Wednesday, April 28, 2010

7 Benda-benda a.k.a. 7 Things

Suddenly feel like singing Miley's 7 Things.  Arghh~~~ Stress!  

I got tagged by two friends: Melod & Step (susunan ikut abjad so iboh jeles-jeles)
If you want to know more, go and read their blogs.  

This is some kind of award which even though I'm not sure what it is but still am flattered to be nominated.  But this award is a little weird as it requires you to tell 7 things about yourself.  Kedak kempen pilihanraya jak... (Seems like a campaign for election...)

I know you've been dying to know.  Ok, ok.  Here goes: 

1. I used to be very sober but now I can't go through a day without napping.  Actually, I feel like sleeping now but I still have a lot of packing up to do :-S 

2. I HATE packing.  Especially when I need to shift houses.  

3. Talking about shifting houses, I am turning into a nomad in less than 3 days.  

(Picture stolen from here)

But without the camel  T_T 

4. Becoming a nomad means that I will have no place to store my stuff.  But I have loads and Loads and LOADS of them.  They seem to have beranak-pinak-ed (multiply through birth) these 4 years... Huhu~

5. I wish that I am rich.  Not just rich.  But filthy rich.  You know, the kind of rich where I can spend anyhow I like, anytime I like it and still would not run out of money that I could get sick of them.  I wish my money knows how to multiply itself like my stupid stuff.  Then I could just leave everything behind or donate them to charity, not having to worry about getting those stuff back, cos I'll always have my money with me.

  Ka Ching!  Ka Ching!

6. I seriously do not know where to store my stuff.  My GAWD!!!  Why do I have so much stuff? (I would have enclosed a picture here had not my camera jadi sot)

7. I pray a lot.  Not because I am holy but because I have a lot of petition to ask from God.  This is one of my prayer: Dear God, if you cannot make me rich, please give me Doraemon.  

(picture stolen from here)
 If you give me Doraemon, then I can have pintu suka hati (like liver door XD which will bring you to any destination you desire) and his pocket (which can store anything but still remain light), then everything will be alright and the world will be at peace again.  Amen.

That's it.  I'm going to sleep now.  Wake me up when anybody has any good news for me.  

Oh, and I'm tagging Miselnamapendek (which is so panjang), Gnet, Adler, Lis, Mak Cik Conee, Pamela, and Jay.  Can only tag 7 people right? Ok, mission accomplished.  Helloooo pillooowwww~ 

1NewMessages:  Does anyone know of any room which is furnished that I can rent at an affordable price (not more than RM 200)?  I need it sometime around October 2010.  Thanks ya!


Mel Malden said...

hahaha...all the 7 things bout u all cycled bout where you want to store your stuff. obviously, thats the thing that linger in your rite? haha..btw, i wana talk bout the further study thingy with..p gyk xda masa..adoi. ko balit ka? lak la ku sms..paper pon lom stat g.adoi

mcjayn said...

ok. aku mestila balit. tapi 9 May.

Mad Maureen said...

my roommate's friend punya friend is interested but they wana view the house first. hmm, hopefully they want it.. :) *cross finger*