Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Cube

Hi guys, I'm back.  Ew... dusty blog.   

Ok, I'm back because of The Cube.  Just look at the time discrepancy between this post and the last post and you know how important The Cube is to me. 

Ok, ok.  I ain't gonna lie and say that it's only about The Cube.  Actually, there's a catch.  If I write a blog entry about The Cube and features that I like about it, I stand a chance to win a BlackBerry Torch 9860! 

You don't know how desperate I am for a BB.  I am a student (you get the story - broke, broken, and might break down anytime because I need something efficient to browse the net.  Yes, I am shameless). 

Without further ado, let me introduce you to The Cube if you are still clueless about it.  But first, let me show you this video.  Lol, it's crazy and I just can't resist it! 

Isn't that cool? I wish I could do that!  Lol. 

You must be wondering why all those Cubes are dancing, right?
Duh, The Cube is like a music site.  Seriously.  You can download tones for your phones, find out what new song is the hottest right now (seriously, it's like a music chart), download games, and keep yourself up to date with your social circle.  The good thing about downloading legal stuff at The Cube here is the affordable prices.  You can download songs for as low as RM 0.99!   

There is one thing that really attracts me is going online on Facebook by SMS for only RM 1 per week!  I thought I saw it wrongly but no.  Seeing is believing.  That's like RM 4 in one month.  Cool eh? Even someone as broke as me can afford that.  Hallelujah! 

Oh, and one more thing although I know I may be writing out of topic here.  But you just gotta check out The Cube's site if only to take a look at the cool web design.  Check it out for yourself if you don't believe me (But please believe me, I am usually honest).  

See? See?

Lol.  I know I'm not making any sense right here but honestly, the colour combination works so well in creating something young, vibrant, and happening, if it was animated I would have danced along.  If only there were animations... Ah, you know, I'm a person who loves action.  Just ignore me. 

But as a website for in this genre, I gotta say, The Cube is The Complete Ultra Boundless Entertainment.  

Thank you very much. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Never Say Never a.k.a. Kipas Bibir Ka Aku Ni?

Jawapan: TIDAK.  Walaupun dulu aku pernah suka lagu "Baby, baby" beliau tetapi sejak dimasukkan dalam persembahan CUS kami, aku akan terkenangkan action untuk line "Baby, baby" tu.  Hehe, tak stylish tapi agak cool - kami la... 

Okay, back to business.  Why never say never? 

Even though I am not a Bieber's fan (neither am I a hater), I agree with this phrase: NEVER say NEVER.  

In my life, there are many things that I do not have.  And because of that, I do not want people to take away the last thing that I have: Hope.  

You might say that I am in denial; that I cannot face reality.  So what? I am not obliged to comment about that.  
But having hope or no hope, which one is better?  

Of course hope la...!  

So when people tell me "It's impossible!" or "There is nothing you can do about it" or "You just have to live with that", in my mind and in my heart, I say 'NEVER!' 

Kalau nak muka halus macam aku ni, NEVER say NEVER! 

Thus, it becomes a challenge for me to prove those people wrong.  
Ya, saya memang suka menentang.  Okla, bukan saya saja-saja suka menentang.  Tapi, saya rasa tak adil bagi saya kalau orang suka-suka ja kata tak boleh la, feels like that person is trying to kill my hope. 

So what I am doing actually is just to restore my hope.  Saya tidak cuba untuk membunuh atau mencederakan siapa-siapa.  That means, whatever I do tiada kaitan dengan yang mati atau hidup atau yang in-between.  

Oh, panjang sungguh introduction.  Tapi itu adalah sebagai explanation in case saya dipersalahkan untuk apa-apa nanti.  Aku phobia.  

Al-kisah cerita adalah begini... 

It's nothing new that I have problems with my facial skin.  Don't get me wrong.  I love myself, it's just that I want to improve myself.  

My problem is that my facial skin pores are very visible to the naked eye.  Maksudnya, tak payah pakai spec, orang rabun pun boleh nampak T_T 

Tapi awas, lepas ni, jangan pulak nak cuba tengok muka aku untuk perhatikan liang-liang tersebut.  

Sebagai seorang wanita yang sama-sama pentingkan kecantikan seperti wanita-wanita lain, saya merasakan bahawa adalah tanggungjawab saya untuk mencari jalan penyelesaian kepada masalah yang melanda muka ini.  

BUT...!  Tiba-tiba ada orang bagitau kat aku "Tak dapat nak hilangkan tu..." dengan selamba.  

My immediate response was "Huh, cannot meh???" in disbelief.  

"I don't believe that," I added.  "There has got to be some things that I can do.  I don't believe that there is a problem that cannot be solved." 

Terdiam orang yang memberi jawapan tu tadi kepada saya.  Oops.  
Melampau ke apa yang aku cakap? 

Since then on, telah menjadi misi hidupku untuk mencari ubat yang boleh mengecilkan saiz liang-liang roma di muka ini.  Oh malunya.  

