Friday, July 16, 2010

Friends 4-Ever a.k.a. Angelissiawyan

Suddenly feel a little jiwang (romantic).  Convocation is almost here and by then I'll be officially graduated from USM. 

Graduations make me feel jiwang, I guess.  Cos after that, I'll have less chance to meet my university friends.  Someone once said, the friends you make in the university will be your friends for life.  If I'm not mistaken, it was Sydney White's mum who said that.  Haha.  But it's true. 

I never thought that I would meet a friend that good, we'll be like soul sisters, much less four! 

I went alone to the university.  No parents, no friends.  Luckily, my cousin and her husband who live in Kedah were kind enough to see me off. 

I don't know how to describe my feelings then.  It was my first time away from home without any chaperone and I was going to be there for four months before I would be able to go back to my hometown again.  Feelings of regret for choosing a university so far and foreign did creep in once in a while for the first few days. 

I had wanted to go to the university with two of my best friends and miraculously the three of us got offered the same university but both of them rejected the offer and left me all alone.  Thanks a lot, you two! 

Yeah, yeah, I was a little mad then but I couldn't possibly blame them for pursuing their dreams in the field they really love, could I? You know how understanding a friend I am.  Ahem!

But, God had better plans for me.  So what if the two "traitors" ditched me?  I can always make new friends. 

My first friend, of course was my roommate.  She is such a sweet and easygoing girl, I simply could not help but became good friends with her.  Unfortunately, she was moved to another block for the second semester because our building needed renovation.  However, it was not long before we became roommates again until she graduated.  

My roomie and I.  We are both cute, aren't we? :)

Then, there was BF.  We met when I joined St John's Ambulance.  That sneak kept taking pictures of me (without permission!) on our round island trip.  I only found that out much, much later.  He was nice and caring then.  Not that he is not now, just that you know after seeing someone for a while, you get sick of them.  Haha.  We started seeing each other in my second year, so yeah, we are now a very very boring couple.  
The Boring Couple

It was also in my second year that I got to know Angel and Siaw Yan better.  I knew Angel because she was in my group during St John's annual camp.  You know how some people just have face that is pleasing to the eyes because they look friendly? She doesn't just look friendly, she IS friendly.  It's not hard to be good friends with her.  She is seriously lovable, not because she is a bootlicker (no, far from it) but because of her attitude and outlook in life.  One thing for sure, she is very optimistic. 

Actually, I knew Siaw Yan first.  We met during the orientation week.  I thought she was very shy because she was very quiet at that time.  So, we didn't talk much.  Besides, I was still mad with two people at that time (D, if you're reading this, feel free to curse me.  It's not like I can hear you anyway.  Wahahahahaha).  I got the chance to know really know her when we became EXCO for St John Ambulance in our second year.  Menyesal aku kenalnya.  Eh eh, menyesal aku sik kenalnya awal.  You won't believe it but underneath that quiet mask, this girl's humour can kill you.  True, she doesn't talk much if she doesn't know you but once the ice is broken, you'll discover that she's "not that innocent" (sing along to Britney's Oops!  I did it again). 
We became roommates in our final year when she moved out of the hostel.  It was great because then, we gossiped almost every night.  I love gossiping! 

I knew Lis last because she is like the popular girl.  Haha :p
She knows everyone.  Seriously.  We became close because of CUS.  We also had dance class together.  This girl, how should I describe her? She loves to have fun and everything is an adventure for her.  She LOVES to shop.  Not that we don't but she especially loves it.  And boy, does she know how to shop.  I love shopping with her (and Angel and Siaw Yan too) because she has good taste and we love Hollywood style.  You know, I didn't really enjoy shopping until I met her.  I mean, I used to give up finding something if I can't find it after a while, but with her, every item is a mission.  We have to find it until we get it.  It was a new lesson for me, one that I practice until now.  I felt so touched that someone would care so much to find something for me and not regard it as a hassle.  No one has ever done that for me before.  NO ONE. 

These, everyone, are my girls, my Sulus (Sulu means sweetheart in Iban): 

From left: Yan, Lis, Me, Angel.  Just ignore the guy.   

Of course, later, we also got to know juniors who rock like Melod and Step

Melod is quiet and shy.  I know that now.  Melod, dolok aku ingat kawu sombong cos sik mok senyum ngan aku :p hehe 
Melod is also very athletic.  Kapten Futsal, you! 
But now, after I got to know her, she is someone who stands by her principle and far from being arrogant.  I enjoy talking to her because we have the same questions about certain issues and we are keen to find out the cause and reason to these issues.  Okay, some people may not understand and suggest that we not think too much.  If I were alone in the boat, I would feel ashamed and not raise the question to another person, but because Melod understands, I feel relieved.  At least there is someone who has the same questions and concern like me.  It feels good just to talk about it.  Thanks, Melod. 

