Friday, June 4, 2010

Laki Atas Bunga a.k.a. Boys Over Flowers (BOF)

Yup, that's my latest craze.  I just finished watching the korean version.  I have not watched the Japanese version though and am not planning to watch Meteor Garden cos Big Ass (Da S) looks old :p  

Yeah, yeah.  I am prejudice when it comes to watching dramas/movies.  All the actors must have good looks.  Especially if they can't act well.  There are exceptions of course, e.g. Nicholas Cage.  LOL.  

BOF is another romantic comedy which can make you laugh and cry through the series.  It has been quite a while since I watched a good Korean drama series.  The first one was Full House, then Princess Hours and now this.  Most of the time, I prefer Japanese drama.  Seems funnier and more original.  No offense ya, Korean drama fans.  But I love Korean actors and actresses more cos they look prettier :p 

Okay, enough about how I feel.  Let's move on to the movie.  

WARNING: Spoiler!
The movie is about a common girl, Geum Jan Di, who, by the twist of fate was offered a place in Shinwa High School - a prestigious school which only the rich and famous get to enter.  Excuse me, only the SELECTED rich and famous get to enter.  Meaning, even if you are rich, brainy, and famous, you won't necessarily get to enter the school.  

As you can guess, Jan Di was not welcomed in the school because the other rich kids looked down upon her.  She got into an even deeper trouble when she messed with the heir of the Shinwa Group, Gu Jun Pyo.  It so happened that he was one of the F4 member, a group consisting of four handsomest and most popular boys in the school.  As usual, when a victim is targeted by the F4 (Flower 4) group, he/she will receive a red card and be thrashed by the whole school, making their school life a nightmare.  

The drama unfolds with series of how Gu Jun Pyo bullies Geum Jan Di, believing that she will surrender and leave the school, as did the other victims.  But when Jan Di stayed, Gu Jun Pyo began to fall in love with her and tried very hard to win her heart.  

However, as with all other dramas, life is not a fairy-tale.  People from different backgrounds and status do not mix.  Typical Hindi drama.  No, scratch that.  It's universal, actually.  Then, the drama continues with the couple trying to overcome challenges so that they could eventually be together.  

For the record, even though the storyline is the same old, same old, I still find it interesting and enjoyable, besides the fact that I love watching the actors.  I love Kim Hyun Joong but I prefer Lee Min Ho to be with Koo Hye Sun because they seem to have chemistry.  Even though some of the viewers are not sure whether Jan Di will marry Jun Pyo in the end, without a doubt, I can say that she will because neither can live without the other and it's pretty obvious actually.  

Here, I present to you the pictures of some of the cast.  Enjoy~ 

Boys Over Flowers

Geum Jan Di played by Koo Hye Sun

I present you the members of F4: 

Gu Jun Pyo played by Lee Min Ho (the leader)

Yoon Ji Hoo played by Kim Hyun Joong 

So Yi Jung played by Kim Bum

Song Woo Bin played by Kim Joon

Chu Ga Eul played by Kim So Eun (Jan Di's best friend)

Aren't they good-looking? Especially Kim Hyun Joong.  Such a beautiful face *drool*

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Petite Amanda said...

love this series a lot too!!! :D should ask Mau mau to watch la. she will understand why steph bergila2 over it too.. hahhaha. which guy u like most btw? said...

biar sy tg jwb bg pihak mel....dia suka bapak geum jandi!!! ngahahahahaha

mcjayn said...

auk. pandey step. i love yoon ji hoo but i want geum jan di to be with gu jun pyo since the very beginning. cos they both have chemistry. hehe. he's cute when he's with jan di cos he becomes very romantic.

Mad Maureen said...

i like eu gul's boyfriend the best! XD