Seperti biasa, Google menjadi pilihan hati sebagai tempat aduan.  As I expected, bukan 1, bukan 2, bukan 3, bukan 4, tapi lebih banyak daripada jari-jari tangan campur jari-jari kaki aku bilangan laman yang mempamerkan cara-cara mengecilkan lubang.  Ahem.  

Ini adalah satu benda bagus jadi saya merasakan adalah tanggungjawab saya sebagai seorang wanita untuk berkongsi tips-tips ini dengan wanita-wanita lain who have the same concern as me.  

Antara yang aku dapat adalah seperti berikut and I don't take credits for these methods.  Just sharing what I got and I'm sorry because I forgot to save the links: 

1st Method
  1. Squeeze a half cup of fresh lemon juice.  Katanya, lemon juice is good to control oil production.  
  2. Beat egg + 2 teaspoon (tsp) honey + 1 tsp apple cider vinegar.  
  3. Add in 1 tsp lemon juice and stir for about 1 minute until the mixture blend well.  
  4. Wash face with a mild cleanser and pat dry.  
  5. Massage the treatment on skin (focus on areas with large pores).  
  6. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water. 

2nd Method
  1. Blend 1 green tomato + 1 tsp honey until they form a thick pulp.  
  2. Cleanse face with warm water (aku rasa maksudnya kena jugak guna cleanser cuma rinse with warm water).  Exfoliate with scrub.  
  3. Massage the mixture on the face.  
  4. Leave on for 20 - 30 minutes and rinse with cold water.  
1NewMessages: The remaining mask can be stored for about 2 weeks.

3rd Method
  1. Add egg white from 1 large egg with 2 tablespoon (tbsp) lemon juice.  Mix well.  
  2. Apply on affected areas and leave for a minimum of 20 minutes.  
  3. Rinse off using tepid to warm water.  
  4. Apply witch hazel extract (optional but is recommended to further tone and tighten skin).  
2NewMessages: Repeat daily.  The difference can be seen in 2 - 4 weeks.  

3NewMessages: I noticed that my Oxy oil-control moisturizer has witch hazel extract!  Gembiranya hati ini :) 

4th Method
  1. Blend or juice 1 small cucumber.  
  2. Mix with 1/4 cup plain yogurt (tapi kalau anda nak jugak yang ada buah-buah tu saya tak dapat nak halang la).  Mix well.  
  3. Juice or blend 1/2 pint strawberries.  Add into the mixture.  
  4. Add in 1 tsp honey + 2 tbsp oatmeal.  
  5. Cover the mixture and leave in fridge for 10 minutes.  
  6. Meanwhile, dampen a towel with hot water and lay on face.  This helps to open pores.  
  7. Massage the mixture onto your face for 5 minutes.  
  8. Leave on for 15 - 20 minutes.  Soak towel with warm water and scrub the mask off.  
  9. Rinse with cold water.  Pat dry.  
4NewMessages: Do this once every week.  This method is suitable for all skin types.   

Of all the methods above, I have only tried the third one.  I did notice some difference but I think it might be partly due to my putting on face mask containing alpha hydroxy acid (Alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid are chemicals that can help to refine pores) daily. 

So why do some of us have large pores? 

From my search, the reason is because our pores are clogged.  The clogging made the pores swell, hence the enlarged size.  

How did our pores get clogged? 

Ala, kalau tak bersihkan mestila tersumbat... Haha, kalaula senang macam cuci longkang.  

Actually it is because some of us have very active sebum gland, hence our faces get oily easily.  And when the face gets too oily, the dirt gets stuck on our face easily.  
Ah, kena guna Sunlight.  When the dirt terlekat pada minyak-minyak, the pores get clogged easily lor... 

That is why, we need to remove the oil build-up.  Also, use warm water to wet our face to improve cleanser efficacy.  

Itu saja cerita saya untuk penjagaan kulit muka pada kali ini.  Sama-sama kita berusaha untuk mengekalkan keamanan dunia.  Aja-aja fighting! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Question 1: What is Your Favourite Song? a.k.a. 30-day blog challenge

First of all, I would like to explain a few things: 

1. I copied this challenge from the Ketua Kuyat :)  (Beliau adalah Tai-ka-je kami, sila respek ok!)

2. This is a 30-day blog challenge but it does not mean that it has to be continuous.  It only means that you need to answer only one question per day.  

And since I really need to talk but nobody can afford to stay awake that long to listen to me, WTH let me just do this then.  

There are many songs that I love but this particular song will always be my favourite.  
It is a chinese song sung by my favourite idol, Jay Chou.  
I love this song not just for the melody but also because of the lyrics and its MV and the special effect (so it really is my favourite!).  

The title of the song is 你听得到 (Ni Ting De Dao) meaning You Can Hear It.  
Mesti takorang rasa heran pahal tajuk nya cam pelik jak bunyi.  Mestila bole dengar asalkan sik pekak.  
Tapi.... jeng jeng jeng..

