Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Almost There a.k.a. Dah Mok Abis!


1NewMessages: FYI, I deliberately spelled it that way.  Don't you dare go around saying I don't even know how to spell even though I teach English. 

Yes (See? I told you), I am a teacher.  A relief teacher.  Teaching primary 1 and 2 students English subject.  Do I hear people say "Eee~ so cute..." ? Save your breath.  And saliva.  And your brain neurons from having such deceitful thoughts.  

Most of the time, reality is FUGLY *Note: This is not an English word*  When somebody tells you that you will receive a special prize, mark my words, there's always terms and conditions applied.  That is why we must always read the small prints.  

Kids today and kids yesterday are totally different.  I can't believe I'm quoting my parents!  *Gasp*  
But then again, kids today are the product of kids yesterday.  Hmm... who is to blame now? I wonder.  

This is my first experience in teaching primary school and boy, did I get my hands full.  I've said it and I'll say it again.  I would rather do ten assignments than teach my Primary 2 class.  So, you can just imagine how I dread going to that class.  

I am short of ideas already on how to manage the pupils.  You tell me, how would you feel/act if you have prepared a lot of stuff for a lesson but the students not only fail to appreciate it but they did not even care to look at it.  And there are forty-two of them!  Ugh. 

To be fair, not the whole class is like that;  the pupils can be divided into two categories: those who want to learn and the I-couldn't-care-less group.  I have tried to ignore the latter group but they just keep getting louder.  And with a voice so weak, I could never be heard above the noise.  It's really unfair to those who really came to learn.  I felt like walking away but then how about the few who wanted to learn? *Sigh* I can never win.  

I have tried using rewards as a motivation to get them to behave themselves before.  For a while, it was quite effective but now, I'm back in square one.  Thinking about going to their class makes me wanna puke.  And now I can't wait to finish my contract.  It's almost up and I'm going to gain my freedom back.  

But I'm surely gonna miss my Primary 1 classes.  Some are naughty and most are boot-lickers but they are still very innocent and gullible.  I love teaching them.  It's a good thing that I have three Primary 1 classes and only one Primary 2.  Or else, I would be dead before the two months are up.  Fuh~ 

2NewMessages: This is a cry for help.  Any ideas/suggestions/advices are very much welcomed. 


RazFiRa said...

masa kecik2 dulu, what category of pupils r u from? hehe

ingatkan jadi cikgu primary school senang

mcjayn said...

hohoho... ur right. masa kecil... hmm.. aku pikir balik dulu :p