Monday, April 26, 2010

Hilang Dalam Lagak a.k.a Missing In Action

So where have I been for these past few months?  I suppose I owe my readers (however few they might be) an apology for not being able to make an appearance ever since the last post in January.  I'm sorry... 

Just for the record, I would have posted if I could, even if it's just to say "Arrrghhhhhhh!!!!!  What a stressful life."  But believe me, I just couldn't.  

Enough with the explanation and move on to the action.  Before I say anything... let me show you a picture as it paints a thousand words so I do not have to type a lot :P 

 Can anyone guess what badge this is? 

As I mentioned earlier in the previous post (dated 7th January 2010), I underwent my teaching practical in the above school.  And what an experience it was!  

There were six of us who got posted in the same school and thankfully I know all of them.  Yes!  But next, comes the unpleasant part - how are we going to school every morning? 
Everybody asked around and my friends and I almost bought a car just to go to school!  Just imagine.  We were really desperate at that time but luckily one of my friends know someone who could rent us a car at an affordable price for the whole duration of the training.  Whew~ 

At SGGS (the school where I had my practical), we were treated just like any other teachers new teachers.  We were given responsibilities to take care of clubs/societies and required to attend any seminars held for the teachers (even though they had very little to do with us).  It was fine except that we did not get much rest because these activities were very time-consuming.  

Had it not been compulsory for us to attend the extra activities, we would have sufficient time to finish our daily lesson plan and teaching aids which we need to use EVERY day.  To finish all the lesson plan of the week during the weekend is very, very hard if not impossible.  One lesson plan is 5 to 7 pages thick and I have seven lesson plans to do in a week.  That is like 35 to 49 pages.  Poor Mother Nature!  But I was using Double A paper (made from farmed trees) so don't you dare condemn me :P 

Every night during the practical (5 days in a week, and sometimes even more), all of us except for a few supermen/women could not hit the hay before Cinderella's dainty dress turned to rags, then get up while the  stars are still in the sky.  And every day, we had to work from 7.30 a.m. - 2.30 p.m. or 5.30 p.m. if there is an extra-curricular activity.  Really tiring.  But now that everything had passed, I'm starting to miss the students and some of the teachers.  We were getting so tight it was sad to see that it all had to end but glad too that the labouring days are gone.  

Now, all I have to do is the report about the training and submit it to my lecturer ASAP.  So what am I still doing here? I guess, this is where I stop and let you wonder about the school scandals while I try to finish my assignments.  

Pen off for now but I'll be back with more stories.  Juicy stories I hope.  Now don't judge me but I'm a gossip, so what do you expect?            

6 comments: said...

hey cikgu!! sila jwb tag aku...

mcjayn said...

ok-kara-ok. aku jawab esok.

Mel Malden said...

cikgu. xpa. sy paham. i oso recently just updated my blog. bz ngan thesis la tek konon. haha..neway.welkam bek.haha

mcjayn said...

tang kiu :)

MISELnamapendek said...


Something I experienced before. Lelah tahap cipan. Stressful. Glad it's only for 3 months (sama ka?). Rindu itu memang akan kekal la hehe. I just hope time kerja neah not so painful like this. And psst, I hate daily lesson plans. Why can't we just write it in a form or use Microsoft Word instead? Haih. Nvm. This is what we do and it's not suicidal.

mcjayn said...

Misel, I hate it too! Tapi aku memanglah ngenak Microsoft pun... Hehe. Tapi mun ngak nyadin cikgu ateng, alah tan form g lah bak lik tulih.

BTW, mine is 3 bulan 3 minggu. Ugh!