Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Itu Bermaksud! a.k.a. That's Mean!

WARNING: This is a MEAN entry as indicated by the title.  Don't read if you are still pure and innocent. 

Yes, I meant that's mean.  Because I am MEAN.  

With the examination getting nearer and nearer, stress is catching up.  And when I become stressful... the mean spirit will hover around me.  Heheheh.  This is a wicked laugh.  Not cheeky.  

So, when I'm mean, those around me who are fortunate enough will feel the "love".  

I was born a perfectionist.  Some people prefer to call it fussy.  Whatever.  
Born.  That means it's natural.  Not my fault. 
But because I'm trying to fit in this imperfect world, I try to control my perfectionism/fussiness.  (I know someone is going to point out all the things I've done due to that particular trait.  I-D-O-N-O-T-C-A-R-E.) 

So what if I'm fussy? So what if I'm a perfectionist? 
That doesn't mean that what others did to provoke me was no fault of theirs.

Tell me, if you are reading your notes at your own desk but when you leave your table just for a few seconds to go to the toilet, and then you come back and find that your things have been moved and is replaced by a person sitting and eating there, how would you feel?
Damn it.  It's your table, your chair, your notes, your STUFF.  

Hello? Cik kak, from what I can see your table is barely 3 steps away from mine and it's EMPTY.  Tak boleh ke buat your bisnes kat sana? Adoi~ 
Okay, never mind.  Since I'm so generous and all that.  

Then, when that person had finished whatever that person had to do, crumbs of bread or rings left by the glasses were left for me to clean up.  WTF? (gently said)  
Kanasai lu. 
And when I warned that person not to dirty my place nicely, the answer that I got was "Where got?!!!" (LOUD & clear).  

You wanna mess with me? I mean, you seriously wanna mess with me?
Haha, I won't make threats here la... I'm nice mah... 

Seriously, if you wanna invade others' privacy, have the courtesy to do it gracefully laApu~~ itu pun nak ajar ke? Hm... maybe I should charge your mum some tuition fees for courtesy lesson.  Walaupun I'm not that courteous but I know la how to behave.  Or else, how do I survive here? It's not easy to come here alone being so far away from home, okay? I don't have your luck.  Always must have company wherever you go.  Heck, I don't even have such a doting parent who will fly all the way here just by picking up the phone and shed a tear.  And I'm not asking for it either.  

All I want is to be left alone.  By THE LEECH

Yes, I am mean.  I did a survey on meanness and got a lot of comments about how mean I am. 
I did a quiz on the 7 deadly sins, and guess what I got? Anger.  No suprise kan
Maybe because I'm short, that's why I'm short-tempered too.  Sikda kaitan alu.

1NewMessages: Seriously going on a hiatus now.  I am not coming back here before my exam is over and nobody can tempt me.  Period.
P/S: Please don't tempt me. 

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