Thursday, December 16, 2010

Do not judge a book by its cover a.k.a. Kalau beli buku, jangan baca kulit je!

People always say do not judge a book by its cover.  
But we do it anyway.  Because somewhere in the back of our mind, we don't really believe it.  

Because we know it's not entirely true that appearance does not tell anything about a person.  Tell me you haven't seen someone like this

Picture source here

in the street and avoid him?  By the way, I found his picture when I googled "crazy homeless man".  

Or someone like this

Picture source here

and try your best to impress him and make him notice you? 

Point is, appearance does play a role in helping people to judge people.  Otherwise, image consultants and stylists will be out of job already.  

Express yourself, they say.  Dress up according to your personality.  Add your own style, don't just follow.  Crap, crap, crap.  

This man got labeled as a crackhead by dressing up like this: 

Maybe he only wanted to express himself.  Kesian... 

And then, if you dress up like this
Picture source here

you'll be labeled as a sex symbol.  Or even lustful.  
So you see, people are hard to please.  Whatever you do, they'll just judge you again and again and again and again.  

Therefore, in order to save yourself from headache, don't give a damn.  God has given each and every one of us a brain to think with so that we can discern between good and bad.  Before we do anything, ask ourselves what our intention is.  Be honest.  Only then, you'll know whether you are up to no good or not.  

1NewMessages: This has nothing to do with my Christmas look ok. 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Head O Head, why do you ache? a.k.a. Palak O Palak, kenak kawu mengada-ngada?

It seems that I was once again MIA.  But no, I was not.  I was merely sitting back and listening to what other people has to say.  There's a saying in Chinese (not sure whether it's a proverb or not but we hear it a lot in Chinese), not speaking does not mean that one is mute.  I like it very very much cos it can be used to scold people.  

While I was listening, things happened in my life which were not that important to write about but I have come to discover some things that might be important to you. 

You see, I'm a headachee, if there's even such a word.  The most common one that sticks to me like a stalker is migraine.  For years, it has tortured me and mocked me; crippling me at times.  It has been my shameful cross because it made me seem weak though I am not like that.  And they usually last for days.  At first, Ms. M's visit was occasional but throughout the years they became more and more frequent, sometimes even accompanying Aunt Flo.  

I recognized a pattern, though.  Ms M usually comes before Aunt Flo, which means that it could only be linked to the hormonal changes taking place in my body.  So I went to see a doctor as I also had a fever at the time and as is what usually happens in most public hospitals, I talked to the doctor, telling her of my suspicions.  Then, without so much as taking my temperature or checking my pulse, she prescribed me paracetamol (or in it's more familiar language, Panadol) and a mouth gargle for my sore throat.  That's all.  What, not even ergotamine for my migraine?

I knew it!  I knew it!  That is why I always hesitate when people suggest that I see a doctor.  I knew what they were going to give me.  I only went there to get a written permission for a blood test.  

However, I do find the service in USM clinic much better.  I don't just get paracetamol but for every sickness that I describe, they will interrogate further and prescribe something for it.  Is it because in USM, I'm a valued student while in a public hospital, I'm just a regular citizen with no identification whatsoever so everything is just kept to the basic because why bother, it's all in a day's work and there are a still a lot more patients out there? 

Ugh!  That is why I hate hospitals.  They make me more sick.  Period.  

But, hehe, that was not why I post an entry today.  I found a book entitled Hormonal Headache sitting comfortably on my bookshelf after my visit to the hospital.  Turns out what I suspected was right.  Most of the time, the headaches we suffer are due to the hormonal changes in our body. 

According to the book, there are 3 types of headaches: 
1. Tension-type headaches (common, everyday headache) 
2. Vascular headaches (i. Migraine, ii. Cluster headaches) 
3. Headaches due to organic causes (e.g. brain tumors, aneurysms, or inflammation of the blood vessels)

I have the second type of headache.  Sometimes cluster, most of the time migraine.  Cluster headache is a one-sided headache that occurs in a group, series, or bunch of attacks and usually lasts only a half hour to an hour.  For me, it usually felt like my final half hour alive.  This type of headache causes severe pain, tearing of the eyes, congestion of the nose, and flushing of the face. Both migraine and cluster headache causes throbbing pain which means that they are both painful!  *cry of anguish* 

Even worse, migraine is an inherited disorder.  So you know that if many members of your family has got a migraine, then you probably has one yourself.  Join the club.  

However, these headaches are usually triggered by what we do or eat.  So, hooray, there are ways to prevent it, or at least lessen the frequency.  I read somewhere in a newspaper article before that for some people, their migraines could be triggered by the amount of lipid and salt in their blood.  Therefore, we should avoid activities or food that exposes us to these two things (in abundance la...) like vigorous exercise, starvation, very salty food, etc.

The author of Hormonal Headaches believes that the pain caused during migraine is due to the dilation of inflamed blood vessels in our head.  I only included this part to help you understand the cause of the pain.  

How to prevent migraine? Hm... Let me think.  
I have lived many different lifestyles these past few years and I actually found out that the healthiest (in this case, it means no headache) I have been was after I quit my job and stayed at home, stress-free.  Not really, I wasn't really stress-free but a little stress is essential for healthy living.  During that period, I woke up almost at the same time every morning, drink my detoxifying drinks and do a 30-min aerobic routine.  I watched comedy, did the house chores and indulged myself in my hobby.  I didn't experience any headache (okay, maybe once or twice but very mild ones and I was not bed-ridden) or period cramps.  I get very bad period cramps that I need booze to help me get through it.  Seriously.  
So I'm suggesting that we eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly (just sweat!), be happy and you will feel healthy.  Oh, just for the record, psychology-wise, conflicts do cause migraines as well.  