This is the lyrics: 

you shui neng bi wo zhi dao
Who can understand better than me
ni de wen rou xiang yu mao
That your gentleness is like a feather

mi mi tang zai wo huai bao
A secret is lying in my lap

zhi you ni neng ting de dao 
(2nd time: dao de ting neng ni you zhi [see note on bottom*] ) 
Only you can hear it

hai you mei you ren zhi dao
Does anyone else know

ni de wei xiao xiang yong bao
That your smile is like an embrace?

duo xiang cang zhe ni de hao
How I want to hide your goodness

zhi you wo kan de dao
So that only I can see it 

zhan zai wu ding zhi dui feng shuo
Standing on the roof, facing the wind saying

bu xiang bei zuo you

That I don’t want to be pushed around

ben lai tao yan xia yu de tian kong 
I used to hate the raining sky


zhi dao ting jian you ren shuo ai wo
Until I heard someone say she loves me

zuo zai dian ying yuan de er lou
Sitting on the second floor of the movie theatre


kan ren qun zou guo
Watching the crowd walk past


zen me na yi tian de wo men
Why did we on that day


dou mo mo de wei xiao hen jiu
Both quietly smile for so long?


wo xiang wo shi tai guo yi lai
I think that I am too dependent

zai gua dian hua de gang cai
When the phone hung up just now

jian chi xue dan chun de xiao hai
I persisted in acting like a naive child

jing jing kan shou zhe fen ai
Silently guarding this piece of love


zhi dao bu neng tai yi lai 

I know that I can't be too dependent


pa ni hui ba wo chong huai 

Afraid that you would spoil me


ni de xiang wei yi zhi pai huai 

Your fragrance constantly hovers


wo she bu de li kai
I am reluctant to leave


*This line is reversed the 2nd time around. Play the song backwards to hear "zhi you ni neng ting de dao."
Jay does it with a purpose, which is to create a line to suit the song title's theme so that only you can hear it.  


And the video: 

Atau bagi yang tidak dapat tengok video itu atas sebab-sebab tertentu, hehehe, here is where you can download the mp3 version.  

Nice, right? 

Well, why does it still touch my heart so much even after eight years? 

Because... not everybody can listen.  

Sometimes, people don't hear you.  
But when they do, are they really listening? 
Even if they do listen, can they ever hear the real message behind your voice, your words, your pause? 

Makes you wonder eh? 

;) Enjoy!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tail Number a.k.a. Nombor Ekor

Where I come from, majority of the folks spend a lot of time and money on one hobby - buy Toto, buy Magnum (4D, not the ice-cream which my sisters and I used to be so jakun about), buy Sarawak Turf, and the latest, Da Ma Cai.  

This is one of the oldest and most favoured hobbies in Sibu.  Every evening, before 7 p.m., you can see people cramping like sardines in the 4D premises to buy their last-minute lucky numbers.  

Like all typical Sibuans, my parents and relatives are also one of the contributors to the popularity of these 4D outlets (yang murah hati walaupun tidak diterima.  LOL.).  A lot of investment goes into buying 4D because "you don't know when you might get lucky" said Mama wisely. 

Yes, we did enjoy the results when the harvest is rich but most of the time, we were not that lucky.  
But when Mama or Papa did get lucky, we would all be treated and usually it comes in the form of makan besar (yala tek, makan sampey besar kedak tuk T_T).  Then we all happy la.  
The same goes for our other relatives.  This "ritual" had been practiced since we were small.  

So whenever any one of us (be it my siblings and I or our cousins) expresses our wish to have something, our parents would say "Of course, but wait until we strike the lottery" to console us.  And because we knew it was not that time yet, we just nodded sadly and submit to our fate (oh-so-dramatic~). 

The line/phrase had become so commonly used that most of the time, we didn't even need to express our wishes out loud anymore.  It had been engraved in our mind that whatever we want will be given, provided that our parents get "lucky".  

And so, one day while on the way home from shopping with my aunt, we drove by a beautiful playground.  My cousin Sharon (bukan nama sebenar) was still very young then, about 9 or 10 years old.  Being a young child that she was, playgrounds appealed to her very much and she expressed her wish to her mum.  

However, before my aunt could say anything, my little cousin added, "I know, we'll wait until you win Toto."  

Kids.  They say the darnedest thing. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

What If a.k.a. Andaikata

Let's play a new game!  

Exam is near, stress is here.  Chill out a little and do something else which is equally mind-challenging.  

This game is called "What if".  

Here's how we play: 
1. Pose a hypothetical situation starting with "What if", e.g., 

What if I am actually a boy who has undergone a transsexual operation, would you (girls) still want to share a room with me? 

2. And then end the question with "would you" as given in the example above.  

3. The next person who comments must answer the question and then pose another question in the same format. 

Get it? Good.  

Let's get the ball rolling... 

My question: 

What if I am a lesbian, would you (girls) still sleep with me on the same bed? 

or if you're a boy,  

What if I am a gay, would you still sleep with me on the same bed? 

Laundry Woes a.k.a. Cuci-mencuci Pakaian

Yesterday I did my laundry because I had a load accumulated in my laundry basket. 

As usual, people dry their laundry in the sun.  I do too. 
But in doing so, I run the risk of getting my laundry blown off by the strong wind or maybe even get stained by bird droppings. 

