Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mainan Aku Duluk a.k.a My Toys Then

When my sisters and I were still small kids, we loved to play.  A LOT.  Bongok, sapa sik suka main masa kecik?  Since there were three of us and only one of Ma, it was kind of tiring to tidy up after us.  So, in the end, our toys were kept in the storeroom far from reach.  When we were small, the storeroom was a scary place because it was quite large and very very dark.  FYI, at that time, we still lived in the old house (my grandma's house); not the house we have now.  So, Ma's problem was solved... for a while.  

Being the creative kids that we were (we took it from Pa's side :p), we did not stop playing just because Ma took our toys away.  We made our own toys instead.  So, Ma had to put up with us turning everything in the house including the furniture into toys.  Most of the time we got scolded because according to Ma, we were damaging the furniture and turning the house upside down.  But did we care? Hehe, masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri.  The two most industrious toymaker were my older sis and I, probably because Ah Mau was still too little to join us then.  

I'll give you some of the examples of our creative products.  

1.Rattan Chair

What do you think it can be used for apart from its conventional function? 
Answer: Trishaw or boat.  How? We lay the rattan chair down on its back and slide it on the floor.  The driver will sit behind (on the leg of the chair) while the passenger sits on the back of the chair.  The driver will push the trishaw/boat around while the passenger just sit back and relax.  This one got Ma really angry cos she said we would spoil the tiles and the chair.  So Michele (not real name) and I stopped for a while and waited until Ma left the living room before continuing our little game.  

2. Toilet rolls 
Actually we use only the middle part or the "bone" (whatever it is called cos I never learned about the anatomy of a toilet roll before).  
Answer: The "bone" was used as mug and we had a strip of hard paper pasted on it to create the ear of the mug.  Creative or not? Hehe, even Ma had to genuflect us for that.  Just kidding. 

3. Lego and ruler 
Answer: This one is rather common, I think.  The lego blocks were turned into kek lapis while two rulers were taped together to create a pair of tongs.  Then we would play bakery. 

There were a lot more stuff that we created.  Some I've forgotten while some I just find too tedious to write down. 

Anyways, the above happened only when we found ourselves lacking of toys.  But when our Uncle Simon (not real name) came to visit, once a year or maybe even less, he would bring us lots and lots of toys.  I mean LOTS and LOTS of toys.  He was like our Santa Claus.  The toys he brought exceeded his own stuff.  Really, I am not exaggerating here.  And there was one time we visited him and his fiancee (now my aunt la) gave us a big plastic bag (kedak plastik sampah hitam ya) of toys!  That's why we love them.  Haha, macam tak ikhlas je...

At first, Ma and Pa didn't want to accept but us children outnumbered them so they had to give in.  It was a relief to them too as they didn't have to buy us any more toys in the market there by reminding us about all the toys that we already had.  That time, the three of us were really good teammates especially in asking our parents to buy us toys.  Whenever one of us saw any toys that we liked, she would stop and wouldn't budge from the place until either Ma or Pa came to carry her.  Then the one who wouldn't budge would cry followed by the other two although these two were clueless.  Bongok kan? Tapi berkesan.  Haha.  Sadly, we cannot make use of this trick anymore.  Huhu.  Mesti kenak tinggal benar-benar. 

How about you? Any similar experiences?

1NewMessages: Tadik masa aku jalan-jalan, tiba-tiba Si Ane dari Subaidah jalan tepi aku lalu tegur aku, "Hello~" (bukan style Adler).  Mulanya aku prasan ingatkan orang mok kaco aku gik tapi hati kecilku berbisik, "Psst.  Nanggalah orang sebelah kawu ya." Lalu aku pun nangga.  Nasib aku nangga.  Mun sik, mesti nya madah aku tuk lawa.  Hehe, malu aku... lalu aku pun kakar ngan nya.  Aku paling suka Ane ya mun aku agak Subaidah makan.  Nya slalu jak molah roti canai.  Mun nya ada, aku rasa best sebab nya slalu jak nanyak aku mok makan apa.  Maka, walaupun orang rami camney pun, aku tetap bukan last.  Hehe, mentang-mentanglah suara aku kecik.  Mun orang sik pei etensyen mesti sik denga sebab di Subaidah ya kurang udara.  So susah la suara aku mok disebarkan.  Cewah.  Aku lupak dah istilah pizik ya.  Yang aku tauk, mun dalam bahasa omputih, nya guna travel.  Tapi sikkan la aku mok madah, suara aku melancong melalui udara, nak? 

2NewMessages: Aku mok tolong promosi sigek tempat makan yang best.  Kenak nya best? Sebab nya murah ngan sedap.  Makanannya stail homecooked.  Chinese food la.  Bayarannya RM2 jak and kawu dapat sepinggan nasik ngan 2 igek lauk (sik dapat pilih-pilih), semangkuk sup, segelas minuman (boleh refill), ngan ada buah gik.  Seimbang sik? Hehe, murah bah... Dahlah kenyang.  Mun takorang rasa berminat, ble la pegi.  Nama tempat ya Excel, tingkat atas Gotcha Hair Saloon.  Nya bukak tiap ari Isnin sampey Khamis, kul 5.30 - 7.30 p.m.  Tapi, minggu depan sebab study week, nya bukak 5.00 - 6.30 p.m. jak.  Mebi dak anti siya pun mok stadi juak.  Hehe.  Sebenarnya lunch nya pun ada, RM 1 jak, kul 11.30 a.m - 1.30 p.m. tapi sebab aku suka dinner siya, jadi aku pun promosi dinner jak la.  Jom pegi ramey-ramey. 


chris_lim said...

Hi, dropping by. Nice blog :)

mcjayn said...

thanks :)

Mad Maureen said...

kenak tiba2 promosi tempat ya? Aunty ya ada madah bagi makan free mun ko promo kah? kuangx4.. eh, ada peminat baru blog ktk kat atas. ahem.. Eeee, i can't believe ma and pa would turn down toys from Uncle Simon. Nasib baik time kecik tak cukup bodoh kitorang.

mcjayn said...

wat's so hard to believe? u mean, cannot believe that ma x wanna tidy up after us or cannot believe ma&pa x wanna waste more money to buy? aiyo, kan of cos paiseh mah.. trima barang from others. dahlah so many. we took a plastic bag full of toys u know. like santa claus anae..

Mad Maureen said...

oh, if x terima from them bukankah lebih membazir? cos takkanlah Uncle Simon and Aunty Lee Sia wana play it themselves. that's y lah i tak pecaya.