And while we're still on the topic, I found out from the book that there are actually a migraine personality.  Generally, a migraine sufferer's personality is described as being perfectionist, orderly, ambitious, cautious, and emotionally repressed; that is they suppress their feelings of anger or hostility or inadequacy, which other people express readily through emotional explosions.  By and large, they are also very bright and alert; they talk very quickly and to the point, and they tend to overload or to expect too much of themselves.  But, be warned, the author did not say that everyone who has migraine are like this nor does everyone who are like this has a migraine (wow, suddenly I'm reminded of my Critical Thinking lecturer.  LOL).  It's just that many doctors have reported them in the medical literature.  There is also a theory that suggests a migraine may be an indication that a person is being overloaded and that it is the body's way of telling them to slow down. 

And to complete this type of findings, we need to name a few famous people who also face the same problem so that you and I will not feel alone or down because we are so unfortunate to be a victim of the bully, Ms M.  To name a few, Frederic Chopin (musician), Charles Darwin (who suggested that human beings evolved from apes, patutla palak kawu sakit sebab konflik dalaman - rasa diri macam monyet), Karl Marx (ni siapa tak tau balik Tingkatan 4 atau 5 belek buku Sejarah), Queen Mary I, etc.  

The only explanation that the author could come up with as to why so many famous and accomplished people have migraines is because these people are the doers.  They are very determined to achieve a particular goal at a particular time, and nothing, not even a severe and recurring headache, is going to stop them.  

So people, rejoice if you have a migraine.  Who knows, maybe someday you'll be listed in "Famous People Who Suffered Migraines".  Hehehe, I'm only following Gnet's advice to look on the bright side :p 

1NewMessages: I was happy that the blood test reported normal.  People around me had warned me about the third type of headache which was also the reason why I went to see the doctor - to prove them wrong.  

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Expired a.k.a. Lapuk Dah

My blog has been giving everyone the silent treatment for a month.  And now, I'm going to end the war and show who's the boss.  Dah berdebu, dah berabuk, dan berkulat-kulat.  

About time I update too because I remember promising to write about my big day but never got around to do it for almost 2 months.  Aputoi

And since I know some of my friends will be having their convocation soon (ko susui congrats iw gak kedua k, Misel gem Adler), as a responsible citizen and friend, I feel obliged to share some insights on how the actual day would be like.  

First, something to feast the eye on: 
Don't we look happy? 

Next, let's get down to business.  The first thing you need to bear in mind is this: your convocation is NOT your convocation.  It is also your Dad's convocation and your Mum's convocation. 

Trust me, you may be the one wearing the robe and receiving the scroll but for the whole duration of your convocation trip, you are NOT the VIP!  *crash boom shattered sounds*  Sorry to shatter your hopes and dreams.  

The VIPs are those people who have come from afar to witness your graduation.  The VVIPs, are your parents.  Even though I knew this well, I was not prepared for the events that followed. 

That is why, I'm going to give you a few tips on how to make everyone happy.  And by everyone, I mean your parents.  This will ensure your happiness.  For that to happen, here are the rules: 

1) Do not settle for anything less than a hotel. 
This might sound familiar, "We don't mind as long as we have a place to stay."  But do not let yourself be tricked.  This is just the Asian etiquette.  For a happier life, find a hotel with clean toilet and nice enough surrounding.  Let them have the room for themselves.  Do not interfere in their "honeymoon" and you are on your first step to happiness.  

2) Prepare good transportation service.  
If it's not a car, then get a taxi.  Make sure there are plenty of room so that everyone can sit comfortably.  Remember, a comfortable journey keeps people happy and happy people do not complain much.  

3) If it's more than a 3-day trip, be sure to plan a trip somewhere.  
Be it an outdoor activity (which is new to them, of course) or planning another trip somewhere else, it doesn't matter as long as their days are filled with activities worth to be kept in a photograph.  That way, when you return back home, they will have lots of stories to tell their friends.  In other words, they are proud of their achievement, which is also an achievement for you and when you hear a lot of Wow's from their friends, know that they are gloating in their hearts.  Which is a good thing as it means SUCCESS for you :) 

4) Never let your parents out of your sight.  
Unless they run away which is too absurd an idea to entertain.  Even though it means sacrificing your get-together with your friends for the last time, you must NEVER leave them.  Or else, on returning back home, you'll find words like "abandonment" or "priority on friends" or "feeling stupid" being thrown at you.  

5) Studio photography is a must.  
This is the only reason why your parents invested so much in that new dress and tuxedo.  Even though you have outdoor photography which looks more beautiful and fun but... yeah.  Kedak mauk kawin.  But this is reality.  Your 15-minute labour in the photography studio will hang in your living room for many, many years.  

6) Always send your parents home earlier.  
This is for your own good.  This is the time when you can do whatever you want including the get-together with friends bit.  Besides, you can save yourself the stress of packing while at the same time listening to your Mum repeatedly asking "Have you packed the ___?  Don't forget the ___.  Remember to put ___ in first before you pack your other stuff."  Bla bla.  

Nervous?  Haha.  Wait till that day comes.  Personally, I think convocation is a little overrated.  It's even worse than a wedding because you do not have a planner and it lasts longer than a day.  

The whole ordeal left me swamped and I almost regretted attending the ceremony at all.  I could just have them mail me the scroll.  It would have saved me a lot of trouble.  But then again, how many times can one graduate? 

My advice, just put in your best effort to keep the VVIPs happy and life will be sweet and pleasant for you.  When in doubt or you feel really down, just remember that they have been praying for this day since the moment you first entered the gates of the university.  Not to forget the monthly allowance they have been sending.  Keep these thoughts in mind and the whole ordeal will seem much easier to put up with. 

Last, but not least, thanks for all the gifts and wishes that I received on my graduation.  To Misel and Adler, good luck and may you have the time of your lives!  Enjoy while you can. 

