Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sakit Punggung a.k.a. A Pain in the Ass

WARNING: This is a badmouthing post. Don't read if you're not a gossiper like me. Anyway, proceed at your own risk :)

Ever come across people whom you just can't stand but stick to you like leeches? Never in my life did I expected someone to be so... leechy? Couldn't find the right adjective but that's how I would describe her. Yes, it's a female leech, unfortunately. And we stay under one roof.

First, let me fill you in on what a leech is if you don't fully understand. A leech is:

  1. Any bloodsucking or carnivorous aquatic or terrestrial worm of the class Hirudinea, certain freshwater species of which were formerly much used in medicine for bloodletting. This is how it looks like:
  2. A person who clings to another for personal gain, esp. without giving anything in return, and usually with the implication or effect of exhausting the other's resources; parasite. This is how she looks like:

Why is she a leech? Hmm... where do I begin?

But before you try to tell me not to judge people, let it be made known that I am not the only one having this kind of thoughts about her. It's not even a thought, it's reality. Having 4 out of 5 people agreeing to this (all of whom are her housemates - that odd one out is herself of course), can you say that I'm bias and that I should have given her a chance? I think not.

Ok, let's start with the kitchen utensils, tools, and wares. I love cooking and she cooks a lot. So both of us have our own cooking utensils. Hers are more expensive than mine la... but who cares? The dish I prepared were not any less tasty than hers (haha, show off a little here). At first, there weren't any problems in the kitchen. Then, as we got to know each other more, she began to show her true colours. She started borrowing things from me - things that she herself has. This I don't mind. It's the way she talks and use my stuff that got to me. Just imagine a situation like this:

I just finished cooking and the meal looked so inviting. I was just about to take my first bite when suddenly...
Leech: Eh... Melissa. I want to use the wok (FYI, my wok) now. Can you clean it first?
Melissa: *in my heart* Cannot! Cannot! Cannot! Are you blind? I'm still eating!!!!
But that did not take place. Instead...
Melissa: Huh...? *hoping that she would catch the hint but failed miserably* ... okla..

And then, one time, I really wanted to cook cos my stomach was already growling very, very loud. I asked to borrow her pot cos mine was already used (by her). She said ok but the moment I reached for her pot, her eyes were glued on me - watching my every move. I couldn't stand it.
Melissa: What? You want to learn cooking is it?
Leech: Huh? No la... *chuckling* (oblivious to my sarcasm)
Melissa: Then why do you keep staring at me? Don't tell me you have a lesbian tendency... *disgusted face*
Leech: Careful oh... I love my pot very much.
Melissa: (I knew it. RM500 so great meh? Heh. If you weren't using my pot, I wouldn't have to use yours) I'm going to damage your pot with my cooking *laughing wickedly*
Leech: Melissa Chua! *laughed as if it was the funniest thing on earth*
Melissa: *rolled eyes & continued cooking*

One fine day...
Leech: Where is my bowl, my bowl, my bowl..? Have you guys seen my bowl? *announcing loudly in the living room*
Melissa: How does it look like?
Leech: *describing her bowl*
Melissa: No, I don't think so.
Then, another housemate walked in. She started her interrogation again. Still, no one had seen her bowl.
Melissa: *a little annoyed* Why? What's so important about the bowl?
Leech: I want to eat now. It's my lunchtime.
Melissa: So?
Leech: I need my bowl. If not, I cannot eat.
Melissa: Just take any other bowl. There's a lot of bowls in the kitchen. Just take any one and use it la...
Leech: I want my bowl... *whining*
(This is the part where I felt like slapping her but did not waste my energy on a sure-fail mission which was to help her face the reality, like in the movies. That's what they always do, right?).
Suddenly, while she was still eating, one housemate walked in holding none other than her beloved bowl.
Leech: *cried out loud* My bowl! My bowl! That's my bowl!
(OMG! I felt like digging a hole and bury my head in it then. WTF? She's 24 and yet acting like a toddler? Yes, 24. This is my blog and I can reveal her true age, muahahaha)

Then, there were also other problems like doing assignments.

Leech: Hey, I have a problem with my assignment. Can you help me?
Melissa: Sure. What is it?
Leech: What are the criterions that I should use in evaluating my students' performance in class?
Melissa: Hm... that depends on your objectives. What are your objectives?
Leech: *showed me her draft*
Melissa: *gave her a few examples* Hm... Like that la. Those were just examples. So, have you got it?
Leech: But, how? I don't know what else to write.
Melissa: (Here we go again... ) *sigh* If you're evaluating their presentation skill, the criterions that you set could be creativity, smoothness, understanding of the topics, etc.
Leech: What else?
Melissa: (What la? Are you trying to ask me to do your assignments? God gave you a brain, use it la! Why keep borrowing mine? #@*%!!!) Hm..? Not sure oh... That's all I can think of now. You try and google it up or what la, k? *putting on a no-nonsense face and continued with my OWN assignment*

And other MINOR problems like:

Leech: Can you accompany me? I want to throw the rubbish.
Housemate A: Ok, but you have to wait first ya..
Leech: Ok.
Melissa: (What? It's just Ground floor. Only less than 20 steps away from the lift!!! -_-|||)

Oh, the problems are more than just listed here. But I'm too lazy to list them all down. It's enough that I can finally lash out my anger here. By the way, I've tried to let her know that her attitude is making people avoid her but most of the time she just pretended not to catch my meaning or maybe she just simply doesn't care. O' well.

P/S: Perlukah aku terjemah? Aih... malaslah. Molah aku makin manas jak kelak.


Mad Maureen said...

Oh, I know who this is.. heehhehee.. when can i get my bag back ya?? hehhehe. :)

mcjayn said...

iboh bisin. aku dah try mok protect privacy nya. mun kawu expose, mesti nya xda kawan gik kelak :p

l!zTeRR!tory said...

yea yea..i also know who the person is....hehe

mcjayn said...

aku x madah pa-pa ah... *whistling dgn muka innocent*