Saturday, October 2, 2010

Expired a.k.a. Lapuk Dah

My blog has been giving everyone the silent treatment for a month.  And now, I'm going to end the war and show who's the boss.  Dah berdebu, dah berabuk, dan berkulat-kulat.  

About time I update too because I remember promising to write about my big day but never got around to do it for almost 2 months.  Aputoi

And since I know some of my friends will be having their convocation soon (ko susui congrats iw gak kedua k, Misel gem Adler), as a responsible citizen and friend, I feel obliged to share some insights on how the actual day would be like.  

First, something to feast the eye on: 
Don't we look happy? 

Next, let's get down to business.  The first thing you need to bear in mind is this: your convocation is NOT your convocation.  It is also your Dad's convocation and your Mum's convocation. 

Trust me, you may be the one wearing the robe and receiving the scroll but for the whole duration of your convocation trip, you are NOT the VIP!  *crash boom shattered sounds*  Sorry to shatter your hopes and dreams.  

The VIPs are those people who have come from afar to witness your graduation.  The VVIPs, are your parents.  Even though I knew this well, I was not prepared for the events that followed. 

That is why, I'm going to give you a few tips on how to make everyone happy.  And by everyone, I mean your parents.  This will ensure your happiness.  For that to happen, here are the rules: 

1) Do not settle for anything less than a hotel. 
This might sound familiar, "We don't mind as long as we have a place to stay."  But do not let yourself be tricked.  This is just the Asian etiquette.  For a happier life, find a hotel with clean toilet and nice enough surrounding.  Let them have the room for themselves.  Do not interfere in their "honeymoon" and you are on your first step to happiness.  

2) Prepare good transportation service.  
If it's not a car, then get a taxi.  Make sure there are plenty of room so that everyone can sit comfortably.  Remember, a comfortable journey keeps people happy and happy people do not complain much.  

3) If it's more than a 3-day trip, be sure to plan a trip somewhere.  
Be it an outdoor activity (which is new to them, of course) or planning another trip somewhere else, it doesn't matter as long as their days are filled with activities worth to be kept in a photograph.  That way, when you return back home, they will have lots of stories to tell their friends.  In other words, they are proud of their achievement, which is also an achievement for you and when you hear a lot of Wow's from their friends, know that they are gloating in their hearts.  Which is a good thing as it means SUCCESS for you :) 

4) Never let your parents out of your sight.  
Unless they run away which is too absurd an idea to entertain.  Even though it means sacrificing your get-together with your friends for the last time, you must NEVER leave them.  Or else, on returning back home, you'll find words like "abandonment" or "priority on friends" or "feeling stupid" being thrown at you.  

5) Studio photography is a must.  
This is the only reason why your parents invested so much in that new dress and tuxedo.  Even though you have outdoor photography which looks more beautiful and fun but... yeah.  Kedak mauk kawin.  But this is reality.  Your 15-minute labour in the photography studio will hang in your living room for many, many years.  

6) Always send your parents home earlier.  
This is for your own good.  This is the time when you can do whatever you want including the get-together with friends bit.  Besides, you can save yourself the stress of packing while at the same time listening to your Mum repeatedly asking "Have you packed the ___?  Don't forget the ___.  Remember to put ___ in first before you pack your other stuff."  Bla bla.  

Nervous?  Haha.  Wait till that day comes.  Personally, I think convocation is a little overrated.  It's even worse than a wedding because you do not have a planner and it lasts longer than a day.  

The whole ordeal left me swamped and I almost regretted attending the ceremony at all.  I could just have them mail me the scroll.  It would have saved me a lot of trouble.  But then again, how many times can one graduate? 

My advice, just put in your best effort to keep the VVIPs happy and life will be sweet and pleasant for you.  When in doubt or you feel really down, just remember that they have been praying for this day since the moment you first entered the gates of the university.  Not to forget the monthly allowance they have been sending.  Keep these thoughts in mind and the whole ordeal will seem much easier to put up with. 

Last, but not least, thanks for all the gifts and wishes that I received on my graduation.  To Misel and Adler, good luck and may you have the time of your lives!  Enjoy while you can. 

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