Should I hang them in my room, then? Hm... It will be safer definitely, but then my room would get a musty smell.
Maybe I should just ignore the dirty laundry and let them pile up at the corner.  Or better still, just throw them away after use.  If ever I need clothes, I'll just buy new ones.
That is a good idea but how long will it last? Besides, there are some really nice pieces that I love in there. 


Who knew cleaning laundry would be this tricky?

I also wished for a whole day of sun to dry my laundry but sometimes, there are bound to be rain before your laundry are dried. 

What about you? What do you do with your laundry?
Any suggestions how I should deal with them?

Friday, April 15, 2011

What's in a Face? a.k.a. Eh, bukan jerawat ka?

WARNING: This is a very long post.  If you can wait for the many thousand words to load, congratulations.  It will be worth it.  

I'm sure everyone has, at one point in their lives, seen a face that they cannot forget.
Well, I'm not just seeing a face that I cannot forget, but also one that I cannot get out of my head.  This is pathetic and embarrassing T_T

Ever since I watched The Tourist recently, I couldn't get this face outta my mind:

Johnny Depp as Frank Tupelo in The Tourist

Please don't laugh.
I don't know why, but I find him very beautiful.
Don't you think he looks a little like


The same bony cheeks, intense stare, really high nose, not to mention the goatee and moustache?

Okay, I personally do not find men with moustache/beard/goatee sexy but this is an exception.  Men with moustache always remind me of

Mr. Potato came from here.

When someone as handsome as this

Brad Pitt as Achilles in Troy.
(Pic taken here)

grows a beard,

Mountain man caught from here.  

we shake our head slowly and go 'Tsk, tsk, tsk.'
But when it was trimmed into a goatee like this,

 Billy's long-lost brother was seen here

we shake our heads vigorously and say together (1, 2, 3!) "No, no, NOOOoooo~~~" 

You see, if someone as handsome/beautiful as Brad Pitt looks like a lost goat with beard, you can't blame me for hating hairy lips.

But of course there are exceptions.
I think I might have developed a tiny crush on him since Pirates of the Caribbean.

While 90% of the girl population salivate over 

Orlando Bloom 

who played Will Turner,

who actually reminds me of

I went gaga over Jack Sparrow and his eyeliner... (-_-")

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow 

Do you find my taste queer?  

Personally, I think he is beautiful albeit in a queer way.  But there is something about the way he stares... 
His eyes can say so many things all at once.  
They could mean confusion, sadness, disappointment, curiosity, and yet an eagerness to listen, just with one stare.  The next time you look into his eyes, they would merely say he is up to some mischief and crazy ideas.  
How can I not melt into that eyes? *sigh* 

Right, actually I wanted to talk about the The Tourist.  After watching movies that grab my heart or leave me with a high curiosity, I would google it up and find out more about them.

This movie is actually a remake of the French movie, Anthony Zimmer.  
It started with the police trailing after Elise's (played by Angelina Jolie) butt.  Well, they were but not for the sole reason of finding out whether she was wearing any panties or not but because they were on a mission to find one man - Alexander Pearce, Elise's secret lover.  

Who is this Alexander Pearce? When do we get to see his face? 
How am I supposed to know? Even the police didn't.  That's why they kept their eyes on Elise to bait Pearce out!  

Elise kept getting letters from Alexander telling her where to go, what to do, and then, to get rid of the letters.  

It so happened that one of his letters asked her to board a train, find someone with his built and trick the police into believing that the man is Alexander Pearce himself.  
The first guy she saw was taken.  Oh, never mind.  This is Angelina Jolie we're talking about.  What man can't she get? 
The next guy she saw was reading a novel while smoking in front of a non-smoking sign.  She liked it and invited herself to sit with him.  
That guy is Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp), which I bet you might have already guessed.  
They talked and got to know each other.  Actually, they got to know Frank better while Elise kept her identity secret just to remain mysterious and sexy.  Just kidding.  

The train scene. 

Elise left and then they met again at a pier, by "chance".  For Frank, that is.  He was part of Elise's plan - meet a stranger and pretend that he is Alexander to fool the police so that Alexander will not be discovered.  And so the cat-and-mouse chase began.  

 Elise after saving Frank's ass.

Incidentally, another guy was also hot on Pearce's trails.  His name is Reginald Shaw, a former client of Pearce whom he had cheated 2 billion off.  He's a bad guy so he's not in the same team as the police.  Wow, two cats and one mouse (if you don't count Angelina in)!  

Here is where most of actions in the movie happened.  Action enough for a romantic movie, that is.  
Honestly, I thought it was comical when Frank ran on the roof to escape two thugs who were after him because they thought he was Pearce.  It was the way he ran that was funny.  And oh, that was when his tummy looked so obvious.  

Fast forward a little bit, Shaw got to Elise first and forced her to open a safe (containing all the money he had stolen) in Pearce's hideout.  It was clear that Elise had no idea how to open the safe or whether Alexander was finally going to show up.  Oh, forgot to tell you guys that Alexander never showed up in all the scenes before.  

