Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Insanitarium a.k.a Tanjung Rambutan

I'm on a vacation from work and study.  So I have plenty of time to spend as I please and usually, that involves a movie or a story book.  I did both.  But now, I'm gonna talk about the movie.  This is what I watched: 

This is a warning.  Do not watch Insanitarium if you hate horror films.  I repeat, DO NOT watch Insanitarium.  Period.  It's disgusting.  Not just the scenes but also the plot.  I love horror movie but this is one movie I cannot stand.  It makes me wanna puke.  

The story starts with Lily - Jack's sister, being taken to an asylum for attempted suicide.  Jack was not allowed to visit her even though patients are supposedly allowed to have visitors.  Rumour had it that none of the patient ever got out once they got in.  So, Jack hatched a plan to get his sister out of the place by pretending to be crazy.  

Once Jack was inside the building, he discovered that Dr Gianetti, the guy who ran the place was manipulating his patients as lab rats.  He injected them with orphium which unleashed the dangerous "animal" within them and turned them into cannibals.  There was a scene where a guy caught a really fat cat and just twisted the head to eat it.  Everyone around him got a taste of it.  Eww!  As if that's not bad enough, another scene showed a man eating his own fingers!!!  I had to cover my mouth throughout the film.  Though I was tempted to stop the movie, I didn't and made it to the end.  Well... I'm a survivor.  LOL.  

You can run but I'll still get you... muahahahaha

Bloody movie

The whole movie is like a cheap horror film to me.  I'm aware that the message it's trying to convey is that things like this do happen.  Helpless people (in this movie, it was the patients in the asylum) are manipulated around the world by people with authority in many form.  They cannot help themselves because no one would hear them.  The message is clear but the story... to say it simply: it sucks.  I only watched it because of Jesse Metcalfe :p 

1NewMessages: Been busy a few weeks earlier because of graduation.  Oh, the joy of convocation.  I'll post an entry about it soon.  If you're I'm lucky, I'll have pictures to accompany.  

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Mad Maureen said...

EWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! I won't watch dis movie.. unless i am offered a hundred ringgit to watch it. :S