Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lanjutan Kisah Puk Akek Keras a.k.a. Haircare Talk

I love going to hair saloons, not just to get a makeover but I get a lot of beauty tips from the friendly hairstylists there.  I am quite choosy when it comes to people who handle my hair.  I do not really mind who wash my hair as long as they handle it with care and love.  Mun yang kasar-kasar ya, jaga la ko.  Aku pun banyak karenah juak.  

As it is with skin care, eye care, body care, etc., there are a lot of things you need to do to get a healthy and shiny hair from the very superficial to the in-depth care.  For me, I do the minimum needed to keep my hair soft and shiny.  Of course, they don't look like the hair of the models in the Sunsilk advertisement but they are nice to see, nice to touch, once broken considered sold.  Eh, got carried away pulak

Rambutku yang sihat.  Hehehe, sila jeles. 

Following the talk about 'Puk Akek Keras' that is Kayan/Kenyah (which one is it, Claire?) for 'Damaged Hair', I realize that a lot of girls are very beauty-conscious but they do not know how to care for their beauty.  Not all of us have beauty consultants mah...  Hence it is important for us to share what little beauty tips we have with each other so that we can expand our knowledge which can contribute to the beauty in the world.  Wow, masalah negara nih!  

First and foremost, to have a healthy hair, we must stay healthy.  Once we get sick, our body will focus its energy to help us recover which means that all the nutrients will be used to get us healthy again.  As a result, none is left for the hair to consume, leaving the hair looking dull.  In fact, our overall beauty relies much on how healthy we are.  The healthier you are, the more radiant you look and the more energetic you are.  People enjoy being around healthy people (in mind and body).  

So remember, if you have a bad eating habit (living on junk foods), stop it.  Eat a balanced diet as recommended by the food pyramid (of course the portion is different for everyone but the proportion should be about the same).  Talking about a healthy lifestyle, there is no escape from exercise and also enough sleep.  Get supplementary diet too if you are lacking of certain vitamins or minerals.  Believe me, once you start living healthy, your overall beauty will automatically improve.  
3NewMessages: For more information on what to eat for healthy hair, click this

Now that we have tackled beauty from its root, we should look at the hair products that we use next.  For hair washing, we must have a shampoo and conditioner, at the very least.  Once in a while, we should give our hair some treatment by using hair mask too.  For all the hair products, always read the instructions on the bottle before using it.  Not after.  Some of us just take for granted that all products are alike and we use it ikut sukati jak.  

For shampoo, it is better to use organic shampoo as they are milder on the hair.  Check whether or not your shampoo has Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) which is what gives your shampoo the foamy quality.  In my opinion (I'm not sure how accurate that is), if you are the kind of person who shampoo your hair everyday, better stay away from SLS.  The reason is that, the foam is very effective in removing oil (that was what I remember from my Chemistry lesson in Form 4 or 5 - the experiment in making soap) so in order not to cause your hair extreme dryness, use shampoo that has no SLS.  Besides, I once read that SLS is carcinogenic.  Either way, you are better off without it.   

Schwarzkopf Bonacure offers a line of sulfate-free shampoo.  It is a really good product and I have been a loyal customer for 7 years.  If, however, your hair becomes too oily and dirty, you could also use shampoos like Total Repair by L'Oreal Paris.  Remember that you don't have to buy all your hair products of the same brand.  Choose whichever that suits your hair and you will live happily ever after. 

After cleaning your hair, make sure to moisturize it with a conditioner.  The steps are really easy.  First, lather your hair with shampoo.  Rinse with slightly warm water to open the pores of the hair.  Then, work some conditioner through your hair.  Use your fingers to comb it through your hair for about one minute (because the label usually reads that the conditioner should stay on our hair for one minute) then rinse off thoroughly with cold water to lock the moisture in.  

It is important to keep in mind not to pat the conditioner directly on your head.  Keep the conditioner at the end of your hair because according to my hairstylist friends, patting the conditioner at the root of your hair or on the skin of your head will only cause hair-loss.  Unless you want to have a shiny bald spot, please follow the instructions above.  

 "I use conditioner on my head every day.  Look how shiny it is!"  :)
(Pic here

The same thing with shampoos.  Do not pat them directly on the skin of your head.  Or else you'll also end up with a shiny bald spot.  Instead, pour the shampoo on your hand and rub the substance with both palm and then work it through your hair, beginning at the end and gradually work the foam towards the root of your hair.  While shampooing, it is ideal to massage your head at the same time to improve the blood circulation so that more nutrients can be supplied to your hair.  