1NewMessages: I feel so lazy lately.  Any prescriptions?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Movie Maniac a.k.a. Kaki Wayang

Actually if I make a direct translation from Malay to English, kaki wayang means cinema leg.  But it means something like movie maniac - someone who is addicted to movies.  In the same way, we call someone who is addicted to alcohol a kaki botol, addicted to gambling a kaki judi, and so on and so forth.  Okay, enough said.  I'm not here to teach malay idioms anyway.  

I'm just here to do reports on the movie I've watched yesterday and today.  All in all, only three completed movies.  But that doesn't include dramas and series.  I do other stuff like reading and house chores besides shopping between watching movies.  Yes, I am productive that way.  

So, without further ado, the movies are listed below: 

Hide and Seek (2005)

This movie stars Dakota Fanning and Robert De Niro.  They play father and daughter in this movie.  I love them both.  If you're still thinking why Robert De Niro's name sound so familiar, it's cos he's famous.  Duh.  Okay, serious.  He acted as the captain who likes to dress up in women' s clothing in Stardust.  The one with the mole, that's right.  

In Hide and Seek, he played a psychologist named Dave who just lost his wife and decided to move from the town which holds too much painful memories together with his daughter Emily (Dakota Fanning).  He thought it would help his daughter to recover the trauma from seeing his wife dead in the bathtub with a razor slit on her wrist.  

Their new home was located in a rather remote area just by the woods.  Like any other kids, Emily began to explore the new surrounding and one fine morning, as she was walking through the woods, she met Charlie.  From then on, he was her only friend.  

Katherine, her father's colleague thought it normal for a kid Emily's age, especially one who had gone through so much ordeal, to have an imaginary friend.  But soon, Charlie' s visits became more frequent and dangerous.  It seemed that Charlie was angry with Dave and accused him of causing his own wife's death.  Now, Dave was becoming scared of Charlie.  It seemed that no matter how fast he was trying to stop Charlie from hurting someone, Charlie would always be one step ahead.  

There was a scene when the truth finally came out.  No wonder Dave had never met Charlie before.  No wonder Charlie was always a step quicker than him... because Charlie was Dave.  Charlie was his alter ego.  Finally, Charlie took over and all hell broke loose.  You know what happens at the end of movies like this.  I'm not gonna spoil it for you although I pretty much told you everything already.  

The movie is nice and Fanning's acting was very convincing as a child who had just undergone a traumatic experience.  Not to mention she looked really adorable.  De Niro kinda reminded me of Robin Williams.  LOL.  Anyway, this movie is very good for a psycho-thriller genre.  I always wondered how stories about Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) can be shown in movies without giving away the suspense.  I got my answer and it's a pretty good one. 

And oh, at the ending (this is just at the very end, I'm still not spoiling the ending I tell you) where Fanning was doing her drawing, I think (and this is just my own interpretation) that she has an alter ego too. 

Shoot 'Em Up (2007)

This movie is rated R for violence and just a little sex scene where a guy in diaper (yucks!) was milking a hooker (Monica Bellucci).  If you think you don't know who Monica Bellucci is, she's the one who played the Virgin Mary in The Passion of the Christ.  Irony, huh? 

Clive Owen plays a lone ranger (who wanted only to be known as Smith) who helped deliver a baby whose mother was killed by a mob of gangster minutes after giving birth.  But the mystery here lies in why the gangsters wanted the mother and the baby dead.  Psst, it involves a politician too.  That's why it's scandalous :) 

Being the big hero that he is, Smith did his best to protect the baby and even sought the help from a lactating hooker named Donna Quintana (Bellucci) who just lost a baby to help take care of the child.  They named him Oliver because Donna did not want the baby to be referred just as "it".  And so the movie shows how the trio fled from the bad guys and then in the end made it to safety.  That's all I'm gonna say. 

It won't be exciting to watch if I reveal all the details. But the movie is worth watching.  A lot of action and cool stunts on how to use the gun or even just bullets.  

One thing for sure, it's a relief that this is only a movie and I kept reminding myself that in the violent scenes, dolls are actually used in place of the baby.  If it were real, the baby would have died of trauma or spinal injury.  Fuh~ 

Before You Say 'I Do' (2009)

This is a typical Hallmark movie.  It's heartwarming and romantic.  It's perfect to spend a lazy afternoon when you just want to watch something light and entertaining.  The story is just like any other story except that the main cast David Sutcliffe as George Murray went back to 10 years to the past to woo his future fiancee.  

Why did he have to do that, you ask? Well... you see, Jane Gardner (Jennifer Westfeldt) got a cold feet after her engagement to George because of her previous marriage to Doug (Jeff Roop).  Because of that, George made a wish while he was driving that he had met Jane before she married Doug and "Wham!" he got into a car accident when he sped as the light turned yellow.  Strangely enough, the collision transported him back to a decade ago, three days before Jane's marriage to Doug.  

Knowing that he had little time to waste, George went all out to win Jane's heart including buying her favourite flowers, coffee just the way she likes it, and spent every moment as much as possible with her.  Towards the end, when his attempt to make her leave Doug seemed to fail, he became desperate and decided to tell Jane the truth that he came from 10 years into the future.  As expected, it was all too much for Jane to digest and she refused to believe it when George told her that Doug would be cheating on her the very day of their wedding with her wedding coordinator.  But when George's prediction of Doug winking at the coordinator before he inserted the ring to her finger came true, Jane immediately called the wedding off and instead she got engaged to George.  

As the both of them fled the wedding, being chased by Doug, they ran the yellow light again but nothing happened when in an attempt to avoid an approaching car, "Wham!" and George found himself in a room surrounded by friends and family... and Jane, dressed in a wedding gown.  He had passed out.  George began to mumble and persuade Jane not to get married when he realized that they were actually renewing their vows on their 10th wedding anniversary.  

