Thursday, December 16, 2010

Do not judge a book by its cover a.k.a. Kalau beli buku, jangan baca kulit je!

People always say do not judge a book by its cover.  
But we do it anyway.  Because somewhere in the back of our mind, we don't really believe it.  

Because we know it's not entirely true that appearance does not tell anything about a person.  Tell me you haven't seen someone like this

Picture source here

in the street and avoid him?  By the way, I found his picture when I googled "crazy homeless man".  

Or someone like this

Picture source here

and try your best to impress him and make him notice you? 

Point is, appearance does play a role in helping people to judge people.  Otherwise, image consultants and stylists will be out of job already.  

Express yourself, they say.  Dress up according to your personality.  Add your own style, don't just follow.  Crap, crap, crap.  

This man got labeled as a crackhead by dressing up like this: 

Maybe he only wanted to express himself.  Kesian... 

And then, if you dress up like this
Picture source here

you'll be labeled as a sex symbol.  Or even lustful.  
So you see, people are hard to please.  Whatever you do, they'll just judge you again and again and again and again.  

Therefore, in order to save yourself from headache, don't give a damn.  God has given each and every one of us a brain to think with so that we can discern between good and bad.  Before we do anything, ask ourselves what our intention is.  Be honest.  Only then, you'll know whether you are up to no good or not.  

1NewMessages: This has nothing to do with my Christmas look ok. 


Mel Malden said...

TRUE! first of all sila tengok content buku nyer..jangan tengok buku chantek, cek2 content nya bukan2. macam saya yang tersilap beli buku untuk adik saya, check2 content lucah.haha

kedua, saya pun tidak suka org judge. tapi mmg kdg2 kita pun tidak sedar kita pun TERjudge org.
n aku sik suka jua orang mengada2 mok ubah appearence aku. as a joke fine. sekali sekala, fine. tapi setiap kali jumpa saya ko mala jak ada benda mok change pasal aku, rasa mok sepak jak muka. nasib baik ankle saya sakit.haha

mcjayn said...

haha, saya sokong Melod. kena baca. memang kita kadang2 terjudge org. tapi, janji x kata, xde org tau :p hehe. selain itu, kita kena bagi chance kat org tu dgn mengenalinya. mcm itu, kita xkan cincai beli buku lucah utk adik kita. benar kawu TERbeli ka? (oops! aku bukan mok jadi hakim. just curious :p)

gloria said...

post anda sangat menarik!
human as usual...never satify for wat they have...and mulut is masterpiece...disalahgunakan utk mENGjudge orang.
human...tahu salah org saja..sendiri x cermin dulu...itula nmanya manusia
kekurangan dari segala segi
tidak perlu untuk memuaskan hati semua orang kerana semua orang pun tidak pernah memuaskan hati kita kan..kan..

mcjayn said...

thanks, glo :) betul, mulut tu bahaya dari mata pedang.