Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pi.Es. Ai Lap Yu a.k.a. P.S. I Love You

Have you ever heard anyone said the movie is better than the book before? No? 

Because there is no such thing.  Ask anyone who has read the book AND watched the movie.  They'll definitely say that the book is better than the movie (Right, book lovers? A little help here.  Support my statement, 'kay?).  

Here's an example of such event: P.S. I Love You

The Book vs. The Movie
The story tells about how a widow, Holly, went through the grieving process with the help of her late husband.  And how is that possible, you might ask.  Well, before he died, the husband wrote down a list of things that Holly must do after his death.  There were ten item altogether.  One item for one month.  At least, that is how it is written in the book.  

In the movie, they came as letters posted to Holly with the help of her mother.  And there weren't even ten of them!  There's no mention about The List at all when it was actually an important element of the story.  According to the book, it was a joke made between the four friends, Gerry (the late husband), Holly and their friends John and Sharon.  If any one of the spouse should leave the other earlier, then he/she must come up with a list for the living spouse.  I mean, that is so romantic!  How could they just eliminate that? 

And oh, not to mention.  There's a big difference between the book Holly and the movie Holly.  The book Holly had quite a big family and they are happy.  But the movie Holly comes from a broken family with only one sister.  And the mother owns a pub.  LOL.  And they live in America.  

Okay, okay.  I get that the movie doesn't have to follow the book exactly.  BUT, it should do the book justice.  I mean, it's like a promotion for the book.  Or maybe it was the other way round.  A lot of things were changed.  They were supposed to be high school sweethearts but in the movie, they met during Holly's trip to Ireland.  Okay, that one was quite romantic especially when they met again in the pub where Gerry performs at.  It was like a sign from heaven.  

Still... I would prefer the book because to understand the movie, you will need to watch it two times.  I read the book already so I only watched one time because there were certain events in the movie which were not shown in sequential order.

Anyway, the movie is still worth watching because of Gerard Butler.  He's charming :)  Hilary Swank was not too bad.  I especially like her idiotic expression in the closet with Daniel on her 30th birthday.  Definitely memorable.  LOL.  

If you like romantic stories, this is one story which you should not miss.  It's an example of a tale of an undying love.  

1NewMessages: You can catch the movie P.S. I Love You on HBO this month.  Enjoy~


Mad Maureen said...

hey hey u read that many books already and i haven't even finish one? slow down slow down sis.. huhu

mcjayn said...

Cos i din get to read any books at all last semester. I'm compensating.