And so, they lived happily ever after.  Actually, that's my own version but if after a decade, the both of them can still be so much in love as they were the day they met, how is that impossible? Right? 

Guess that's all from me today.  I would like to get back to one of my "Bree past time's" before I go to sleep.  I'll give reviews on more updated movies next time but these few days, I was just passing my time.

1NewMessages: Baby ah, I hope these reviews can help you in your assignments. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Insanitarium a.k.a Tanjung Rambutan

I'm on a vacation from work and study.  So I have plenty of time to spend as I please and usually, that involves a movie or a story book.  I did both.  But now, I'm gonna talk about the movie.  This is what I watched: 

This is a warning.  Do not watch Insanitarium if you hate horror films.  I repeat, DO NOT watch Insanitarium.  Period.  It's disgusting.  Not just the scenes but also the plot.  I love horror movie but this is one movie I cannot stand.  It makes me wanna puke.  

The story starts with Lily - Jack's sister, being taken to an asylum for attempted suicide.  Jack was not allowed to visit her even though patients are supposedly allowed to have visitors.  Rumour had it that none of the patient ever got out once they got in.  So, Jack hatched a plan to get his sister out of the place by pretending to be crazy.  

Once Jack was inside the building, he discovered that Dr Gianetti, the guy who ran the place was manipulating his patients as lab rats.  He injected them with orphium which unleashed the dangerous "animal" within them and turned them into cannibals.  There was a scene where a guy caught a really fat cat and just twisted the head to eat it.  Everyone around him got a taste of it.  Eww!  As if that's not bad enough, another scene showed a man eating his own fingers!!!  I had to cover my mouth throughout the film.  Though I was tempted to stop the movie, I didn't and made it to the end.  Well... I'm a survivor.  LOL.  

You can run but I'll still get you... muahahahaha

Bloody movie

The whole movie is like a cheap horror film to me.  I'm aware that the message it's trying to convey is that things like this do happen.  Helpless people (in this movie, it was the patients in the asylum) are manipulated around the world by people with authority in many form.  They cannot help themselves because no one would hear them.  The message is clear but the story... to say it simply: it sucks.  I only watched it because of Jesse Metcalfe :p 

1NewMessages: Been busy a few weeks earlier because of graduation.  Oh, the joy of convocation.  I'll post an entry about it soon.  If you're I'm lucky, I'll have pictures to accompany.  

Monday, July 19, 2010

Why Men Should Not be a Model a.k.a. Laki Sik Patut Peragakan Diri

I was looking through some old pictures to find the ones that are worth developing when I found this: 

I was like, What is this doing here? Why would I have some random pictures sitting so comfortably and undeleted in my folder? 

I then took a closer look and finally understood.  

Patutla... Uncomfortable much?  Even a mannequin couldn't stand wearing the material.  So guys and girls, always be careful of what you buy.  By the way, this picture was taken in Queensbay before my Sulus and I went to watch movies.  And I'm just saying.  

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some People Just Can't Take No For An Answer a.k.a. Sik Paham Bahasa

I have a tom-cat named Yoyo.  He is very gluttonous.  Every five minutes, he will ask for food.  Sometimes, I get fed up because of his constant mewing so I just turn a deaf ear.  

Doesn't he remind you of the cat in Shrek? 


Yoyo has a routine.  Every morning after I wake up, he will call out to me and demand for his milk.  
Every. Single. Morning.  As long as I have not given in to him, he will mew and mew and mew and mew.  Non-stop.  It gets irritating because he sounds so pitiful and I hate feeling guilty.  

But once I let Yoyo inside the house, he will keep following me around UNTIL I give him his milk.  Kucing ini memang muka tebal (This cat is shameless).  Eventually, I will give in because if a fat cat follows you around like a shadow, you will trip if you are not careful.  I nearly did a few times.  

This morning, I decided to change the routine as it was the weekend.  But Yoyo doesn't understand the concept of time.  He doesn't know that there are such things as weekend and weekdays.  If there are, so what? He still needs to eat - all the time.  He is, after all, only a cat.  

So here's what happened...

 As usual, Yoyo peeped inside the house.  When nobody answered... 

He mewed louder.  Still, no one bothered.  

So, he decided to take matters into his own hands paws. 

He suddenly remembered how his master opens the door.  

It was not a bad plan... only, he is not tall enough *sigh* 

What a shame.  I could have registered him for Sibu's Smartest Cat in Malaysia's Book of Records.  Hm... sounds funny.  

What about you, what does your pet do? 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friends 4-Ever a.k.a. Angelissiawyan

Suddenly feel a little jiwang (romantic).  Convocation is almost here and by then I'll be officially graduated from USM. 

Graduations make me feel jiwang, I guess.  Cos after that, I'll have less chance to meet my university friends.  Someone once said, the friends you make in the university will be your friends for life.  If I'm not mistaken, it was Sydney White's mum who said that.  Haha.  But it's true. 

I never thought that I would meet a friend that good, we'll be like soul sisters, much less four! 

I went alone to the university.  No parents, no friends.  Luckily, my cousin and her husband who live in Kedah were kind enough to see me off. 

I don't know how to describe my feelings then.  It was my first time away from home without any chaperone and I was going to be there for four months before I would be able to go back to my hometown again.  Feelings of regret for choosing a university so far and foreign did creep in once in a while for the first few days. 

I had wanted to go to the university with two of my best friends and miraculously the three of us got offered the same university but both of them rejected the offer and left me all alone.  Thanks a lot, you two! 

Yeah, yeah, I was a little mad then but I couldn't possibly blame them for pursuing their dreams in the field they really love, could I? You know how understanding a friend I am.  Ahem!

But, God had better plans for me.  So what if the two "traitors" ditched me?  I can always make new friends. 

