Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Seasons of the Witch is here


I thought I saw a picture of someone I recognize at the cinema just now.  I managed to slip it out without anyone noticing (I think).  Here it is:

Season of the witch

Seems like witches are gaining popularity again lately.  Before Harry Potter, Sabrina the teenage witch and Samantha of Bewitched were born, witches were all scary and gruesome.  Churches even authorized witch-hunting to get rid of these awful creatures. 

It was a popular belief that witches prey upon children; like this particular witch who liked to turn children into giant gingerbread men: 
By the way, this is where they came from. 

Not only children, in fact, everybody knows that many popular princesses in history had met with ill-fate when they stumbled upon witches. 

Scary, right?

It's a shame that people should be scared of witches just because of these few rotten ones.  They would be fun to hang out with.  I mean, they could perform magic.  How can you not love that?  Imagine having the ability to move objects just by pointing at it.  Now, that's something that I could get used to.

Don't forget that witches have license to fly too, albeit on a broomstick.  Ain't that cool? I would love to try it out.  Broomsticks are environment-friendly because they don't need any fuel.  Saves money too! 

And oh, the potions.  Witches can brew really effective potions to rid this world of all kinds of disease and illness.  Isn't that just brilliant? 

So... what's so scary about witches? 

It's not their ugly face.

Here's where she came from. 

I don't discriminate people because of their looks.  Hehe. 

She originates from here.

Or their outdated fashion sense. 

Nor is it their cackling laughter because that's how I laugh. 

A witch is scary when she is jealous.  And because they possess such cool tools and magic powers, you wouldn't want to cross them.  You see, witches have rules which they must observe when performing magic.

Whatever good they do to others, it shall be returned three times as much; likewise, whatever bad deeds they do to others, it shall be returned in threefold. 

Thus, witches cannot harm others just because they enjoy doing it.  A jealous witch on the other hand, becomes irrational and... let's just say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  History has proved time and again that a witch's jealous rage is very dangerous and at times fatal.  It almost killed Snow White, Ariel (Little Mermaid) lost her voice, and Rapunzel was deprived of her freedom.  So, not even the threefold rule could stop those witches from harming the innocent princesses.  Yikes!  

Nevertheless, fear not for however dark a witch's spell is, there will be ways to undo the curse and usually, it is through a true love's kiss.  Snow White and Sleeping Beauty were fortunate to have gone into slumber in such a beautiful state.  Me? Not so lucky.  When I look at my own reflection, all I see is 

Who would want to kiss me, much less fall in love with me? I don't feel like kissing me!  

Wait... I think I just remembered where I saw this man: 

Season of the witch

He was with the witch who turned me into this slimy ugly green creature.  I need to see him badly so that I can beg the witch to turn me into something more pleasing to the eyes.  Otherwise, how can I get my true love's kiss?  

Gotta go!  *croak croak*