terlalu childish. Refer ngan entry aku yg umpat-umpat ya. Lagipun mature sik sama ngan serious. Hehe.

Q: Alcoholic or Smokaholic (org yg addicted ngan smoking la)?

Mel Malden said...

haha..k ku jawab soklan lok tok..


1. aku xsuka asap ya! aku xmerokok dkt org merokok, bau ya lekat kat baju aku. cis. as if aku merokok.
2. 2nd hand smoker. we are at risk of suffering seriuos diseases because of the things that we dint do. in fact, we didnt like. kita mangsa keadaan la. hue..

im not saying that i like alcoholic, coz they got drunk, n menyusahkan org la. tp benda yg dak nya consume nya, eventually effect daknya juak, xkena kita. just kena tahan la karenah dak nya time mabuk.

now my Q :

to burp o to fart in public dgn konfident nya? haha

mcjayn said...

pahal kedak sama ngan Gnet jak? cis! aku gik jawab...

A: to fart in public dgn konfident nya.

Sebabnya, mun fart ada kemungkinan bunyi atau x bunyi. 2-2 pun ada advantage. mun x bunyi, slamat. tapi bau, ko molah slamba la. nangga-nangga org kakya tutup idong lalu nanyak, "ee... apa bau tuk?" and molah muka disgusted. tapi mun kawu x bernasib baik gilak and terbunyi kentut kawu, kawu cepat-cepat nangga org tepi kawu. and senyum stail "hehe, i know ur secret."
Yg penting situk, mati-mati jgn mengaku kentut. org x tauk. cos daknya xkan cek burit kawu. tapi mun burp, senang detect.

Q: mengumpat atau diumpat? :)

Mel Malden said...

haha..xsama ngan gnet. da scientific explanation. actually, burping is 'grosser' than farting. (now ko bole kentut puas tanpa rs malu) sbb lam mulut kita da byk bact, n kentut ya body waste la yg we perlu get rid of from our body. p, benda tok diwarisi dari dolok k org x suka org kentut than burping.
p cuba pk, kenak kita perlu manas mun da org kentut, nang sbb bau ya x nyaman. haha. p suma org kentut ba. Sapa brani madah nya x penah kentut? nang da mslah

ans to your Q:


Mengumpat nya salah sebenarnya, cuma kita xsedar kita termengumpat org nya. konon2 kita just "bercerita" sal org ya, tp "bercerita" ya pun kategori mengumpat org ya tek.

mun ko diumpat, ko xbersalah.aku diumpat la tek.(contoh) Ku lalek pa. org sometimes not even noe the truth mok umpat2 i care..haha

Q : mengejar o dikejar

mcjayn said...

hm.. soalan ko tuk boleh diaplikasikan dlm byk konteks. kejar polis ka, kejar org yg disukai ke.., kejar dlm lumba ka..

k la. aku akan membuat pilihan la.

A: Dikejar. Sebab, maksudnya aku laju. And aku masih belum ditangkap cos aku still dikejar. And aku lebih berkuasa drpd yg mengejar cos aku ble buatkan diri aku ditangkap atau aku ble remain kenak kejar jak. hehe.

Q: mati kesejukan ka mati kepanasan?

Mad Maureen said...

Answer: mati kesejukan. sebab mayatku sikkan berbau. mun mati kepanasan, adei, blueeek...

Q: [kulit halus tapi muka tak berapa nak cantik] ker [muka cantik tapi kulit tak halus?]

mcjayn said...

Eh, kalau kulit halus tapi muka tak berapa nak cantik tu bukan considered cantik juga ke? ada juak org consider kedak ya.

A: muka cantik tapi kulit tak halus. sebab, ada byk produk utk menghaluskan kulit. cth: SKII. if all else fails, try it. i think it paling berkesan cos sgt kuat la powernya. tapi kalau ur muka still ok, bagus jgn pakai. haha. only thing is u have to sampai hati to part with ur $$ la... haha.

mcjayn said...

Oh, lupak gik.

