Monday, June 7, 2010

Dua puluh-dua puluh Perempuan a.k.a. Twenties Girl

Just finished another book.  Wah, rajin na aku... (Ain't I hardworking?) 

Puke if you want but I'm just being bold (and beautiful).  

The title of the book is as written above (english version): Twenties Girl.  It's the latest novel by Sophie Kinsella if I'm not mistaken.  Very light reading, which explains why I finished it so fast.  

 The novel.

The story is about a girl named Lara Lington who was haunted by her late great-grandaunt, Sadie, who lived to 105 years old but none of the family members actually know much about her as she spent her remaining years in a nursing home.  Sadie's motive was to find her beloved necklace which was a gift from her parents.  

The hunt for the necklace brought the two of them on an incredible journey.  Scandals and betrayals were uncovered and Lara began to learn more about her great-aunt's adventurous life. As Lara spent more time with the ghost of Sadie, they eventually became good friends.  The story got more interesting as the past life of Sadie unfolded. 

Oh, as to why the title is Twenties Girl, I'm assuming it is because the great-aunt remembers herself as a young girl in the twenties when she enjoyed life the most.  Also, Lara was beginning to get influenced by her great-aunt's twenties style.  

As can be seen in all her other novels, Sophie Kinsella has a very colourful style in writing.  I could just imagine how the conversation sounded and how Lara thinks as if I were Lara because of her vivid description.  Not too much that it bored me to death but just enough for me to understand Lara's characteristics.  

This book is a good read for a lazy afternoon.  Enjoy~

1NewMessages: I'll be doing a lot more reviews because I'm on a holiday and I have been wanting to spend my holidays finishing all the books and movies I've downloaded.  Hopefully the reviews I give will be helpful for you guys. 

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Mad Maureen said...

im glad there's no spoiler. i dono when will i read this since i am busy with boys over flower and also "Looking for Alibrandi".. hmm.. maybe back at usm then i can read it.. ;)