Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some People Just Can't Take No For An Answer a.k.a. Sik Paham Bahasa

I have a tom-cat named Yoyo.  He is very gluttonous.  Every five minutes, he will ask for food.  Sometimes, I get fed up because of his constant mewing so I just turn a deaf ear.  

Doesn't he remind you of the cat in Shrek? 


Yoyo has a routine.  Every morning after I wake up, he will call out to me and demand for his milk.  
Every. Single. Morning.  As long as I have not given in to him, he will mew and mew and mew and mew.  Non-stop.  It gets irritating because he sounds so pitiful and I hate feeling guilty.  

But once I let Yoyo inside the house, he will keep following me around UNTIL I give him his milk.  Kucing ini memang muka tebal (This cat is shameless).  Eventually, I will give in because if a fat cat follows you around like a shadow, you will trip if you are not careful.  I nearly did a few times.  

This morning, I decided to change the routine as it was the weekend.  But Yoyo doesn't understand the concept of time.  He doesn't know that there are such things as weekend and weekdays.  If there are, so what? He still needs to eat - all the time.  He is, after all, only a cat.  

So here's what happened...

 As usual, Yoyo peeped inside the house.  When nobody answered... 

He mewed louder.  Still, no one bothered.  

So, he decided to take matters into his own hands paws. 

He suddenly remembered how his master opens the door.  

It was not a bad plan... only, he is not tall enough *sigh* 

What a shame.  I could have registered him for Sibu's Smartest Cat in Malaysia's Book of Records.  Hm... sounds funny.  

What about you, what does your pet do? 


Mad Maureen said...

Yoyo haha. i never thought im gonna say this but i miss his call for milk hahaha. that cat, really resemble the fat cat from Shrek... eh, when did u take this pic? adoi sik malu la this Yoyo.. btw, i have soalan cepu emas. did he finish the milk u made for him?? ;)

mcjayn said...

Like I said... Saturday la. I was outside and he was outside trying to get inside the house. The milk, I think he prefers the one you made for him.

Gnet said...

My 4 yr old retarded black dog, Bekulok wouldn't budge an inch when we lure her with a piece of biscuit/bread to send her outside. She would just sit comfortably at the living room area pretending to watch tv. Ngegeh ada juak. Rasa diva nya. Haha

mcjayn said...

Lol, Gnet. Seems like he's not that retarded after all. Sik dapat ditipu gik. Hehe, who asked you not to name him tipah? lol.