Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Salesperson vs. Customer a.k.a. Penjual lwn. Pelanggan

This semester is the first time in my three and a half year of studying that I finished my exam earlier than everybody else.  Hence a celebration is a must.  So, BF and I planned on a trip to Genting. 

We stayed one night in KL before heading to Genting the next morning.  While staying in KL, the only activity that I find worthwhile enough to fit in my tight schedule is none other than shopping.  I love shopping not because I love to spend money but because of the challenges it poses on me.  For example, hunting for cheap clothes (not cheap cheap but things that are sold for ridiculously high prices which I can get for half the price).  Good thing that BF loves it too. 

One of our destination was Sg. Wang, where businessmen try their best to milk as much money as possible out of unsuspecting tourists

It was one of my must-go mall in KL (out of habit, actually).  It was also there that we met all the types of salesperson that one can expect to stumble upon on a bad day. 

A) A salesman who is very persuasive even though you have made it very clear that you DO NOT WANT the product.  

This one is very annoying.  At first sight, they appear to be very helpful and friendly.  But after you've tested the product and found that it is not to your liking and you start to decline, he'll try to convince you more and more without giving you a chance to speak at all.  

So all I did was smiled, nodded, then walked away.  It worked.  Guess actions do speak louder than words, huh?


B) A salesgirl who has too much opinion.

This is even more annoying especially when she doesn't even approach you to offer assistance.  Instead, all she does is stand at the sideline (not that I disapprove of it), at the same time observing your every move (this kinda gives me the creep but I can still understand cos she may be paranoid that I would want to steal her stuff) AND talking about you with her colleagues!  This one I really beh tahan (cannot take it).  

Shit, shit, SHIT YOU!  

This happened while I was shopping for my bag.  The kepo (busybody) aunty actually commented on my choice of bags because I wasn't tall enough to carry the look.  She talked so loudly, I suspect deliberately, for me to hear. 

Hei makcik, cerminlah diri tu... (in fact, she did look at herself in the mirror but it was only out of vanity *rolled eyes*).  I decided to get even. 

I told BF matter-of-factly AND loudly, "Eh, that aunty talked about me so loudly.  She said, 'Badan kecik, [tapi] nak pilih yang tu'."  The moment those words escaped my lips, I flushed.  'Since when did I become so bold,' I thought.  But as swift as the feelings came, it passed and I just shrugged. 

I knew the aunty heard me cos she turned her back immediately and hid her face.  So not wanting to let someone as "smart" as her to gain the commission from selling me a bag, I walked to other sections where the more beautiful bags were.  Huh~


C) A salesgirl who takes things too personally. 

People always say that you should not mix work and play.  It means that we must be professional in our work, right?

Again, this time, I was still looking for my bag.  Hehe, I take shopping very seriously ler... Besides, there were too many bags and I did not know which one to choose.  Plus, I was comparing prices here and there.  

So, after taking our time to try on the bags, it was down to only two choices - a grey bag or a white bag.  I spent at least 15 minutes trying to decide which one to buy but finally decided on the former because it was much cheaper.  

We only realized our mistake a little too late.  I had thought that it was cheaper than it really was but I was wrong.  Turned out that it was only a few "tens" cheaper than the white one.  I hate it when they put too many price tags on a product that it gets the customer confused.  Tsk.  

BF thought that the white one is more worth it because of the size and the design. So, because he was the one paying, I had to listen to him and chose the white one :p Hee~ (He wanted to give me something as a sign of gratitude for what I've given him earlier.  I did not make him, ok).  

This got the promoter a little upset because suddenly she had "lost" her commission (you see, she had asked BF to let her sign the receipt for the bag earlier) because the bag was in another section but still belonged to the same department.  WTH.  It was our money.  

I guess her little scene caused a cascading effect because I, too, got a little upset with her outburst.  She told her friend that I wanted to change the bags, hence she didn't want to sign the receipt anymore and walked away just like that.  

Can you believe it? We never had a pact or what but she acted as if we owed her big time.  Just because of that, my supposed-to-be-happy moment was ruin and I kept thinking that it was my fault.  As a result, BF became a little upset too because I got upset.  Crazy, right?

I talked to BF about it.  He replied, "That's why she's still a salesgirl."  

I felt rather impressed with the depth of psychological knowledge that he possesses (because I thought he meant that a salesgirl must be able to make a customer feel guilty for not buying their products) to which he added, "If she's a professional, she wouldn't still be working there now, right?"  

Right.  I forgot that BF is a practical kind of guy.  

All of these happened in just one evening.  Just imagine what would have happened had I stayed longer.  

Anyway, I went home with a new dress and a bag.  Both are white.  Guess I'm a pure shopaholic eh? LOL. 

Any similar experiences?

1NewMessages: Just came back from the trip.  Tired but fun!  Lots of overdue updates to come... ugh.

2NewMessages: Please excuse my doodling.  Just trying to colour up my space :p


Mad Maureen said...

Hmm, white dress? is that for CUS nite or what? I wanna take a look at it.. hahah..

MISELnamapendek said...

yes.similar experience. which makes me feel tan ko bak post it in my next entry. you give me the idea haha. Nice one.

Mun ko share giih, it will be too long cause we babble too much.

Huh lucky the BF said smart stuff.

mcjayn said...

Haha. Misel, ako pun bei tendency bak comment lalou lalou sampai g entry. hehe

Mad Maureen: Tiada kaitan dengan yg hidup atau yg mati.