Friday, July 9, 2010

Men vs. Women a.k.a. Lelaki lwn. Perempuan

WARNING:  This entry contains words that are harmful to the text-sensitive epilepsy readers.  

This has nothing to do with the world cup fever everyone is having now, ok.  

My black cat Obama likes to "spray" around the house.  Not spraying Febreeze, by the way, but his original self-made juice a.k.a. urine.  This got me thinking about Penis.  Not in a sexual kind of way, if you're wondering.  

Men, okay, MOST men are very concerned about the size of their penis.  They compete against each other about the size of their most prized possession.  Supposedly, the bigger it is, the more macho they are.  And for what?  
They can enjoy sex more? 
They can pee faster? 

The more I think about it, the less useful a penis is except its traditional use to impregnate women and to pee.  

Boobs (for women), on the other hand, is one of the greatest blessings in life.  Men condemn women who undergo surgery to enhance the size of their breast and label them "Fake" but our concern for our breasts is not more different than their concern for their penises.  

At least, breasts have their functions.  Women who breastfeed actually give life to helpless little babies.  And the thing about increasing the cup sizes, well, it gives us curves and flatter our body when we wear clothes.

I got this pic here

Men do not need bigger penises to wear pants, do they? 

Just imagine!  Anyway, I stole the pic here.  

So, in this penis vs. boobs usefulness competition, women win!  
Because... ask any men, they'll agree that they love boobs too.  

And Obama (the cat), I just can't wait to castrate him.  


Conee said...


hihik... undeniably you are so bijak Mel...

romero said...

Cat = Penis... nice one haha..

nagam lah tu..

bitch ( anjing betina okey ) = Boobs

Mad Maureen said...

yea, i can't wait for u to castrate Obama (the cat yea, not the president hoho)... and yea, of course boobs are always better than penises.. *wink2*

RazFiRa said...


pic last macam..yuckkss


Mel Malden said...

first.. i just wana laugh..hahaha
second..your cats urinated , then you think bout penis? hahaha laugh again

third..i stil keep laughing...hahahaa

mcjayn said...

well... kalo kucing laki je buat camtu, what do u expect me to think? i dunno if it's true or not, tapi my ma said that they cannot control themselves cos sidak teransang... hihi