While all this happened, the police on Elise's trail were all watching this through a hidden camera in Elise's dress.  Frank was with them, being handcuffed, because he was a glitch in the plan.  He kept pleading with them to save Elise but to no avail.  The police also wanted to know how Pearce looked like.  They were as convinced as Shaw that Pearce would eventually show up to save the woman he loved. 

Somehow, Frank managed to free himself and went to rescue Elise.  Frank told Shaw and the gang that he was actually Alexander Pearce himself, which got everyone including Elise confused.  Laughing even.  I mean, how could this clumsy and foolish guy be the legendary Alexander Pearce?  

Shaw saw that it was all an act, a little puzzled and intrigued too, I guess, asked Frank to prove his identity.  Frank said that he had undergone a plastic surgery so that he could live freely.  Well, it all seemed too convenient at the time, and suddenly it sounded a little like one of the typical comedy Hindi movies.  

But Frank told all that present that he would open the safe if only they would let Elise go.  Yeah, right.  Even the villains weren't that foolish.  So they offered not to kill Elise instead if Frank could open the safe.  Well, as all dramatic stories go, Shaw and his underlings got shot by the cops surrounding the area before Frank got the chance to open the safe.  Elise's service got terminated immediately (maybe because she had already gone through such a traumatic experience because of another agent's negligence.  

Suddenly, the agents got a call from the other agents that they had Alexander Pearce.  And so everyone except for Frank and Elise went to the scene only to find out that the guy they had was a decoy (someone whom Alexander had hired to drop the letters to Elise).  

Meanwhile, still at the hideout, Frank declared his love for Elise and so did Elise.  
"What about Alexander Pearce?" Frank asked.  
"I love him too, unfortunately," Elise replied.  
"Then I might have just the solution for you," said Frank while reaching out the safe and keyed in all the correct codes.  So yeah, Frank is Alexander and Alexander is Frank. 
Predictable, right? 
(By the way, I'm not sure whether I got the dialogues right 100% but the gist of the story is there.  Hehe) 

From what I read online, a lot of the audience kept arguing about whether or not Elise realized that Frank was Alexander all along.   

For me, I would say that Elise didn't know that Frank was actually Alexander.  Had she known, why pretend not to know even when they were both alone? 
It was a coincidence that Elise chose Frank in the train.  The first guy she wanted was taken and then, by chance she saw Frank who had Alexander's built because both of them are the same person, and I suppose something about Frank intrigues and attracts her.  He's Alexander, what.  

And I don't think Alexander planned every little details.  All he did was planned for the letters to be passed to Elise at the right moment and also the places for Elise to go.  The rest are just coincidence.  I guess he just went with the flow.  
I suppose there was a foreshadowing that tells the audience that Frank could be Alexander.  When Frank stayed in the same suite as Elise, he had fantasized about kissing her passionately, full of love.  I don't think people would fall in love with a stranger that easily.  I mean, the kiss seemed so passionate as if it had been held back for a very long time and only released then.  Hehe, I don't know.  

All in all, it was a nice movie to watch.  Heartwarming and romantic.  

1NewMessages: Bebeth, sila tengokla movie ni.  Sa kira ko ni jenis yang romantik jugak :) Ngee~ 

2NewMessages: I have to say, though, that Depp and Jolie do not look that good together even though both are beautiful (I think Johnny Depp is more beautiful :p).  Johnny Depp's kind of woman is more like 

Petite, daring, and has a very unique look (the kind of face you won't forget easily). 

This is a Really Mad Post!

I hate the public transportation in Penang.  WHOLEHEARTEDLY.  

Rapid Penang bus 301, 303, 304 are always full, infrequent, and limited in number.  Everybody knows that these buses are always full and crowded.  So why not increase the number of buses for these routes? 

And oh, I observed that buses like 202 and 201 are in abundance and always EMPTY!!!!  WTH? 

If you're thinking of grabbing asses for free in these crowded buses, just save it okay!!!!  I'm going to curse your balls until they turn black, dead, and rot.  So back off!  

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dilemma, Oh Dilemma! a.k.a. Dilema, Oh Dilema!

It's been a while since we last played games.  After playing Mars vs. Venus the other day (by the way, our team - Venus, won!  As expected, I might add *roll eyes*), I kept having this itch of playing mind games.  Tolong garu sat!  

So here, I would like to introduce a game called "Dilemma, Oh Dilemma!" atau dalam bahasa Malaysianya, "Dilema, Oh Dilema!". 

Here's how we play: 

1. The first person (me la of cos) will post up a question in the form of a choice which is very tough to answer (sik guna nek tok bok mok study wei) hence causing the dilemma. 

2. The second person (the first person to comment lo) must answer the question by telling about the decision he/she will make.  The decision must come with an explanation as to why the answer is such.  

3. After answering the question, that same person will then post up another question which is also very, very hard (sik guna juak mun sik study awal, mun study pun lom tentu guna) hence causing another dilemma.  The next person to comment will have to answer that question and so the chain reaction begins... 

