Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Boy Meets Girl a.k.a. Laki Jumpa Ompuan

When a boy meets a girl, what happens next? *wink wink* 

They shake hands lor...
Psst, what were you thinking? Hoho~ naughty naughty.  


This is a book by Meg Cabot, who is none other than the author of the famous Princess Diaries (Siapa mun sik tauk apa ya, balit rumah tido).  I love Anne Hathaway!!!  (Eh? Apa kaitan?

This book, you must read.  It's a very, very light read.  Not to mention light book.  And it's incredibly funny.  My sister is right.  Seriously, it was like watching a movie instead of reading a book. 

The story is told not by the usual narration but through phone messages, e-mails, letters, journal writing and even IMs.  It was fun to read.  And fast too because it felt like I was reading someone else' s diary.  It took less than a minute to read a page, so you can finish it in one day (if you don't have chores to run in the house).  I have, so I finished it in two days, ok.  

The story is quite a cliché but because of the unique way it was told, I thought why not.  Since, as Mama puts it, I have nothing to do (As if.  I help to lighten Ma's burden and the house is beginning to look more like a home with my help, even if I do say so myself.  Ahem!).  Even though the storyline is not much of a surprise, it's still a good chick flick.  And, like my usual book review, I'll give you a synopsis.  Very short one, though.  

Damsel in distress (Aren't they always?). Total protagonist.  I mean it, she's really really really nice.  Too nice for her own good, I suppose.  And then, somewhere along the way, someone needed help and the heroin helped her.  But luck was not on her side and she became the damsel in distress.  Oh, I keep referring to her as her.  The name is Kate, by the way.  

When there's a damsel in need, our hero is here to rescue her.  First try, backfired.  The situation worsened.  But because he is TOO good-looking, Kate could not resist the attraction and then, our hero became superhero when he managed to make everything right again and the heroin fell in love with him.  End of story.  

The book is ideal for a lazy afternoon when you're bored and need a good laugh.  Go grab one or download it and then we can exchange notes!   LOL.   

1NewMessages: Saying Meg Cabot's name out loud actually reminds me of kabutSapa nok paham ya paham.  Mun sik paham, polah jak kedak paham.


MISELnamapendek said...

A chick flick movie is one of my favourites even though i sound "tough" hahaha. Mesti best ih haha lagi.

I know. Cabot. Such a unique spelling.

mcjayn said...

Me too, me too! Cth, hot chicks. Lol. That is one movie yg semua lapisan generasi & masyarakat boleh tengok & ketawa.

RazFiRa said...

dah bace..memang best =)

mcjayn said...

kannn? gimme five!