Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cerita Moral a.k.a. Moral Story

I met a man on a bus ride home, one Sunday.  I reckoned he was middle-aged and single (there was no ring on his finger). 

Upon boarding the bus, he made his way towards the seat next to mine and said, "You.  You sit inside."  
Astonished, I said firmly, "No, no, NO!" and motioned for him to sit inside instead. 
What a rude old man, I thought to myself.  

Without losing a beat, this man began warming up to me, trying to come up with a conversation; never mind that I had my earphones on (a sign that I didn't want to be bothered). 

"Are you student?" he asked.  
"USM?" he inquired more.  
"Yeah," was my short reply.  Obviously, I wasn't in the mood of making a conversation - what with the noisy wheels and the humid weather which made me felt sleepy.  

But the man would not give up.  He tried again.  
"Where are you from?" he asked.  
"Sarawak," I replied with a sigh.  
'What, this man can't take a hint ka?' I thought. 
"Oh, Sarawak.  Is it holiday now?" 
"No la." 
"Then why are you here?" he asked, obviously, not listening to a word I said.  
"I already told you I'm a student in USM of course I'm here LAH!!!" was what I wanted to say.  
Instead I answered, "I'm studying here." 
"Oh, so it's holiday la..." he mumbled.  I rolled my eyes.  'Paham sik apa ku madah, orang tua tuk!'
"Which year are you now?" he probed further.  At that point, I gave up pretending listening to my MP4 which had already run out of power. 
"Final year," I lied.  
"Oh, final year.." he repeated after me.  

Then he began telling me his life story, about how he had always wanted to pursue a degree in Canada but his visa wouldn't be approved because of his age.  How true that is, I cannot be sure.  I pretended to care and asked him what he planned to do next.  Ignoring my question, he went on about what a lousy country we have.  I remembered thinking, 'If it's that bad, why don't you migrate to another country?'  Semangat patriotik ku berkobar-kobar.  

He then moved on to other stories about how he always have misunderstandings with people.  He asked me why people never see eye to eye with him.  I looked at him and wondered why I was not surprised.  (Okay, I was being judgmental here.  I'm sorry but not at the time.  Hehe).  I simply said 'I don't know.'  

I realized all my answers were short.  Frankly, I have no interest in wasting my brain cells on this man's speech.  He made a bad first impression on me.  And I was not feeling very generous that day.  So deal with it.  

The man told me that he is not a very sociable person.  He hates people.  And he seldom talks to people.  Clearly, I was a different case.  
Feigning curiosity I asked why.  I suppose that is what people always ask when someone makes a statement, right?
He said, "People are dishonest."  Wow.  What a claim.  A proof of ignorance, if you ask me.  

By that time, I was a little irritated with that man.  What right did he have to disturb my harmonious ride home (totally ignoring the fact that I was wearing an earpiece - a sign that I didn't want to be bothered by the outside world)? What right did he have to defile my mind with all the useless piece of conversation that doesn't contribute to the body of knowledge (except for a warning to avoid him the next time I see him)?  

"So why do you talk to me? How can you be sure that I'm honest?" I challenged him.  
He chuckled, the cheek of him!  
"Oh... you!  Haha, you never mind.  You are from Sarawak.  From kampung.  You cannot lie to me mah..."  
Upon hearing that, my blood boiled.  What kampung?  
"Are you sure?" I asked, insulted.  To be clear, it was not so much his calling Sarawak a kampung as the way he said the word kampung that I was angry.  
"Have you even been to Sarawak before?" I pressed on. 
Without any hesitation, he answered, "No." 

So it was just another "coffee shop talk".  A baseless accusation.  

To save my own pride I tried to correct the man with the most tactful way I know how.  Hiding a laughter (for the man's ignorance), I told him about Miri and Kuching (the two cities in Sarawak).  City.  What constitutes a city, you know la.  I also told him a little about my hometown, about its similarities with Penang.  

I should have exaggerated and tell him outrageous stories about the headhunters in Sarawak.  Now I'm regretful.  Then he'll know just how kampung I am.  Sigh.  

By the end of the bus ride, the man actually expressed how happy he was to be able to have a conversation with me.  I, on the other hand, was happy to end it.  

I had never been so happy getting off a bus before.  That day, it never occurred to me how hot the day was, how I wish the bus would stop right in front of my apartment.  I just walked home at a faster pace with each step.  

That day, I made a vow: Never again would I talk to a stranger.  
I have repented.  
I could only imagine what my mum would say, "To si la... tua lang kong, lu mai tia." (Ya la, orang tua madah, kawu sik mok dengar)

Moral of the story:  Do not talk to strangers.  They might just piss the hell out of you.  True story. 


Mel Malden said...

hahaha. Mel, if he was a young, good looking charming guy, this would be a different story rite? haha

let he think sarawak is kampung la. Mok gilak g canada, swk sik perlu visa pun.

yea i know the feeling orang tiba-tiba create conversation yang ku mls mok layan. *sigh.

jeans lusuh said...

is this after me and mau left the bus? sempat juak nya molah conversation huhuhuhu.

Joe Jr. said...

klo sy sy teriak oh lelaki mcm tu.. ko igt sy bdk kg??? sory i was raise in city ok.... ko mo pg canada sgt pgla.. go rot in canada... then if there's any empty seat kat tmpt2 l'll move... i rather stand than talk to org yg cetek pemikiran mcm lelaki bodoh tu... at least he didnt try to take advantage of you.. sy pnah...

Mad Maureen said...

Ah? when was this??

Hmmm.. no wonder he cannot further his studies.. since he's so ignorant and all that. he might just piss the lecturer.. :P

one thing, just treat him as the test for you during lent season... hahah said...

ksian beliau...sarawak itu kampong, penang itu pulau. wah, 'besar'nya kampong sarawak berbanding dengan pulau pinang.(besar itu ada mksd tersembunyi)sekian.

ew mel, so kampong-ish~! yay!! lalalala~

go sarawak no need visa like canada ma..bak kata melot.

mcjayn said...

Melod, ya... i'll be even more pissed. mbe i'd even sindir2 pedas him.

claire, two sundays ago (mun x silap la...) ah, ingat. masa gi shopping kasut ngan step. blt sorang2. huhu

joe, maksud? ko pernah try ambil kesempatan terhadap saya kah? oh no!

mau, well... it's just another boring sunday afternoon...

step, aku nang org berasal dari kampung yg telah bertukar menjadi bandar. huahuahuahua... aku x kisah nya madah aku org kampung. tapi aku x suka nya ingt semua orang kampung gullible. so x pandey mok tipu nya. padahal sebelum ya ku dah tipunya pun... pandai sangatlah org kota itu... hm..