As for the hair mask, you could rinse off the conditioner and then apply the hair mask, or the way I do it, apply both of them together and then just rinse them off together.  Hehehe, malas nak? Mun kawu rajin, polah la sigek-sigek.  Ada ku kesah? 

Another tip for keeping your hair moisturized is to drink lots of water.  Don't wet your hair too often as external water can drain the moisture from your hair and skin because (semua budak Fizik tauk) water adheres to water (daya lekitan atau lekatan); that is why two drops of water can become one!  (I don't really know how to explain it but in Form 5 physics lesson, we learned that.)  Therefore, after washing your hair, make sure to dry it quickly.  Blow dry, pat dry, do whatever you can.  

But here is the thing, when you pat dry, don't rub the towel vigorously through your hair as friction can cause your hair to easily break or split (I heard this somewhere).  Your best bet is to blow dry it.  Use as high a voltage of hairdryer that you can get so that your hair can dry effectively with the minimum exposure to heat.  Only after your hair is completely dry do you start combing it to avoid causing split ends.  Then, you can start straightening your hair with the hair dryer.  And oh, while your hair is still damp (but not drenched with water la), apply some hair serum at the ends of your hair to prevent split-ends.  Then, spray some leave-on conditioner and only then do you start blow-drying. 

Easy, right? I know it sounds like a lot but after you stick to the procedure for two weeks or so, you will do it automatically.  Trust me, I'm one of the laziest people around but these procedures are so easy to follow that it just fell into routine by the third week.   

Okay, the next time around, we'll talk about hairstyling products. 

1NewMessages: I'm such a hair whore.  Well, I got it from my mama :p

2NewMessages: Oh, another traditional tip you can use to make your hair look shiny and lustrous is by washing your hair with tea.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Teh-O la... Tea without sugar unless you want your hair to become a home for the ants (mentang-mentang nak jimat la kan, teh tak habis minum digunakan). Make tea with 2-3 bags of tea (kasi cukup kaw).  Wait until it cools off and wash your hair with the tea.  Dengan berkat dan kuasa Tuhan, your hair will look shinier.  Get ready to flip your hair and tampar muka orang menyampah yang berdiri di belakang.  


jeans lusuh said...

kenyah hahaha
u still remember ha? bagus2...cepat belajar. uuu...~ my hair dalam keadaan yg keras seperti ranting. maybe i should try la. jadi makin teruk cos last holiday, when i travelled here and there, i rely on sabun hijau burung kakak tua utk jadi shampoo T.T

thts the only 'shampoo' and body soap yg mudah didapati di rural area.

Joe Jr. said...

i oso know its kenyah... puk akek keras ka p*** keras?? lol... which one??? wait wat would happen if ur p*** keras.. lol... said...

wa~~~~ ya jak ku mampu padah. I LOKIE DIS POST~! huhu no wonder bulu palak ko sgt kachak... said...

lol me n joe baca post ini pd masa yg sama! sila tgk komen beza 1 minit ja! haha

mcjayn said...

tahniah kpd anda berdua. nang sehati sejiwa la. mentang2 bday dekat. haha.

makseh atas pujian anda itu Step? aku x tauk ko admire rerambut ku duhal (dgn gaya pura-pura x tau yg menyampah). hahaha. mun ko suka gilak, len kali ku post byk gik tips penting sebegini utk keamanan dunia. haha

jeans lusuh said...

wht should i do utk soften rambut mcm ranting tok? loreal doesnt suit me. aku rasa mcm minyak2 jak rmbt ku. n banyak gugur... huhuhu

dah jadi segmen "tanya melissa" haha

mcjayn said...

aku xda license la utk berik nasihat yg valid. tapi melalui experience dan apa yg dibaca, rambut gugur adalah sesuatu yg normal.

aku pernah baca dlm sehari, rambut ble gugur 50-100 helai. tapi, utk mengelakkan rambut gugur keterlaluan, rasanya kena jaga pemakanan. kalau rambut gugur tu maknanya selnya dah mati. mun rambut cepat mati, mbe nya x sihat kot. hehe

sbb itu, spt yg diberitahu dlm entri di atas, jaga kesihatan diri. tido awal. elak makan mknan yg byk MSG. nanti byk kelemumur juga.

mun loreal x sesuai, ble cuba yg lain cth herbal essence ka. beli yg kecik lok. try utk 3-5 kali pencucian. mun x kenak, try yg lain. nanyak kawan2 lain yg ada masalah sama. plg bagus, try shampoo yg ada beritahu "utk menguatkan rambut/utk mengelakkan rambut keguguran".