This exercise is very good to help us think logically and critically.  See, I'm helping you guys in your revision process ler... tolong mengasah otak yg berkarat dah ni...  

Besides, I think it might help us in our decision-making should we face this kind of situation in the future. 


Let us play... 

Imagine this.  You got raped by a stranger (you couldn't see his face in the dark) and later found out that you were pregnant with his child, would you get an abortion or not? 

 Dear girls, please answer honestly.  If you happen to be a guy, just imagine that it happened to your sister or maybe even your girlfriend. 

1NewMessages:  Other readers who would like to comment on other people's answers are also allowed.  But you would need to answer the question of the person before you & post a question for the next person first.  Thank you :)  Enjoy! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

She Ain't Heavy...

'Cos she's very thin.  

This is Baby, my sister.  Don't be fooled by her looks; she's two years YOUNGER than me ;p 

Since we were little, we shared almost everything - bedroom, clothes, schools, friends, and of course, secrets (though some I keep to myself because she's quite a blabber-mouth :p). 

However, no matter how close siblings are, they do quarrel occasionally.  For us though, the frequency is a little bit higher.  We like to "throw tongues" (bertikam lidah) at each other anytime, anywhere.  Sebab ya lah kitakorang rasa takut ngan mekorang.  Menyampah pun ada ku rasa.  Hehe.  

Well, I do admit that it is embarrassing to fight in public but we do it anyway.  Guess it has become a habit we find hard to get rid of.  

The topic of our bickering ranges from very serious stuff to insignificant matters.  The unimportant stuff usually starts with teasings which would eventually lead to rapid-fire arguments and then silent treatment that we give each other.  Most of the time, the dust would settle and things would return to normal again after an hour or two.  Or there appears something that catches our interest more than each other which made us forget our little war.  

The more serious stuff however, usually stems from "unfinished business" like complaints about each other.  For this one, the duration lasts a little longer, usually for a day or two.  Then the next time we see each other, we pretend that we have forgotten our grudges and so the world is at peace again. 

Mum had long given up trying to become a referee when we fight.  So long as we do not try to kill each other, she will keep one eye closed.  Our friends, on the other hand, are not used to these craziness.  Regardless of how many times we try to show them that it is just one of the things we do, we could never manage to convince them that we are not blowing off each others' head anytime soon.  

So on April Fool's day, Baby suggested that we play a little prank on our beloved friends by pretending to have a fight on Facebook.  As usual, our friends who read the statuses and comments we posted on each others' walls saw a DANGER sign.  LOL.  

It was not hard to put up the act at all considering how much practice we had.  Our friends got fooled and many even tried to get us to reconcile only to discover later that it was actually an April Fool's prank.  Ngeahahaha, padan muka!  :p

Okay, I apologize about our little stunt but we only wanted you guys to know that we were only going through our sisterly routines.  Quarrels aside, we do actually have other things that show our sisterly devotion towards each other.  

For instance...

No matter how many times I told Baby that if she would have to carry her overweight luggage on her own, I would still help to carry it together with her in the end.  

No matter how I scold her for her negligence in handling her things (especially expensive stuff), when she lost any, I would still lend her mine and help her get resources to retrace her things back.  

No matter if we had just had an argument, and she saw how tired I was, she would still help to carry my things or do the house chores for me (except the pool party time when she was lazy tahap cipan).  

No matter how many times I scolded or criticized her, she would still come to me for advice and consultation for serious matters.  And even though I always tell her to grow up and make her own decisions, I would still provide some guidelines and tips on how to make sound judgment.  

That is how our relationship works.  We fight and we cry but we also laugh and need each other (actually, she needs me more, hehe).  Because not all siblings have the lovey-dovey kind of relationship.  Nevertheless, it works for us and I think it is what makes our relationship stronger.  

This post is getting corny, which is not really my style.  Before I end this post, here's a song I would like to dedicate to Baby: 

The road is long
With many a winding turn
That leads us to who knows where
Who knows when
But I'm strong
Strong enough to carry him
He ain't heavy, he's my brother
So on we go
His welfare is of my concern
No burden is he to bear
We'll get there
For I know
He would not encumber me
He ain't heavy, he's my brother
If I'm laden at all
I'm laden with sadness
That everyone's heart
Isn't filled with the gladness
Of love for one another
It's a long, long road
From which there is no return
While we're on the way to there
Why not share
And the load
Doesn't weigh me down at all
He ain't heavy, he's my brother
He's my brother
He ain't heavy, he's my brother...

(He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother - The Hollies) 

Enjoy!  It's as old as you.  

Happy Birthday, Sis.  

Monday, April 4, 2011

If you don't know what to say, shut up!

1NewMessages: Please bear with me as my Malay is a little rusty (tunggang-langgang kata guru BM).  Some of the sentences/phrases are direct translations from the English sentence structure, so if you really cannot understand what I write, please translate it to English while you rack your brain to make sense of it :p Hehe.  Happy reading!  

Kata-kata begini, saya biasa dah dengar dari mulut bapak saya, dalam drama Kantonis pukul 7 yang saya wajib tonton, dan pelbagai lagi saluran yang sewaktu dengannya.  