My first friend, of course was my roommate.  She is such a sweet and easygoing girl, I simply could not help but became good friends with her.  Unfortunately, she was moved to another block for the second semester because our building needed renovation.  However, it was not long before we became roommates again until she graduated.  

My roomie and I.  We are both cute, aren't we? :)

Then, there was BF.  We met when I joined St John's Ambulance.  That sneak kept taking pictures of me (without permission!) on our round island trip.  I only found that out much, much later.  He was nice and caring then.  Not that he is not now, just that you know after seeing someone for a while, you get sick of them.  Haha.  We started seeing each other in my second year, so yeah, we are now a very very boring couple.  
The Boring Couple

It was also in my second year that I got to know Angel and Siaw Yan better.  I knew Angel because she was in my group during St John's annual camp.  You know how some people just have face that is pleasing to the eyes because they look friendly? She doesn't just look friendly, she IS friendly.  It's not hard to be good friends with her.  She is seriously lovable, not because she is a bootlicker (no, far from it) but because of her attitude and outlook in life.  One thing for sure, she is very optimistic. 

Actually, I knew Siaw Yan first.  We met during the orientation week.  I thought she was very shy because she was very quiet at that time.  So, we didn't talk much.  Besides, I was still mad with two people at that time (D, if you're reading this, feel free to curse me.  It's not like I can hear you anyway.  Wahahahahaha).  I got the chance to know really know her when we became EXCO for St John Ambulance in our second year.  Menyesal aku kenalnya.  Eh eh, menyesal aku sik kenalnya awal.  You won't believe it but underneath that quiet mask, this girl's humour can kill you.  True, she doesn't talk much if she doesn't know you but once the ice is broken, you'll discover that she's "not that innocent" (sing along to Britney's Oops!  I did it again). 
We became roommates in our final year when she moved out of the hostel.  It was great because then, we gossiped almost every night.  I love gossiping! 

I knew Lis last because she is like the popular girl.  Haha :p
She knows everyone.  Seriously.  We became close because of CUS.  We also had dance class together.  This girl, how should I describe her? She loves to have fun and everything is an adventure for her.  She LOVES to shop.  Not that we don't but she especially loves it.  And boy, does she know how to shop.  I love shopping with her (and Angel and Siaw Yan too) because she has good taste and we love Hollywood style.  You know, I didn't really enjoy shopping until I met her.  I mean, I used to give up finding something if I can't find it after a while, but with her, every item is a mission.  We have to find it until we get it.  It was a new lesson for me, one that I practice until now.  I felt so touched that someone would care so much to find something for me and not regard it as a hassle.  No one has ever done that for me before.  NO ONE. 

These, everyone, are my girls, my Sulus (Sulu means sweetheart in Iban): 

From left: Yan, Lis, Me, Angel.  Just ignore the guy.   

Of course, later, we also got to know juniors who rock like Melod and Step

Melod is quiet and shy.  I know that now.  Melod, dolok aku ingat kawu sombong cos sik mok senyum ngan aku :p hehe 
Melod is also very athletic.  Kapten Futsal, you! 
But now, after I got to know her, she is someone who stands by her principle and far from being arrogant.  I enjoy talking to her because we have the same questions about certain issues and we are keen to find out the cause and reason to these issues.  Okay, some people may not understand and suggest that we not think too much.  If I were alone in the boat, I would feel ashamed and not raise the question to another person, but because Melod understands, I feel relieved.  At least there is someone who has the same questions and concern like me.  It feels good just to talk about it.  Thanks, Melod. 

Step pulak... Step tuk gila-gila kit.  Nya tuk muka jak macam blur + mangah tapi skali bukak mulut, keluar sampah.  Iboh manas, Step.  Tapi kawulah antara orang yang aku sik dapat mok nganok walaupun kawu slalu jak nganok aku.  Huhu.  Step tok sensitip sebenarnya tapi nya molah lawak k cover kesensitipannya.  Nya tuk, aku anggap kedak adik aku juak.  Sik tauk la, tapi aku rasa nya still kedak miak.  Mun kawu jenis perasan, Step, kawu akan ingat aku madah diri kawu ya kiut.  Tapi kawu sik perasan, nak? Mun aku join konversesyen nya ngan Melod, meletopz!  Siriesli, aku madah.  Slamba jak perkataan 18SX kuar dari mulut miak tok.  Ish!  Anak sapa kah ya... 
Aku ingat gik taim bertdei nya, mek orang polah-polah lupak.  Nya ngan Melod jak duduk tunggu ngan nasik 7 pinggan, lauk 7 jenis dah habis order.  Skali aku tepon madah sik jadi pegi, terus nya manas.  Sik mok kakar ngan aku.  Tpaksalah aku eksen kakar ngan Melod yang sebenarnya dah berkomplot ngan mek orang. 
Melod: Kenak, tak orang sik jadi kah?
Aku: Aku rasa la... Lis ngan Angel ada asainmen, Yan baru jak balit dari skolah.  Kepak dah nya ya.  Mun ada dak duak Lis tek, boleh juak nya madah.  Sebab ada keta.  Tapi kinek tuk... malas nya mok jalan pegi siya. 
Melod: Oh...
Aku: Aku.. Ko tauk la, aku boleh jak.  Tapi sekda teman, mok jalan malam malam tok... sik mauk aku.  Dahlah bukan dekat gik ya...
Melod: Oh... tapi mek orang dah order dah semua ya...
Aku: Kenak order dolok?
Melod: Bukan kawu suruh aku order tadik?
Aku: Ya... aku ingat tek mek orang jadi... ney la tauk.. Huhu
Melod: Camney la gik?
Aku: Aku pun sik tauk... sekda orang lain gik ka?
Melod: Sekda... sik hal la.  Kelak aku kol kawan aku suruh daknya datang tolong ngabis makanan tok.  Banyak dah mekorang order tadik. 
Aku: Huhu... auk la.  Sori, sori.  Aku cuba nangga la apa aku boleh polah...
(Perbualan tamat)