Q: FACEBOOK atau blogging?

gula batu said...

line sjana cam caka slow siot!
fb ng payah la mk msk!
lgpun fb ku slu blur xtau mk plah apa...ku xmok men game cuz line sgt amat ter paling over mlampau slow!


mcjayn said...

cheese kek mu Step! apakah bentuk soalan ya? ko ada kah?

k lah. aku pilih OMG, i can't believe this: KETIAK BAU KUAT2 N DA AEK PELUH RINTIK2 CAM AEK UJAN T_T

xda bulu lebat kan bagus? iboh waxing kah cabut2 (sakit tauk x?)
bau ya, kinek tuk dah boleh control menggunakan... jeng, jeng, jeng: REXONA oxygen. Skaligus ngan peluh ya nya control. actually, yg molah bau ya adalah peluh ya. mun peluh yg campur ngan bacteria terus nya bau. aku bc dalam surat khabar duluk (reference bah..)
mun dah bjy control aek ya, maksudnya bjy control bau. bak kata pepatah, sambil menyelam, minum air atau bunuh dua ekor burung ngan sigek jak batu (jaik nar).
mun x pat juak, rajin2 lah mandik.

Q: Berak tapi xda toilet paper & aek cuci di toilet awam
Ketawa xpat tahan sampai terkencing meleleh-leleh depan kawan-kawan?

gula batu said...

bhahahahhahha ok2...ku pilih berak p xda toilet ppr n aek cuci d toilet awam.
cuz ne tau dlm poket sluar da tisu yg wlpun limited kuantitinya p still ble k (cam vid nobody jak soaln ko tok!)xpun ku bleh tggh sapa2 kat luar hulurkan tisu.susah2 k jak sluar k lap!tetak smpe tkemeh2 yg ng caka malu siot!!


mcjayn said...

hahaha.. bongok soalan tuk. ada potensi molah ku kemih meleleh depan hausmet jak. hahah

aku pilih, lobang burit da 9 lobang la! apa senang punya soalan ini. sebab dapat cover k seluar dalam. org x tauk pun. lagipun mun ko f*** len kali, ada probability utk men teka2 nak ni lubang yg sambung ngan cervix kawu n molah kawu pregnant. hahahaha. bongok.

Q: sembelit sampe 2 jam dlm toilet
ceret-beret sampe terkeluar sikit taik ya and meninggalkan calit pada seluar dalam anda?

Mel Malden said...

yah..!!!! you ppl..adoi...gahahahaha..
cis, xsenonoh li soklan..step nang soklan agak celaka.

cis. imagine situasi soklan tok pun ku da agak terseksa. p ku try jawab ngan bernas.

aku prefer ceret beret sampe terkeluar skit n teralit kat suar dalam. yala tek. kat suar dalam jak. xo, xda org nampak.haha.

mun sembelit sampe dua jam ya, adeh,seksanya dian lam toilet ya, taik x kuar2 gyk. ceret at least kuar juak taik2 ya..

Q : berak kaler coklat o berak kaler itam... haha

mcjayn said...

bwahahahaha... melot, melot! adoi~

sebenarnya aku x kisah sebab aku x pernah mok nangga taik aku. gelik. tapi aku akan pilih.

aku pilih coklat sebab nyaman. wahahah, mesti Gnet tempeleng aku kelak. ahahah. sebenarnya aku pilih coklat sebab nya normal bah. kan taik kita slalu warna coklat? xtauk la aku tak org pun ada ijo/kuning/merah/dsb. tapi yg aku pernah TERnangga taik aku duluk masa berak, nya warna coklat. so, aku mok nya kekal kedak ya la. tapi ada kawan ku sorang madah mun itam kalernya means toxic dlm badan kawu kenak flush keluar dah.. mun salu jak itam, bukan ke maksudnya badan byk toxic? heheh.

Q: Kasut baru (new shoes) terpijak taik asuk di church sebelum mass mula


masa gi cinema, sebelum movie start, ko pegi kemih tapi masa kemih eksiden aik kencing kawu terspray kat kaki seluar kawu sampe basah?

Mad Maureen said...

Kenak soalan tok semua berpaling kepada tema ceridak? (pertandingan ceridak ka apa? mun ada pertandingan, pantang aku sik join..)

urm, utk question tok, aku pilih masa gi cinema, sebelum movie start, ko pegi kemih tapi masa kemih eksiden aik kencing kawu terspray kat kaki seluar kawu sampe basah. Cos kencing mun dibanding ngan taik asuk, nya sik berbau gilak. and cinema kan gelap? sapa akan perasan nak? di church, adoi, mesti orang perasan dgn serta mertanya mun ko terpijak taik asuk.
and lebihan isi sokongan utk kemik ya, air kemik ya kan kemik sendiri, so x rasa ceridak gilak cos kemik ya bukan kemik org len, tapi milik kendiri. sik ceridak gilak mun nangga dari perspektif ya.

ok, urm, soklan seterusnya.
[gigi kuning kecokelatan sampai ko mok senyum pun allergic org nangga tapi bau mulut harum ]ker [gigi putih tapi bukak mulut alahai bau busuk kedak mayat tikus yg mati dua bulan sik tertanam campur segala makanan yg dah expired sik dibuang dari almari makanan]?

nampak senang, tapi dilemma secara praktikal kan?

gula batu said...

dgn bangganya ku pilih

gigi kuning kecokelatan sampai ko mok senyum pun allergic org nangga tapi bau mulut harum

bau harum x harum lbh berkuasa komper ngan gigi kacak x kacak dlm hal tok..

malas ku mok naip pjg2..ku mok tnya soalan gk..

