Monday, December 28, 2009

X' Mas This Year a.k.a. Krismas Taun Tuk

Nothing spectacular this Christmas.  I didn't even feel the holiday mood.  All I thought about as Christmas approached was 'Ugh.. my holidays are gonna end soon.'  And I hate that feeling.  

On the first day of Christmas, we had our usual Malaysian festival routine which is to visit friends and family.  Visit their houses and eat, talk, laugh and then bye-bye.  We didn't go to too many houses this year as Ma, my sis, and I kept complaining about the hot weather and the crowded houses (which I don't favour unless all of the them are my friends or people I know so that I can join in their conversations and have fun) that Pa relented and went home after only two houses for each visit.  Hehe :p 

The second day of Christmas on the other hand, was more eventful and exciting.  Lots of good movies on the TV too!  We had open house on that day but not that many people came as we don't usually have open houses on Christmas.  This is the first time after a decade, I think.  In the previous years, my friends only come to my house to have a chat and rest their stomach after visiting other friends' houses.  Haha.  

On that same day, later in the evening, a prayer was held for my late dear friend, Boboy.  It has already been one year after his passing but it's still hard to believe that he's actually gone.  After the prayer fellowship, I joined the Gossip Boys (Adler, Carl, Julian, Nicholas) and some other friends for a late-nite house-visits.  Crazy, I know.  Kaco orang tido jak (disturbing other people's sleep). 

After a total of four houses, we made our way home before 12 midnight.  But on this Christmas Day, God will always find ways to make us more giving.  The Gossip Boys and I (The Gossip Girl) gossiped all the way (but I know the juicier ones are only shared among themselves :p Kedekut!).  We took the darker and winded route home instead because Nick's house is on the way.  

Something unexpected happened and we almost missed it.  A guy in tattered clothes was frantically hailing our car to a stop.  In situations like this, we were very much tempted to leave and pretended not to know anything but as I said earlier, God always finds a way to make us more giving loh... We even debated among ourselves whether we should help the guy or not.  Well... maklumlah di dunia yang serba moden ini, banyak orang berpura-pura susah untuk menagih simpati tetapi orang yang menolong itu yang dikhianatinya (as we are all aware of today, there are a lot of people who con others by pretending to be sick or poor and then bite the hands that feed them).  This is what happened in the car... 

Adler slowed down but did not stop.  We almost left the guy there.  But...
Me: Eh, call ambulance la.  At least, telo debei megheh nyin gak gin singen.  Ngak malem ih... (Eh, why don't we just call the ambulance.  At least, the guy will not be left there alone.  It's already night time.) 

Adler: Sebenarnya aku takut.  Ni tauk nya orang jaik ka. (Actually, I'm scared.  Who knows if he's a bad guy?)

Me: Aku pun takut... tapi sikkan mok tinggalkannya jak dah malam-malam tuk? (I'm scared too... but should we leave him there now that it's already dark?)

The guys, who were kind did more that I asked of them.  They reversed the car to get a better look at the scene and then decided to help the guy after all. 

Adler: Turun magang kita.  Ok, Melissa siko dalam kereta.  (Let's go out together.  Ok, Melissa will stay in the car.)

So, the four of them took off leaving me alone in the car with Julian to guard the door.  LOL.  Terharu seketika (so touching you know...).  The guys are nice and sweet.  Quite gentleman, I'd say.  I quickly locked the doors to add to the drama.  

It was a self-accident.  The road was too dark and he was drunk, as I suspected.  His eyes were red, okay. 

The Gossip Boys then decided to take the drunk guy home but unfortunately, his family members were not home so we took him to the hospital instead.  I was rather worried the whole time because I was afraid that the guy would trick us into bringing him home then have some bad guys waiting for us there and rob us or something.  Yes, my imagination works really well in moments like that.  But nothing like that happened.  We went back safely but with more stories to tell.  LOL.   

The moral of the story is: Don't Drink (alcohol) AND Drive. (I must get this clear because I always drink mineral water while driving.  I get thirsty easily). 

If you wanna drink, don't drive.  If you wanna drive, don't drink.  All of us in the car had a drink or two that night except Adler who was driving.  He is sensible that way.  So girls, except for Nicholas, the Gossip Boys are still single and available.  Looks aside, they are quite a good catch :p Haha, please don't be angry.  You can't possibly be mad at me for being honest, right? 

1NewMessages: The wi-fi at home finally worked.  You can expect more news from me now.! 



Jay said...

Not too late to vish you merry christmas and off course happy new year.

Mad Maureen said...

Hmm, kind of berkaitan with Fr Vergeer sermon... Bayangkan if you guys left that guy alone, and God knows what would happen to him, you will be haunted with guilt - and there will be a new title to this reality "I know what you did last XMas."

mcjayn said...

Thanks Jay :)

I know abt guilty conscience. But I doubt the man will die there la... it's not a jungle or desert. Besides, he owns a hp. Anyway, I just thought that we should help him since we already saw him. Besides, there were 4 guys in the car who could have easily take him down should he tried anything funny. I can help them to tempeleng him too.

Gnet said...

haha indeed they are the gentlemen :D
if i would be in the car, i would have all these sick imaginations like yours too -.-
glad that u enjoyed your christmas
i hope it's the same for new year.
have a great one then! :)

mcjayn said...

Yes, Gnet :) New Year was quite nice. But X'mas was nicer. I missed them all (Connie, kembar4, Glo, and Mami&Daddi kepada adik beradik kembar). Celebrate ala kadar je... U have a nice new sem ya~ I'm sure u will :)