Ya lah perbualan eksen mek orang tadik.  Eniwey, aku sikpat mok ingat dengan cun-melecun la cuma aku gik ingat isi perbualan ya jak. 
Step ingat bena-bena la tek.  Terus nya manas sekda selera makan (cewah, cewah).  Tapi skali mekorang tunjuk muka siya madah mek orang sik jadi mok sik jadi datang, terusnya tahan mok senyum.  Nya pun madah la statement standard yang biasa orang madah lepas kenak punked, "Aku dah agak dah..." k nya cover "kemaluan"nya.  Haha. 
Bila ingat balit insiden ya, best juak kenakan Step.  Nya cayak jak.  Hehe :P

Okey, aku ada gik kawan-mawan yang lain tapi susah aku mok crita panjang lebar tok.  Penat jari-jemari halusku menaip (sehingga menjadi semakin kasar). 

Ah Mau, don't have to be jealous cos I don't mention you here.  Anyway, you are my sister.  It's going to take a lot of space and time to write about your details.  Too many stupidity in one entry :P 
Make sure you prepare a nice present for my convocation ya, or else your bed will become Kitty-Kitty's.  Muahahahahahah~ 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Boy Meets Girl a.k.a. Laki Jumpa Ompuan

When a boy meets a girl, what happens next? *wink wink* 

They shake hands lor...
Psst, what were you thinking? Hoho~ naughty naughty.  


This is a book by Meg Cabot, who is none other than the author of the famous Princess Diaries (Siapa mun sik tauk apa ya, balit rumah tido).  I love Anne Hathaway!!!  (Eh? Apa kaitan?

This book, you must read.  It's a very, very light read.  Not to mention light book.  And it's incredibly funny.  My sister is right.  Seriously, it was like watching a movie instead of reading a book. 

The story is told not by the usual narration but through phone messages, e-mails, letters, journal writing and even IMs.  It was fun to read.  And fast too because it felt like I was reading someone else' s diary.  It took less than a minute to read a page, so you can finish it in one day (if you don't have chores to run in the house).  I have, so I finished it in two days, ok.  

The story is quite a cliché but because of the unique way it was told, I thought why not.  Since, as Mama puts it, I have nothing to do (As if.  I help to lighten Ma's burden and the house is beginning to look more like a home with my help, even if I do say so myself.  Ahem!).  Even though the storyline is not much of a surprise, it's still a good chick flick.  And, like my usual book review, I'll give you a synopsis.  Very short one, though.  

Damsel in distress (Aren't they always?). Total protagonist.  I mean it, she's really really really nice.  Too nice for her own good, I suppose.  And then, somewhere along the way, someone needed help and the heroin helped her.  But luck was not on her side and she became the damsel in distress.  Oh, I keep referring to her as her.  The name is Kate, by the way.  

When there's a damsel in need, our hero is here to rescue her.  First try, backfired.  The situation worsened.  But because he is TOO good-looking, Kate could not resist the attraction and then, our hero became superhero when he managed to make everything right again and the heroin fell in love with him.  End of story.  

The book is ideal for a lazy afternoon when you're bored and need a good laugh.  Go grab one or download it and then we can exchange notes!   LOL.   

1NewMessages: Saying Meg Cabot's name out loud actually reminds me of kabutSapa nok paham ya paham.  Mun sik paham, polah jak kedak paham.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Men vs. Women a.k.a. Lelaki lwn. Perempuan

WARNING:  This entry contains words that are harmful to the text-sensitive epilepsy readers.  

This has nothing to do with the world cup fever everyone is having now, ok.  

My black cat Obama likes to "spray" around the house.  Not spraying Febreeze, by the way, but his original self-made juice a.k.a. urine.  This got me thinking about Penis.  Not in a sexual kind of way, if you're wondering.  

Men, okay, MOST men are very concerned about the size of their penis.  They compete against each other about the size of their most prized possession.  Supposedly, the bigger it is, the more macho they are.  And for what?  
They can enjoy sex more? 
They can pee faster? 

The more I think about it, the less useful a penis is except its traditional use to impregnate women and to pee.  

Boobs (for women), on the other hand, is one of the greatest blessings in life.  Men condemn women who undergo surgery to enhance the size of their breast and label them "Fake" but our concern for our breasts is not more different than their concern for their penises.  

At least, breasts have their functions.  Women who breastfeed actually give life to helpless little babies.  And the thing about increasing the cup sizes, well, it gives us curves and flatter our body when we wear clothes.

I got this pic here

Men do not need bigger penises to wear pants, do they? 

Just imagine!  Anyway, I stole the pic here.  

So, in this penis vs. boobs usefulness competition, women win!  
Because... ask any men, they'll agree that they love boobs too.  

And Obama (the cat), I just can't wait to castrate him.  

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Secret Affair... a.k.a. Hubungan Sulit Ku...

People say, beautiful women do not stay lonely for long.  

In case you're wondering, I'm talking about me (you can roll your eyes now).  Not that I'm vain but I believe that every woman is beautiful; just that some are more beautiful than others :p 

Anyway, there is this man in my life and few people know about our relationship.  You may condemn me or call me vain but I have my reasons.  At least, let me explain.  

This man, he has the power to make me feel happy and confident.  Sometimes, he can make me feel sad or angry too.  But that rarely happens.  

When I feel sad and down, I go to him and after working his magic, I would cheer up.  
Sometimes, when I feel angry or annoyed, I complain to him.  Like an understanding therapist, he listens and at times gives me advice.  
When I am stressed out, I'll be given a massage and all my problems are forgotten as I drift off to Slumberland.  
Whenever we are together, I become the centre of his attention... *ahh...*

He makes me feel younger and beautiful.  I find myself going back to him time and again.  

