Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Fell In __ a.k.a. Aku T'lah Jatuh __

Instruction: Please choose the right word to fill in the blanks.  

A. -to bankruptcy (muflis)
B. -to a ditch (dalam longkang)
C. love (cinta)
D. Semua di atas (All of the above)
E. Tiada jawapan atas sana (None of the answer above)

Think carefully and wisely before making the decision.

Answer: E

Because... I fell into a ditch together with a bicycle.  Together-gether!  With me still sitting on the bicycle.  Quite a ridiculous sight if you try to imagine it.   We (the bicycle & I) were stuck at the brim but half of me was inside.  Like this:  

It was seriously embarrassing.  

The story started like this.  The weather was quite nice so Lis asked me to go cycling together around the campus before dinner.  For your information, the compound in our campus is very hilly and not very ideal for people who are too short to ride on an adult bike beginners like me.  

Cycling is not difficult but you need skill to control the bike.  At first, we rode uphill and it was no big deal.  It was the going downhill that got me into the accident *koff* just *koff* like *koff* Step.  Hehe. 

Before I fell into the ditch, thoughts about how I would fall, where I would fall, and memories about a friend's friend who fell into a ditch and ended up in a coma had me worried for a while.  All these things ran through my head while my bicycle was heading towards the ditch unable to be stopped, that I forgot to feel scared.  I was more like, 'Uh-oh, I'm going to fall into a ditch' and waited for it to happen. Stupid.  

Suddenly, "Aahhh!!!" 

It did not come from me but from one of the passers-by who saw the whole incident.  

I just lay there, face-down and feeling a little stupid, deciding on what to do next.  Baru ku tauk camney rasa makan tanah, literally.  I thought about getting up (because it was the most reasonable thing to do after falling down) but felt a little tired and decided to stay in that position for a little while because I wanted to gather my thoughts first but suddenly a pair of hands (or was it two?) lifted me up and I had no choice but to get up.  

Sorry, passers-by.  Not that I am ungrateful but I just got so used to getting up on my own. 

When I got up, people who surrounded me were anxious and excited.  It was rather amusing but then I panicked.  'What's wrong? What's wrong?' I thought while feeling my face (well... I care about the safety of my face :p).  

Lis paled.  She said, "Bibir kawu, bibir kawu" which meant "Your lips, your lips."  I had a cut on my lips and it bled but as I wipe my face with the back of my hand, I saw a trail of blood.  It was weird.  I didn't think that my lips would bleed so profusely and asked Lis, "Bibir jak kah? Bibir jak kah?" (Only the lips? Only the lips?)

When I think back about our conversation, it sounded rather funny.  Why is it that when we feel panic or anxious, we tend to repeat what we say a few times?  

It turned out that my nose was bleeding too.  Shocking.  But kinda cool (like in the movies).  What a shame that we didn't get a snapshot of it *sigh*.  Actually, I'm very grateful that I did not lose any tooth (touch wood!).  Just imagine me having to wear dentures at my age.  Ugh! 

However, the most painful thing about the accident was not my wound but my pride.  Malu tauk sik naik beskal sampey masuk longkang!  Of course the swellings hurt too but the thing that I used to sit on the bicycle hurt worse.  I'm glad I can still make this sign: 


The moral of the story is, get a proper bicycle next time and make sure that your feet can touch the ground while you're seated on the bicycle.  

Another moral of the story is, don't laugh at your friend's misfortune like I did.  Before our cycling trip, Lis told me about Step's little accident and I said, "Eeh... malu eh." (Eeh... how embarrassing).  Karma.  

As a tribute to the incident, I hereby enclose a picture of the wound taken the day after.  Enjoy! 

The bridge of my nose was a little swollen. 

Why aren't wounds/swellings in the pattern of tattoos?  At least I won't be feeling half as bad.  Tsk.

1NewMessages: This post is long overdue.  The incident happened on November 9th 2009.


adlerhilary said...

aku terimagine terus.. mesti lucu + lawak + intresting + hahahahaha +kasihan at last.. akeu mengharapkan next time akeu adalah saksi kejadian.. :p

word verification: tersetat

Mel Malden said...

ahaks..mesti step padah..'xpa..da geng juak ku guguk'..ei..which longkang you fell in? i kinda heard the stori bout u guguk longkang..but didnt know it was tht bad..Ouch...
tot u escape wounds and injuries like step did..

hmm..fobia men beskal ngan tak org..aha
n lis mesti ada d tempat kejadian..aha

l!zTeRR!tory said...

wakakaka...sot! mok juak ngkah ctok..gila aku rasa aku tok mun ku ambik gmbr kawu tym ya...aku bkn sadis k...huhu...nang lawak...rasa mok tetak pun ada tym ya..p ku control jak..kih3...

MISELnamapendek said...

had the same experience at kampung. nang badan n basikal masuk longkang berisi aek. Nice. Mata di lutut, thats y. Haha. Ouch btw.

Gnet said...

aapppuuuuuuu ganas juak!
i hope ur better now.
i pernah jatuh longkang also.
dahla longkang yang penuh dengan 'air kopi-o campur lumut2' -.-

mcjayn said...

Nasib aku x jatuh masuk dalam. and aku rasa xda perisa tambahan dalam longkang ya. haha. nang sakit la. hmph... mun ada adler, aku gerenti xkan men beskal. hehe

nasib aku ada kawan-kawan kedak takorang. sama-sama pernah guguk longkang :P