Bukan apa, bapak tak suka kalau orang cakap ikut sukahati je sampai berlaku la pertumpahan darah.  Antara peribahasa yang beliau sentiasa uar-uarkan adalah "Kerana mulut, badan binasa" (sambungan tak ingat kerana beliau hanya memfokuskan kepada bahagian ini sahaja.  Sorila, BM dapat A2 je time SPM dan B- ketika di universiti.  Sah BM saya makin merosot tapi nak gak buat entry dalam BM konon-konon sebab cara penceritaan yang lebih enak didengar - adaka benda macam ni aku reka-reka je lah).  Eh, tersimpang jauh ke Bangkok pulak kita.  

Lepas tu, satu lagi adalah "Kalau kau tak bercakap sekalipun, orang tak akan anggap kau tu bisu."  Aku pun tak tau tapi pepatah ni macam femes je kalangan orang Cina-cina.  *Silap ke aku tulis camtu?*
Tapi kalau tulis orang-orang, jadi pulak patung yang jaga sawah padi tu.  So aku tiru dari "Rumah orang tua-tua".  Eh, biar je lah. 

Tujuan aku tulis entri ni (Tadi saya, sekarang aku pulak.  Ish, tak tetap pendirian sungguh!) adalah untuk menceritakan kisah duka lara yang bergelora di jiwa (aiseh, jiwang tak ayat aku?).  Anyway, gaya aku tulis ayat berbunga-bunga adalah untuk membuktikan kepada Cikgu Esther (guru BM masa Tingkatan 4 dan 5) bahawa ajaran beliau tidak sia-sia.  Tu pun kalau beliau sedar akan kewujudan blog ini.  Hehehe, poyo betul.  

Baiklah, straight to the point (Straight apa, dah masuk perenggan ke-5 baru nak bukak cerita sebenar.  Apa ni, sebab saya berbahasa Melayu, kenalah saya menjiwai watak orang Melayu.  Orang Melayu, selalunya suka menyelitkan maksud-maksud di sebalik kata-kata.  Depa tak biasa cakap terus-terang sebab nak bagi orang pikir maksud tersirat tu... jadi kenalah ada pemikiran kritis.  Tu lah pantun-pantun sangat popilar zaman Hang Tuah dulu.  Zaman tu, nak melamar pun cakap nak menyunting bunga di taman, kini zaman moden, ikut je style omputih, sudikah anda mengahwini saya.  Wah, skema pulak bunyinya.  Tapi tak leh nak cakap tak romantik sebab kalau ada suasana yang betul, romantik gak.  Siapalah diriku untuk mengadili semua itu kan?)

Baiklah, straight to the point.  Eh, kali kedua aku sebut rupanya.  Ish.  
Berbalik kepada topik hangat, ada manusia ni kan.. saya dah jumpa banyak kali spesies begini la.  Mereka main sebut je, tak kisah di mana dan kepada siapa.  Benda yang disebut biasanya berupa umpatan.  Yelah, kalau bukan masakan aku nak cerita di sini kan? 
Ish, manusia memang suka melihat pada yang negatif (-_-")

Tapi, takpe.  Ini adalah blog peribadiku.  Sukati akulah nak cerita apa.  Janji tak melibatkan orang lain.  

Ada berapa kali dah aku kena "sindiran" atau "kata-kata pedas" dari beberapa orang.  Ada yang merupakan kawan, ada yang merupakan lawan (heheh, maksudnya bukan kawan la... sebab tak kenal).  

Kata-kata menyakitkan yang datang dari lawan, tak kisah sangatlah.  Dah dia bukan kawan aku, bercakap sesuatu yang kurang indah di telingaku ini bukannya mengejutkan pun.  Yelah, manusia mana yang tak buat silap kan?

Tapi kalau datang dari mulut seseorang yang bergelar kawan, pasrah jugak rasa hati ini bagaikan ditusuk sembilu (Wow, boleh caya tak, saya baru guna nama 2 movie untuk membina satu ayat!  Kalau la cenggini masa Tingkatan 5 dulu, sure dapat A1 punye~).  Yela kan, kalau dah nama kawan, kita mesti expect dia memahami kita, walaupun tak sepenuhnya tapi faham-fahamlah tahap kesensitifan kita sampai mana.  
Yang lebih terkilan lagi adalah apabila beliau langsung tidak berasa bersalah pun atau merasai terdapat hati yang telah tersinggung dengan kata-kata tajam yang mungkin tujuan asalnya adalah sebagai lawak tetapi apabila keluar, lain pulak bunyinya.  

Contoh kata-kata yang mungkin menyinggung perasaan beta:  
Katakan satu hari aku nak buat kek, jadi aku pun beli bahan-bahan dan barangan ekstra lain yang boleh menampakkan keanggunan kek tersebut.  
Maka, apabila rakan tersebut melihat aku membeli barangan tersebut, beliau pun datanglah dan mentertawakan aku sambil berkata, "Ha, buat apa ko beli semua barangan ni?  Mesti ko tak guna jugak akhir nanti.  Ko ingat ko tu chef ke?" Sambil bergelak tawa riang. 

