Thursday, May 6, 2010

Berharibulan Di Genting a.k.a. Dating In Genting - Part I

As you can already guess from the above title, I went to Genting Highlands with BF. 

Why Genting again when we have just been there last semester's holiday?
The reason is simple.  The other time we were there, we didn't get to play the outdoor games as it was raining all day long.  The only ride we managed to catch that time was the Flying Coaster.  And it was really fun!

By now, I think you might have already guessed that we stayed at First World Hotel.   

The lobby

This time, we tried as many games as we could that are worth trying (for us lah...) and some which were just
there to fill up the spaces :p

Here's my ranking on some of the games we played so far (Bear in mind that this is only applicable in Genting because
there were other games which I've played that outshine the rides below):

1. The Most Thrilling Ride
Space Shot: It is so high up not to mention that it's on the higher land.  So when we were up there, we could almost see all of Genting Highlands (which is not big anyway :p) it took my breath away.  Literally.  And without realizing it, I let go of my hands trying to reach for clouds and pretend that I was flying when suddenly... 

"AHhhh~~ " (wasn't me ok?)
We were going down, down, down... *Insert Jay Sean's "Down"*  SO FAST!

I sucked in my breath.  I was flying.  Almost flying lah.  My butt was in the air, what.  I quickly grabbed the seat.  

Whoa, what an experience.  I would love to try it again but not too soon.  I still could not get over the shock of "falling down" so suddenly and so fast when I was still enjoying the scene.  It was like the bicycle experience.  Huh!

2. The Most Torturous Ride 

Corkscrew: This is a roller-coaster ride but it was painful to sit through because I kept getting hurled to my right side.  A little girl who had queued up for so long was told that she could not ride on it because she was not tall enough.  As predicted, she cried.  The ride did not feel smooth and I felt very uncomfortable.  Glad that it was over in around 3 minutes.  Hey, little girl.  Cheer up.  There's not much to cry for anyway.  

3. The Most Relaxing Ride 

Spinner: This one made me feel so high, not just because of the height.  I like being spun round in the air.  The ride was very smooth and ended too soon.  I wish I could stay up there for as long as I like. 

4. The Most Waste-of-Space Game 
Crazy Science Lab: This is even worse than the Pirate Train where all you do is ride on a train looking at the pictures around you which are supposed to scare you.  But there weren't even any sound effect or any action in there.  What a waste of time.  

Okay, back to the lab.  We expected that we were going to watch some 4D kind of effect where a crazy scientist will suddenly appear and perform some horrifying operation on us but guess what, we sat there in the enclosed room which will spin like the washing machine and you just sit in your chair the whole time looking at the spinning room.  Sometimes the chair you sit on might even shake a little and it is supposed to be exciting.  Oh wow.  

At least, for the Pirate Train, you get to ride in a train.  

5. The Most Dizzying Game 
Tea Cup: I like this game although it's kinda childish.  You will be spun around in a teacup (Imagine yourself as Alice in the Wonderland) and you could even spin the teacup yourself!  Isn't that exciting?  I spun our teacup round and round and round, faster and faster... 
BF: Please stop spinning.  I think I'm gonna get sick.  
Me: Are you serious? 
BF: *closed his eyes and nodded*
Me: Okay, sorry.  I was having too much fun.  
BF: I can't look around me.  It'll only make me sicker.  Ugh, when is this thing gonna stop? 
After what felt like an eternity, the teacup stopped spinning.  BF looked pale.  Oops.  A stranger sitting in the teacup next to ours approached BF.  
Stranger: Are you okay? 
BF: *Nodding* Yeah, yeah.  I'm okay *smiled* 
Stranger: *Smiled back at BF* 
Then, without warning, the stranger pointed at me and said, "She's very naughty!" 

6. The Most Wet Game 
Rejang River Flume Ride: For this game, it is advisable to wear a rain-coat if you're not in your swimming attire.  You'll get splashed when the boat reaches the end of the slope.  It's fun if the day is hot but in Genting Highlands... Brrr... 

7. The Most Dangerous Game 
The Flying Dragon: It's like any roller coaster ride except that the safety precaution is minimal.  Haha.  No belt, nothing on your chest.  Just a metal pressing on your lap.  So, watch out!

8. The Most Joy-killer Game 
Fun Kart: There were a lot of people queuing up to play this game.  But guess what, when we reached the end of the line, the guy behind the counter stopped me.  

GBTC: Stand next to the caterpillar please.  
Me: I already did just now.  
GBTC: Stand again.  I want to see.  
Me: Oh, alright.  
GBTC: Sorry, Miss.  But you cannot play this game.  
Me: Why? 
GBTC: You're below the minimum height (153 cm).  
Me: Great.  

The measuring caterpillar. 

This is so unfair.  I've got a driving license and yet I'm not allowed to drive a kart? Ugh!  Even kids are allowed to play it.  Shit.  Now I felt like the little girl who was not allowed to ride the Corkscrew.  Huhu~ 

1NewMessages: I'm not sure how soon I am going to update my blog again as I will be going back home.  I hope the internet connection is good there.  I'm putting this post up so that you guys won't miss me too much :)
2NewMessages: Gonna upload more photos soon.  Some are in the camera phone because the camera battery was exhausted.