Of course, I know there's a price to pay.  But I am willing for he makes it worthwhile.  

Well, I cannot say that this affair does not create any problems for me and my friends because it does.  Just like yesterday when I had to cancel my appointment with Conee and she complained, "Slalu jak pegi hair salon (You go to the hair salon all the time)."  

I just smiled.  Well dear, sometimes a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do, right?  

1NewMessages: I frequent Hair Magic and recently discovered V-Hair Image Studio.  I absolutely recommend it to anyone who is in Sibu because of the good service.  I was satisfied. 

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Down Memory Lane a.k.a Ingat Balit Kisah Duluk

This post is an answer to one of my readers' questions.  Cewah... macamlah aku ni celebrity author :p

Jenis student camne aku masa kecik dolok? (What kind of student was I?) 
Suddenly I felt the heat (Siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedasnya... kan?).  

According to Mama, I was not a difficult child when I was a kid except for my obstination.  In school, I rarely create problems for my teachers and was a good student all the way.  Eish, bunyi kedak dream student semua cikgu jak (Sounds like every teacher's dream student).  Hehe.  But, my goody-two-shoes behaviour only lasted until I finished Form 5.   

That's when the party began... 
In Form 6, I was the life of the part-aay!  No lah.  I just never let any teachers leave the room without remembering my name.  Every ten minutes, I would get called.  Or my friend Diana (bukan nama sebenar) would get called.  My two other friends, Amy (bukan nama sebenar) and Julia (bukan nama sebenar) took a more reserved role.  We enjoyed teasing the teachers and laughing at them.  As usual, like every other students, we even gave them nicknames.  

BUT, BUT... we did pay attention to the lessons in class.  

For example, in the Biology lab, Diana and I would discuss about the slides that the teacher has prepared while Amy and Julia would copy down the notes.  At the end of the chapter, we would photostat the notes and distribute it among the four of us.  Haih... we were such a team.  But the teachers never understood our system.  I can still remember one of the teachers' words: "The four of you ah...  the four of you are very special."  And she didn't say it with a smile.  

Anyways, fast forward five years later, here I am.  A teacher myself (even though just a substitute).  And I'm faced with pupils ten times worse than I was (or are they?).  Just wait, they're no match for me.  

Hmph!  I'm not giving up now.  Another two days and I'll be off.  Wish me luck! 

1NewMessages: I'm on another job-hunt now.  Anyone knows any post in Sibu that is interesting and pays quite well? Hehe.  

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Almost There a.k.a. Dah Mok Abis!


1NewMessages: FYI, I deliberately spelled it that way.  Don't you dare go around saying I don't even know how to spell even though I teach English. 

Yes (See? I told you), I am a teacher.  A relief teacher.  Teaching primary 1 and 2 students English subject.  Do I hear people say "Eee~ so cute..." ? Save your breath.  And saliva.  And your brain neurons from having such deceitful thoughts.  

Most of the time, reality is FUGLY *Note: This is not an English word*  When somebody tells you that you will receive a special prize, mark my words, there's always terms and conditions applied.  That is why we must always read the small prints.  

Kids today and kids yesterday are totally different.  I can't believe I'm quoting my parents!  *Gasp*  
But then again, kids today are the product of kids yesterday.  Hmm... who is to blame now? I wonder.  

This is my first experience in teaching primary school and boy, did I get my hands full.  I've said it and I'll say it again.  I would rather do ten assignments than teach my Primary 2 class.  So, you can just imagine how I dread going to that class.  

I am short of ideas already on how to manage the pupils.  You tell me, how would you feel/act if you have prepared a lot of stuff for a lesson but the students not only fail to appreciate it but they did not even care to look at it.  And there are forty-two of them!  Ugh. 

To be fair, not the whole class is like that;  the pupils can be divided into two categories: those who want to learn and the I-couldn't-care-less group.  I have tried to ignore the latter group but they just keep getting louder.  And with a voice so weak, I could never be heard above the noise.  It's really unfair to those who really came to learn.  I felt like walking away but then how about the few who wanted to learn? *Sigh* I can never win.  

I have tried using rewards as a motivation to get them to behave themselves before.  For a while, it was quite effective but now, I'm back in square one.  Thinking about going to their class makes me wanna puke.  And now I can't wait to finish my contract.  It's almost up and I'm going to gain my freedom back.  

But I'm surely gonna miss my Primary 1 classes.  Some are naughty and most are boot-lickers but they are still very innocent and gullible.  I love teaching them.  It's a good thing that I have three Primary 1 classes and only one Primary 2.  Or else, I would be dead before the two months are up.  Fuh~ 

2NewMessages: This is a cry for help.  Any ideas/suggestions/advices are very much welcomed. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Buku Besok a.k.a. Book of Tomorrow

This is what I have been spending my time on lately:

A book by Cecilia Ahern. 

I know somebody has not read the book and I am not going to spoil the surprise by telling here. 

Instead, I think I'll settle for the synopsis given at the cover of the book.  So, here it is:

Tamara Goodwin has always got everything she's ever wanted.  Born into a family of wealth, she grew up in a mansion with its own private beach, a wardrobe full of designer clothes, and a large four poster bed complete with a luxurious bathroom en suite.  She's always lived in the here and now, never giving a second thought to tomorrow. 

But then suddenly her dad is gone and life for Tamara and her mother changes forever.  Left with a mountain of debt, they have no choice but to sell everything they own and move to the country to live with Tamara's Uncle and Aunt.  Nestled next to Kilsaney Castle, their gate house is a world away from Tamara's childhood.  With her Mother shut away in grief, and her Aunt busy tending to her, Tamara is lonely and bored and longs to return to Dublin. 