Step pulak... Step tuk gila-gila kit.  Nya tuk muka jak macam blur + mangah tapi skali bukak mulut, keluar sampah.  Iboh manas, Step.  Tapi kawulah antara orang yang aku sik dapat mok nganok walaupun kawu slalu jak nganok aku.  Huhu.  Step tok sensitip sebenarnya tapi nya molah lawak k cover kesensitipannya.  Nya tuk, aku anggap kedak adik aku juak.  Sik tauk la, tapi aku rasa nya still kedak miak.  Mun kawu jenis perasan, Step, kawu akan ingat aku madah diri kawu ya kiut.  Tapi kawu sik perasan, nak? Mun aku join konversesyen nya ngan Melod, meletopz!  Siriesli, aku madah.  Slamba jak perkataan 18SX kuar dari mulut miak tok.  Ish!  Anak sapa kah ya... 
Aku ingat gik taim bertdei nya, mek orang polah-polah lupak.  Nya ngan Melod jak duduk tunggu ngan nasik 7 pinggan, lauk 7 jenis dah habis order.  Skali aku tepon madah sik jadi pegi, terus nya manas.  Sik mok kakar ngan aku.  Tpaksalah aku eksen kakar ngan Melod yang sebenarnya dah berkomplot ngan mek orang. 
Melod: Kenak, tak orang sik jadi kah?
Aku: Aku rasa la... Lis ngan Angel ada asainmen, Yan baru jak balit dari skolah.  Kepak dah nya ya.  Mun ada dak duak Lis tek, boleh juak nya madah.  Sebab ada keta.  Tapi kinek tuk... malas nya mok jalan pegi siya. 
Melod: Oh...
Aku: Aku.. Ko tauk la, aku boleh jak.  Tapi sekda teman, mok jalan malam malam tok... sik mauk aku.  Dahlah bukan dekat gik ya...
Melod: Oh... tapi mek orang dah order dah semua ya...
Aku: Kenak order dolok?
Melod: Bukan kawu suruh aku order tadik?
Aku: Ya... aku ingat tek mek orang jadi... ney la tauk.. Huhu
Melod: Camney la gik?
Aku: Aku pun sik tauk... sekda orang lain gik ka?
Melod: Sekda... sik hal la.  Kelak aku kol kawan aku suruh daknya datang tolong ngabis makanan tok.  Banyak dah mekorang order tadik. 
Aku: Huhu... auk la.  Sori, sori.  Aku cuba nangga la apa aku boleh polah...
(Perbualan tamat)

Ya lah perbualan eksen mek orang tadik.  Eniwey, aku sikpat mok ingat dengan cun-melecun la cuma aku gik ingat isi perbualan ya jak. 
Step ingat bena-bena la tek.  Terus nya manas sekda selera makan (cewah, cewah).  Tapi skali mekorang tunjuk muka siya madah mek orang sik jadi mok sik jadi datang, terusnya tahan mok senyum.  Nya pun madah la statement standard yang biasa orang madah lepas kenak punked, "Aku dah agak dah..." k nya cover "kemaluan"nya.  Haha. 
Bila ingat balit insiden ya, best juak kenakan Step.  Nya cayak jak.  Hehe :P

Okey, aku ada gik kawan-mawan yang lain tapi susah aku mok crita panjang lebar tok.  Penat jari-jemari halusku menaip (sehingga menjadi semakin kasar). 

Ah Mau, don't have to be jealous cos I don't mention you here.  Anyway, you are my sister.  It's going to take a lot of space and time to write about your details.  Too many stupidity in one entry :P 
Make sure you prepare a nice present for my convocation ya, or else your bed will become Kitty-Kitty's.  Muahahahahahah~ 


Mel Malden said...

owh..i tot my names would never appear in this post..haha..eish. kenak step ada juak? nya mala ekot aku..haha

owh..ku di cop sombong. memang..haha..ku dah immune..ya bukan sombong, tp muka aku rilek2 ya kedak2 sombong kot...hahaha
but, seriusly're not the only 1 who says that..ku asa suma org kot 1st time nangga ku kompom padah gia..haha

biar rupa sombong, asal ko bukan sombong sebenarnya..(erk..ku sengaja reka2 tok,,haha)

mcjayn said...

haha, bena ya. aku x tauk la giney better gik. aku pulak slalu senyum padah org sehinggakan org x kenal pun aku senyum. lalu dakya ingt sidak supposed kenal aku... tapi x ingat siapa aku. so senyum & lambai jak. btw, aku pun slalu silap lambai org... huhu~

mcjayn said...

step mesti ada. nya kan sensitip? hehehe... ok la. sab nya nangkawanakuygkucinta. k dah.

Mel Malden said...

haha..ko tauk, step sebenarnya ku dah jumpa time kat matrik..p time ya, nang polah bodo..

aku pun xtauk la gney aku boleh TERkawan, and TERrapat dgn nya time kat usm..p ku asa nang gara2 cus n kegilaan nya juak la..haha

huh..aku org mala kenal p ku x ingat ku kenal nya siney..haha..mun jumpa, bukan main excited gyk org ya tegur..
"Mel....!!" dari jauh sambil lambai2..aku lyan jak, membalas senyuman n hi..
P kakya ku pikir,, sapa ya owh..miak kuliah ka, miak futsal o course mate..haha..x ingat dowh.
aku mok tanya, cam xproper pulak org dah kenal..hahaha

Mad Maureen said...

hahahaaaa.. this one funny... pandey Step cover malu..