Thursday, August 26, 2010

Movie Maniac a.k.a. Kaki Wayang

Actually if I make a direct translation from Malay to English, kaki wayang means cinema leg.  But it means something like movie maniac - someone who is addicted to movies.  In the same way, we call someone who is addicted to alcohol a kaki botol, addicted to gambling a kaki judi, and so on and so forth.  Okay, enough said.  I'm not here to teach malay idioms anyway.  

I'm just here to do reports on the movie I've watched yesterday and today.  All in all, only three completed movies.  But that doesn't include dramas and series.  I do other stuff like reading and house chores besides shopping between watching movies.  Yes, I am productive that way.  

So, without further ado, the movies are listed below: 

Hide and Seek (2005)

This movie stars Dakota Fanning and Robert De Niro.  They play father and daughter in this movie.  I love them both.  If you're still thinking why Robert De Niro's name sound so familiar, it's cos he's famous.  Duh.  Okay, serious.  He acted as the captain who likes to dress up in women' s clothing in Stardust.  The one with the mole, that's right.  

In Hide and Seek, he played a psychologist named Dave who just lost his wife and decided to move from the town which holds too much painful memories together with his daughter Emily (Dakota Fanning).  He thought it would help his daughter to recover the trauma from seeing his wife dead in the bathtub with a razor slit on her wrist.  

Their new home was located in a rather remote area just by the woods.  Like any other kids, Emily began to explore the new surrounding and one fine morning, as she was walking through the woods, she met Charlie.  From then on, he was her only friend.  

Katherine, her father's colleague thought it normal for a kid Emily's age, especially one who had gone through so much ordeal, to have an imaginary friend.  But soon, Charlie' s visits became more frequent and dangerous.  It seemed that Charlie was angry with Dave and accused him of causing his own wife's death.  Now, Dave was becoming scared of Charlie.  It seemed that no matter how fast he was trying to stop Charlie from hurting someone, Charlie would always be one step ahead.  

There was a scene when the truth finally came out.  No wonder Dave had never met Charlie before.  No wonder Charlie was always a step quicker than him... because Charlie was Dave.  Charlie was his alter ego.  Finally, Charlie took over and all hell broke loose.  You know what happens at the end of movies like this.  I'm not gonna spoil it for you although I pretty much told you everything already.  

The movie is nice and Fanning's acting was very convincing as a child who had just undergone a traumatic experience.  Not to mention she looked really adorable.  De Niro kinda reminded me of Robin Williams.  LOL.  Anyway, this movie is very good for a psycho-thriller genre.  I always wondered how stories about Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) can be shown in movies without giving away the suspense.  I got my answer and it's a pretty good one. 

And oh, at the ending (this is just at the very end, I'm still not spoiling the ending I tell you) where Fanning was doing her drawing, I think (and this is just my own interpretation) that she has an alter ego too. 

Shoot 'Em Up (2007)

This movie is rated R for violence and just a little sex scene where a guy in diaper (yucks!) was milking a hooker (Monica Bellucci).  If you think you don't know who Monica Bellucci is, she's the one who played the Virgin Mary in The Passion of the Christ.  Irony, huh? 

Clive Owen plays a lone ranger (who wanted only to be known as Smith) who helped deliver a baby whose mother was killed by a mob of gangster minutes after giving birth.  But the mystery here lies in why the gangsters wanted the mother and the baby dead.  Psst, it involves a politician too.  That's why it's scandalous :) 

Being the big hero that he is, Smith did his best to protect the baby and even sought the help from a lactating hooker named Donna Quintana (Bellucci) who just lost a baby to help take care of the child.  They named him Oliver because Donna did not want the baby to be referred just as "it".  And so the movie shows how the trio fled from the bad guys and then in the end made it to safety.  That's all I'm gonna say. 

It won't be exciting to watch if I reveal all the details. But the movie is worth watching.  A lot of action and cool stunts on how to use the gun or even just bullets.  