When a traveling library passes through Kilsaney Demesne, Tamara is intrigued.  She needs a distraction.  Her eyes rest on a mysterious large leather bound tome locked with a gold clasp and padlock.  With some help, Tamara finally manages to open the book.  What she discovers within the pages takes her breath away and shakes her world to its  core...

Okay, here's a little spoiler.  Only a little clue as to what you are going to find within the pages. 

The book which Tamara found was actually a diary which contains prediction about what was going to happen on the next day.

So far, the books written by Cecilia Ahern that I've read portrays a brave woman who has to deal with some of the biggest challenges that life has to offer.  Unlike P.S. I love you, The Book of Tomorrow could attract not just the older readers but also the younger ones. 

There is a secret lurking in every corner of the house where Tamara's mother grew up in, waiting to be discovered.  As I read the book, I had a lot of questions which made it hard to put down.  To console myself (if I had to leave the book for meals/sleep/shower),  I would make my own guesses as to how the story would turn out. 

As usual, I was not that far from the truth :p Hehe.  If you are a regular movie goer  or book reader, you would be able to do the same too.  I mean, the storyline would not differ that much from one another.  Only the settings and the characters vary.  

After talking so much about the book... I was hoping that you would read it too and share your opinion about it.  It's always interesting to find out what others feel about the characters in the story. 

Enjoy reading~

1NewMessages: The school holidays are coming to an end... Huhu.  Only a week left.  I may not be able to update my blog that often.  Sorry, folks but I'll try whenever I can :)  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Home Sweet Sour Home a.k.a. Rumah Masak Masam Manis

Four years in the university, the one thing that every student has in common is this: We LOVE to balik kampung!  

I stole it from here.  

Balik kampung here means going back to our hometown, not necessarily a village.  If it were, then I would have to say balik bandar (go back to town).  Anyways... 

Before I entered the university, I never understood why college students could not wait to return home.  I mean, you get to live your life the way you want it without adult supervision, why would you throw that away?

And then I went, I saw, and I finally understood.  

I am not suggesting that being far away from home is bad.  Neither am I suggesting that home is a prison.  I'm just being human (that is to complain because that's what we humans like to do).  After doing a thorough research and conducting experiments to study my theory (erm, erm, do I sound scientific enough?), I have come up with a few pros and cons for staying at home and staying away from home.  

Here's my list: 

Home (H) vs. Away from Home (A)
1.  H: You do not have to worry about money.  When you go grocery-shopping, anything you want, just put it in the cart and it will be paid.  
A: You ALWAYS worry about money. 

2. H: Whenever you feel hungry, just go to the kitchen.  You have no idea but food seems to always miraculously appear on the table.  And not just any food.  Delicious, healthy, and good food.  
A: If you are lazy, you will starve to death. 

3. H: If you sit in front of the computer the whole day, what will happen? Right, you don't know.  Because you do not get to sit in front of the computer the whole day.  What are parents for? 
A: Nobody cares.  Sit/sleep/eat in front of the computer the whole day, it's expected.  Who knows, even if you faint/die in front of the computer, your body will only be discovered when it has started rotting.  

4. H: You cannot watch a 1-hour movie without any interference.  Halfway through the movie... "
Kitty-kitty: Ngiau, ngiau~
Me: *Ignore and continue watching* 
Kitty-kitty: Ngiau, ngiau~ 
Me: *Pretend not to hear* 
Kitty-kitty: Ngiau, ngiau~ 
My cats are all very perseverent.  They never give up.  
Mama: Kitty iau liao lo.  Chi Kitty ciak seng. (Kitty is hungry already.  Go feed him now.)
Me: Tan ca ae. (Just a moment.)
Mama: *Talking to Kitty-kitty* Kitty, ee nang mai sa siao lu liao lo, Kitty... (Kitty, they don't care about you anymore...) 
Me: Tao seng to chi ee ho liao. (I fed him already just now.) 
Mama: Mana ae kao.  Ee kok ai ciak gok. (Clearly it wasn't enough.  He is still hungry.) 
Me: Tan seng... (Wait...) 
Mama: Tapai to si anae: tan seng, tan seng.  (It's always like this: wait, wait..) *blah, blah* 
Me: Tsk, ae cai la.  Ae cai la.  (Tsk, okay.  Okay.) *Feed Kitty and give him a good spanking* 
Point is, there's always something you need to do.  Watching DVDs is a crime.  No, scratch that.  Watching DVDs WITHOUT Mama is a crime.  
A: Like I said in No. 3, nobody cares. 

5. H: You don't have to worry about transport if you want to go shopping.  No, you don't have to carry all the heavy stuff by yourself.  There are family members to help you carry.  
A: You dread going shopping because you have to carry all the heavy stuff home BY YOURSELF.  Unless you have a car (that needs petrol for fuel, which means more $$$).  And FYI, parking space is scarce in Penang.  Expensive too.  Unless you go to Tesco Extra at Sungai Dua, you will need to pay at least RM 1.50 for a parking space.  And don't even try to suggest bicycle to me because this is what happens when I cycle in Penang.  

6. H: You only worry about transport if you want to meet friends for Lim-teh (Also known as going out for drinks/eating - An activity which Malaysians like to do when they meet up with friends to catch up on news).  
A: You don't have to worry about transport for meeting friends because, thank God, the public transport in West Malaysia is generally very good and convenient.  Besides, when you're staying together with your friends, there really is no point in taking a bus/taxi to meet them, right?

Well, that's all I can think of right now.  Nevertheless, I still love my home.  Sure, there will be times when I wish that I will be back in Penang but most of the time, home is where the heart is.  What about you? Any complaints?

1NewMessages: I wrote this because new recruits will be entering the university.  Just preparing them mentally and physically for the challenges that await them :)  Good luck~