utk soften rambut, byk bergantung kpd shampoo juga sbenarnya. pada masa yg sama, guna conditioner sbb rambut yg mcm ranting biasanya sbb kurang moist. so, moisturize la dgn conditioner + mask (ni boleh guna loreal mask - sgt berkesan. cuba pakai yg pek ada rm9.90 yg ada 4 bungkus ya). kalau rambut sgt kering, guna 1 bungkus terus (especially pencucian pertama) dan lepas pencucian, effectnya agak serta-merta. dpt rasa rambut mmg lebih soft.

ku pernah ada experience rambut kering juak. masa aku baru dye rambut. rasa cemas, terus beli hair mask (sbb mahal nak buat hair spa di saloon - time gawat), guna loreal punya. mmg berkesan!

masa mok kering, guna la hair oil (ada sigek, ku lupa namanya tapi dlm bentuk capsule, satu pek ada enam mun dlm satu kotak, ada 2 pek, so 12 biji - pilihla fungsi yg mana anda suka).

lepas try semua ni, cuba rasa perbezaan rambut. ada improvement?

Mad Maureen said...

bila lagi nak beli hair dryer yg best tu? aku dh tak sabar ni.. ahaha

btw, statement "i'm such a hair whore, i got it from my momma" itu tak boleh diterima. Mama not really into jaga hair stuff unless it's hairdo... apart from that, i don't really see mama jaga her hair that much... :P

The real hair whore is Michele a.k.a Ah Long.. You got it from big sista actually ahaha.. XD

mcjayn said...

mama mmg x jaga hair. tapi dia salu pegi saloon. balik-balik sibu, dah kena ajak pi saloon. kalau boleh, mama mau pegi saloon tiap minggu. ada org tolong cuci dan blow dry rambut curly tu.

saya sbg anak mithali, akur dgn kehendak mama utk menemani beliau pi saloon dan dipaksa utk bersama-sama mencuci rambut juga.

mcjayn said...

btw, the hair dryer, tgh tunggu kau la. tapi aku rasa mbe next week or this week when i go to Qbay la. and oh, saya yg guna ok. if u wanna use it, come to my house. jgn harap nak bawak balik hostel. silap aribulan, ur hostel blackout gara2 nak beri laluan kpd hairdryer tu.

Mad Maureen said...

mmg la use it at your house. lagipun ada service blow dry hair dari you truly ahaha so of the course i will only use it when at your house.. :P aku kan dh ada hair dryer? ahaha

mcjayn said...

nak kasi rekod kejap. sbb hepi sgt2 ^^

tadi kakak di kaunter PPIP (yg masih baru kot sbb first time nampak dia) puji rambut i cantik. first dia tanya "you buat treatment ke rambut you?"
i speechless la lalu cakap "he~~ treatment?"
"cantik la rambut u" kata beliau.
i senyum je. kata tq. tapi beliau ttp ingin mengorek rahsia rambut cantik.
"u slalu pegi saloon ke?" beliau tanya.
"taklah (sambil rasa sedih) dah 6 bulan tak pergi..." *huhu* (cuba melupakan rasa sedih dgn mengisi borang)
"u pakai shampoo apa? herbal essence ke?" beliau tanya lagi.
"taklah" i kata sambil mengisi borang.
beliau kemudian cuba meneka-neka lagi nama shampoo sambil i menafi-nafi. kemudian, beliau rasa menyampah dgn i yg masih mamai ni lalu terus tanya "u guna shampoo apa ah?"
sori kakak. masih mamai. kalau ada tilam, boleh tido balik ni. ni duty 9am pagi. huh... letih giler malam tadi tido lewat. bahu rasa macam menampung berat seluruh dunia je.
i pun senyum tersipu-sipu dan berkata,"schwarzkopf"
"oh, patutla elok pun.." kata kakak itu tadi. "cantik la rambut diorang" beliau bercerita kat uncle sebelah beliau tu yg slalu mjd tpt i minta kunci.

well, kakak, u may not know it but u made my day :) x rugi bangun awal! yela... wpun mamai dan nampak huduh skali pada waktu pagi, tapi anda dpt menghargai sikit manapun kecantikan yg ada pada diri ini. nampaknya usaha utk menjaga rambut tidak sia-sia :')

kalau bukan sebab rush nak pi bukak pintu study, nescaya i akan stay utk cerita lebih lanjut lagi kakak. ni la, lain kali i bagi address utk blog i ni. ada tips2 utk mendapatkan rambut yg sihat.