Saturday, July 3, 2010

Down Memory Lane a.k.a Ingat Balit Kisah Duluk

This post is an answer to one of my readers' questions.  Cewah... macamlah aku ni celebrity author :p

Jenis student camne aku masa kecik dolok? (What kind of student was I?) 
Suddenly I felt the heat (Siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedasnya... kan?).  

According to Mama, I was not a difficult child when I was a kid except for my obstination.  In school, I rarely create problems for my teachers and was a good student all the way.  Eish, bunyi kedak dream student semua cikgu jak (Sounds like every teacher's dream student).  Hehe.  But, my goody-two-shoes behaviour only lasted until I finished Form 5.   

That's when the party began... 
In Form 6, I was the life of the part-aay!  No lah.  I just never let any teachers leave the room without remembering my name.  Every ten minutes, I would get called.  Or my friend Diana (bukan nama sebenar) would get called.  My two other friends, Amy (bukan nama sebenar) and Julia (bukan nama sebenar) took a more reserved role.  We enjoyed teasing the teachers and laughing at them.  As usual, like every other students, we even gave them nicknames.  

BUT, BUT... we did pay attention to the lessons in class.  

For example, in the Biology lab, Diana and I would discuss about the slides that the teacher has prepared while Amy and Julia would copy down the notes.  At the end of the chapter, we would photostat the notes and distribute it among the four of us.  Haih... we were such a team.  But the teachers never understood our system.  I can still remember one of the teachers' words: "The four of you ah...  the four of you are very special."  And she didn't say it with a smile.  

Anyways, fast forward five years later, here I am.  A teacher myself (even though just a substitute).  And I'm faced with pupils ten times worse than I was (or are they?).  Just wait, they're no match for me.  

Hmph!  I'm not giving up now.  Another two days and I'll be off.  Wish me luck! 

1NewMessages: I'm on another job-hunt now.  Anyone knows any post in Sibu that is interesting and pays quite well? Hehe.  


Mad Maureen said...

si chai oh... :P urm what kind of student were u in university??? hoho.

RazFiRa said...

hehe.. i dont mean to make u terasa

mcjayn said...

lol. RazFira, it's a good reminder actually. Helps me to reflect and think abt how the students think. thanks!
FYI, the next day after I stopped getting angry all the time and instead being more understanding (but not soft), the students behaved better though not totally good :)