Kalau lawan aku yang kata, biasanya dalam hati aku akan timbul kata-kata seperti, 'Sukati akula.  Aku yang beli guna duit aku jugak.  Apa kena-mengena dengan engkau?' dan di mulut pula, "Kenapa?  Apa salahnya aku beli ni? Ada masalah ke?" dengan nada kausibuksangatapesal.  
Tapi disebabkan yang bersuara adalah kawan, maka berat di mulut untuk melafazkan kata-kata sedemikian.  
Serius aku katakan, aku diam je.  Tak nak menjawab takut ada yang terluka nanti.  Malah, dalam hati pun tak terfikir benda-benda macam tu pun sebab asyik ingatkan, 'Tergamak kau kata aku macam tu' sambil merajuk diam-diam.  

Aku ni orang yang memang suka bising.  Suka ketawa ibarat guruh.  Tapi bila dah merajuk, satu bunyi pun tak kedengaran.  

Entahlah, aku ni sensitip sangat ke atau diorang tu terlalu kurang sensitip.  Bukan aku tak boleh nak terima lawak yang ganas.  Tapi yela, dah nama lawak, lawak juga gaya ia disalurkan.  Aku bukan tak biasa diperkatakan dengan lawak yang memperbodohkan diri ini.  Tapi aku tak kesah, sebab aku tau dalam hati orang yang mengata tu, beliau tak berniat untuk melukakan diri ini.  Malah, disebabkan kasih sayang terlampau dan kuasa psikik yang hebat, lawak-lawak ganas sebegitulah yang merapatkan tali nilon antara kami.  Makseh Step, Melod, Joe, Baby, Claire, Bebeth, dan mereka yang sewaktu dengannya sebab aku bebas berlawak dan tak kontrol macho depan takorang.  

Memang aku tak nafikan, gaya lawak tersebut dipersembahkan juga amat penting untuk memastikan bahawa ia "tiada kaitan dengan yang hidup, mati, atau pengsan".  Yang tu pasal adegan lawak.  

Sekarang nak masuk pulak bab mengumpat orang.  Kalau nak mengumpat orang kena juga ada skill.  Dah nama mengumpat, mestila di belakang orang.  Jangan kasi orang tu tau.  Especially kalau bahan umpatan tu takde faedah langsung. 

Contohnya, kalau kita mengumpat orang yang berbuat jahat, takpe la jugak kalau beliau terdengar.  Tapi cakap baik-baikla kalau sengaja nak didengari dengan niat beliau akan berubah sikap.  Konon je tu.  Kalau aku jadi si diumpat, makin rebellious jadinye. Mana taknye, sedap mulut orang mengata, ingat diri tu perfek sangat ke? 

Macam yang pernah kakak saya buat, makin hebat salesgirl mengata tentang kita (yang asyik membelek baju-baju yang dilipat) dan makin berasid kemasaman muka beliau, maka kita haruslah membantu beliau untuk mencipta rekod kehebatan dan kemasaman yang lebih berasid.  Maka, haruslah kita membelek-belek kesemua baju yang telah dilipat berkali-kali oleh salesgirl tersebut dan akhirnya tidak membeli satu pun.  

Taktik aku pulak, dengan selamba babi je bagitau kat teman shopping kuat-kuat, "Eh, ada orang mengata aku la" dengan riak muka selamba sambil melihat ke arah salesgirl berkenaan tepat-tepat di matanya.  Gerenti beliau tergamam dan berhenti mengumpat dan pura-pura buat kerja sendiri.  Terbukti berkesan. 

Tapi yelah kan, aku tertanya-tanya, kenapa ada orang yang begini? Melemparkan saja kata-kata tersebut tanpa mempedulikan sama ada si diumpat itu within earshot ke tak.  Kalau nak umpat biarla di belakang.  At least, tak sakiti hati orang tu.  Janganla musnahkan hidup orang lain dengan kata-kata kau yang mungkin berunsur dengki tu.  
*Tiba-tiba terasa nak makan kek pulak.  Lapar~* 

Pendek kata (Walaupun karangan ini agak panjang.  Silakan untuk mengira bilangan patah perkataan kalau rajin.), sebelum nak bersuara tu baik fikir masak-masak.  Letakkan diri anda pada diri si pendengar tersebut.  Kalau kata-kata anda ditujukan kepada diri anda, apakah rasanya? Bayangkan kalau anda tak tau bahawa kata-kata tersebut adalah bertujuan sebagai lawak semata-mata, apakah perasaan anda pada ketika itu? 

Tak kira apa pun, kalau ada kata-kata yang agak mean, silalah simpan di hati je kalau orang yang ingin anda sampaikan kepada itu adalah kawan/orang tersayang anda.  Sila take note, peribahasa "Diluah mati emak, ditelan mati bapak" tidak dapat diaplikasikan dalam situasi ini. Sebaliknya, diluah putus sahabat mungkin berlaku.