Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pengalah Paling Besar a.k.a. The Biggest Loser

I suppose I won't be able to update my blog that often this semester.  Hopefully I'm wrong.  This is because I'm gonna start teaching soon in one of the most prestigious school in Penang.  Not important for you to know where :p 

Now, in my 4th and also final year, my new year resolution is to lose weight.  I've made up my mind.  I must lose the fat.  MUST.  But I'm not really sure the best way to do it.  In my first year, it was to walk all the time to my destination, take the stairs, and not slack off.  Plus, I did not eat that much carb then.  Hehe, it's hard now.  But, I'm trying to gain back the motivation.  Hopefully, I'll succeed.  

So friends, if you are interested, do join me ya.  Haha.  

In this post today, I'll list down the things that I've done so far to lose weight.  
1. Take the stairs instead of the lift.  
2. Take a walk whenever there's an opportunity.  
3. Avoid sitting down/lying down too much after eating.  
4. Avoid carb as much as possible.  
5. Avoid snacking after meals.  Only take it when I'm really hungry.  
6. Sleep early.  
7. Wake up early and eat breakfast.  
8. Avoid eating too much fast food.  So oily.  
9. Make plans to exercise (but must do it la... last semester, I only swam a few times and never once made it to the outdoor gym.  Slacker!) 
10. Be more active.  I'm gonna be one of the teacher-in-charge of cheerleading.  Hopefully, I can benefit from it.  

So far, that's all that I can come up with.  Anyone has any suggestions? I badly wanna lose weight because I wanna look good when I graduate.  Besides, I wanna look good in my teacher attire.  Huhu.. I never had the problem before.  Wish me luck ya because I'll need all the luck I can get to lose weight.  The worst enemies are the thighs and the hips.  Been battling it for years. 

I hope to be the biggest loser :) 

If you have any tips and advice, you are very much welcomed here :) Domou arigatou gozaimasu!