Q : PERUT BUNCIT KA LOBANG IDONG BESAR? (xda idea dah mok tnya soaln ceridak2...)

mcjayn said...

ee... ahmau nang suka bau kencing la. mun taik ya, sapa suruh kawu embak masuk church? bukan ada tandas luar ya kah? kan boleh kawu sapu-sapu atas jalan? (step pandey demo tok). kencing juak mok dipilih nya.

step, aku pilih lobang idong besar la. sak aku dpt byk oksigen. idup lamak. sapa idong kecik ya mun flu jak alu tersumbat x pat napas, cepat mati. mun buncit, kelak org ingat aku pregnant. percuma kenak anok mak bapak. dahla belum kawin. aku still mok dpt allowance :p

Q: masa gi dating ngan laki idaman kawu, kawu k dress putih. Sikda jaket atau baju lain. Tiba-tiba...

Dilanda PERIOD sampey besar kesan kotoran di skirt


sebab terlalu rush, kawu sik nangga betul-betul and kawu k baju terbalit (nang ketara la..)

and date kawu prasan?

gula batu said...

ku rela bj terbalit cuz ku boleh jak padah...saja buat lawak!hahahaha mari ketawa sama2...


mcjayn said...

xda bibir la. mun xda idong lamak dah ku mati.

Q: bayangkan...

kawu pake skirt and nya koyak kat boret masa kawu gi presentation


kawu pake sluar and nya koyak kat boret masa gi presentation?

mcjayn said...

xda bibir la. mun xda idong lamak dah ku mati.

Q: bayangkan...

kawu pake skirt and nya koyak kat boret masa kawu gi presentation


kawu pake sluar and nya koyak kat boret masa gi presentation?

Mel Malden said...

yah..dua2 gyk ya koyak kat booreets..

cis..k sluar kot. k skirt koyak kat sia, cam ilang la keayuan aku siot...
pd pendapatan aku, mun suar ku koyak..gyk dapat ku tahan tahap malu aku...gyk pun present lak, mun boleh reduce time tunjuk blakang. k powerpoint tekan latop jak.. boh tulis kat depan, kantoi koyak.

Q : jamban duduk or jamban mencangkong

mcjayn said...

haha, tapi aku x specify pun ya skirt apa. mun nya koyak, dapat kawu pin bah... mun sluar senang jak nangga cos nya ketat gik dari skirt :p hehehehe
yg kawu imejin mini skirt ya pahal?

utk Q kawu, aku pilih jamban mencangkong la. kan semua akan pilih mencangkong? esp di public toilet cos duduk ya kotor slalu jak itam. and ney la tauk boret org ya ada kudis/kurap/skebis (wpun aku x idea apa ya) percuma jak dpt kelak.

Q: Exam susah tapi habis awal


Exam senang tapi habis paling akhir?


MISELnamapendek said...

tiba2 aku rasa macam budak kecik yang mahu join skumpulan budak kecik bermain masak2.

Of course paper senang tapi last habis. Overloading with answers ba so that your coursemates jeles ngan kau tulis byk2.

n oh.

to continue playing this game


play a new game (but i havent come up with this insane chain game)?

the 57++ comments should b a post someday.

mcjayn said...

Answer: play a new game

LOL. Kerana aku rasa macam semakin kehilangan jus otak memikirkan apa yg nak dibanding-bandingkan utk game ini. Hehe.

Q: cuti panjang tapi tak balik rumah


cuti pendek tapi balik rumah?

Mel Malden said... terasa jak soklan tok..haha

ku mok cuti pendek balit umah..coz, at least balit umah bah..not because im homesick, tp ku mok balit, menjauhkan diri dr keja2 yg memeningkan. kat umah leh ku berjoli2 x ingat keja.

Q: Vicks or minyak cap kapak

mcjayn said...

1 year and 5 months later...

Ku pilih vicks.
sebab ku x tahan bau cap kapak. molah ku makin pening.

Q: memiliki kereta atau memiliki rumah?