Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Secret Affair... a.k.a. Hubungan Sulit Ku...

People say, beautiful women do not stay lonely for long.  

In case you're wondering, I'm talking about me (you can roll your eyes now).  Not that I'm vain but I believe that every woman is beautiful; just that some are more beautiful than others :p 

Anyway, there is this man in my life and few people know about our relationship.  You may condemn me or call me vain but I have my reasons.  At least, let me explain.  

This man, he has the power to make me feel happy and confident.  Sometimes, he can make me feel sad or angry too.  But that rarely happens.  

When I feel sad and down, I go to him and after working his magic, I would cheer up.  
Sometimes, when I feel angry or annoyed, I complain to him.  Like an understanding therapist, he listens and at times gives me advice.  
When I am stressed out, I'll be given a massage and all my problems are forgotten as I drift off to Slumberland.  
Whenever we are together, I become the centre of his attention... *ahh...*

He makes me feel younger and beautiful.  I find myself going back to him time and again.  

Of course, I know there's a price to pay.  But I am willing for he makes it worthwhile.  

Well, I cannot say that this affair does not create any problems for me and my friends because it does.  Just like yesterday when I had to cancel my appointment with Conee and she complained, "Slalu jak pegi hair salon (You go to the hair salon all the time)."  

I just smiled.  Well dear, sometimes a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do, right?  

1NewMessages: I frequent Hair Magic and recently discovered V-Hair Image Studio.  I absolutely recommend it to anyone who is in Sibu because of the good service.  I was satisfied. 


MISELnamapendek said...

oh haha baru ko perasan the konsep we brought sama. latest post ko kawak talking about hair. Terpedaya ko, i thought u really talk about ur bf haha.

V-hair image studio, hmm someday.

mcjayn said...

Yes, misel. nampaknya kita ada kesehati-sejiwaan dlm diri kita yg tidak pernah diuar-uarkan. haha