One thing for sure, it's a relief that this is only a movie and I kept reminding myself that in the violent scenes, dolls are actually used in place of the baby.  If it were real, the baby would have died of trauma or spinal injury.  Fuh~ 

Before You Say 'I Do' (2009)

This is a typical Hallmark movie.  It's heartwarming and romantic.  It's perfect to spend a lazy afternoon when you just want to watch something light and entertaining.  The story is just like any other story except that the main cast David Sutcliffe as George Murray went back to 10 years to the past to woo his future fiancee.  

Why did he have to do that, you ask? Well... you see, Jane Gardner (Jennifer Westfeldt) got a cold feet after her engagement to George because of her previous marriage to Doug (Jeff Roop).  Because of that, George made a wish while he was driving that he had met Jane before she married Doug and "Wham!" he got into a car accident when he sped as the light turned yellow.  Strangely enough, the collision transported him back to a decade ago, three days before Jane's marriage to Doug.  

Knowing that he had little time to waste, George went all out to win Jane's heart including buying her favourite flowers, coffee just the way she likes it, and spent every moment as much as possible with her.  Towards the end, when his attempt to make her leave Doug seemed to fail, he became desperate and decided to tell Jane the truth that he came from 10 years into the future.  As expected, it was all too much for Jane to digest and she refused to believe it when George told her that Doug would be cheating on her the very day of their wedding with her wedding coordinator.  But when George's prediction of Doug winking at the coordinator before he inserted the ring to her finger came true, Jane immediately called the wedding off and instead she got engaged to George.  

As the both of them fled the wedding, being chased by Doug, they ran the yellow light again but nothing happened when in an attempt to avoid an approaching car, "Wham!" and George found himself in a room surrounded by friends and family... and Jane, dressed in a wedding gown.  He had passed out.  George began to mumble and persuade Jane not to get married when he realized that they were actually renewing their vows on their 10th wedding anniversary.  

And so, they lived happily ever after.  Actually, that's my own version but if after a decade, the both of them can still be so much in love as they were the day they met, how is that impossible? Right? 

Guess that's all from me today.  I would like to get back to one of my "Bree past time's" before I go to sleep.  I'll give reviews on more updated movies next time but these few days, I was just passing my time.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Insanitarium a.k.a Tanjung Rambutan

I'm on a vacation from work and study.  So I have plenty of time to spend as I please and usually, that involves a movie or a story book.  I did both.  But now, I'm gonna talk about the movie.  This is what I watched: 

This is a warning.  Do not watch Insanitarium if you hate horror films.  I repeat, DO NOT watch Insanitarium.  Period.  It's disgusting.  Not just the scenes but also the plot.  I love horror movie but this is one movie I cannot stand.  It makes me wanna puke.  

The story starts with Lily - Jack's sister, being taken to an asylum for attempted suicide.  Jack was not allowed to visit her even though patients are supposedly allowed to have visitors.  Rumour had it that none of the patient ever got out once they got in.  So, Jack hatched a plan to get his sister out of the place by pretending to be crazy.  

Once Jack was inside the building, he discovered that Dr Gianetti, the guy who ran the place was manipulating his patients as lab rats.  He injected them with orphium which unleashed the dangerous "animal" within them and turned them into cannibals.  There was a scene where a guy caught a really fat cat and just twisted the head to eat it.  Everyone around him got a taste of it.  Eww!  As if that's not bad enough, another scene showed a man eating his own fingers!!!  I had to cover my mouth throughout the film.  Though I was tempted to stop the movie, I didn't and made it to the end.  Well... I'm a survivor.  LOL.  

You can run but I'll still get you... muahahahaha

Bloody movie

The whole movie is like a cheap horror film to me.  I'm aware that the message it's trying to convey is that things like this do happen.  Helpless people (in this movie, it was the patients in the asylum) are manipulated around the world by people with authority in many form.  They cannot help themselves because no one would hear them.  The message is clear but the story... to say it simply: it sucks.  I only watched it because of Jesse Metcalfe :p 

1NewMessages: Been busy a few weeks earlier because of graduation.  Oh, the joy of convocation.  I'll post an entry about it soon.  If you're I'm lucky, I'll have pictures to accompany.