Friday, April 1, 2011

Cerita Moral a.k.a. Moral Story - II

This afternoon, I had another strange encounter with an old man.

1NewMessages: Do I look so approachable to people that they think I would want to listen to whatever idea it is that they want to sell?  

Okay, back to the old man.  He asked whether I was a student. 
I nodded, looking at the booger hanging from his nose.    
"Na li lai de? (Where are you from?)" he asked again. 
"Sha-lao-yue. (Sarawak)"
"Ha? Sha-lao-yue mei you da xue ah? (Huh? Is there not a university in Sarawak?)" he asked in a surprised tone. 
"You la (Got la)," I replied. 
"Wei shen me bu zai na li du? (Why didn't you study over there then?)," he questioned me with a puzzled expression. 

Annoyed.  With the man and his peeking booger.   
'What does it have to do with you wherever I study?' I thought to myself. 
Maybe he thought that he was being friendly but for me, he was getting too close for comfort.  I hate it when people forget where they stand.  

Remembering that I should respect my elders, I told him that it was not up to me to decide where I'll be studying.  Of course I had the power to list down the universities but the final decision was made by the government. 

The man said, "Wah, zhe yang bu shi hen gui? Ni guo lai zuo fei ji ah? (Wow, it must be expensive then.  Did you come here by airplane?)"

'Duh.  How else would I be coming here? Swim?'
I simply nodded politely. 

"That is why women shouldn't be so educated.  Just get married and have children la.  It's so expensive to study." 

I raised an eyebrow. 

At that moment, I have what Step likes to call "tanganku terasa mahu menampar laju-laju" the old man's head.  I stared blankly at the old, disgusting booger-man.  

Never in my life, not even my parents, ever said that it was a waste to educate me. 
Never had my parents, ever discouraged me from pursuing a degree.  Instead, Mum and Dad even encouraged me to pursue a higher degree. 
Never had my parents said that they regretted having graduate daughters. 

How could he, this booger-man spoke to me like that? 
It was not his money which supported me through my studies. 
It was not him who bought my flight tickets so that I could go back to my hometown in case I get homesick. 
It was not him who bought me my handphone so that he could get in touch with me. 
It was not him who attended my convocation. 

What concern of his was my business?


Just imagine, had women been uneducated,
1. Would we have a liquid paper to erase our typing/writing mistakes now? Thanks to Bette Graham, our lives are made simpler. 
2. Would we have light protection gears like helmet and bullet-proof vests?  If it wasn't for Stephanie Kwolek's discovery of Kavler, which has five times the strength of steel yet lightweight, we might have to wear this: 

 Picture from here.  

3. Would we be able to see the road clearly while driving in a heavy rain?  Thank Mary Anderson for the windshield wiper. 
4. Would we be able to keep our meat, vegetables, and fruits fresh for days?  Yes, the refrigerator was invented by Florence Parpart. 
5. Would we be able to cook so efficiently now?  Because of Elizabeth Hawk, we now have the cooking stove.  There is no need to gather firewood to light up the fire anymore.  

And the list goes on.  

Tell me old man, do you not have all five inventions, by women who did not just make reproduction their life mission, in your home?

Then, in the lift, he asked me which floor I stayed on.  I didn't want to press the button at first because I knew he would have something to say.  When he saw that I pushed the button for the penthouse, he drilled me with questions again.

"Wah, you stay at the penthouse ah? Two person only kah?"
How he knew was a mystery unless the management staff had a big mouth.

"How much do you pay for the house per month?"
"RMxxx," I replied.
"Wah, so expensive!  Your parents so rich ah?"

'What makes you think that I'm living off my parents' money? Assume much, don't you?'

"Then why don't you find other places to stay? That apartment is so expensive.  It's not for people to stay one..  These people ah.." he mumbled to himself.

'You think so easy to find a nice place to stay is it?'  Marah sudah ni.  

Luckily, at that moment, the lift opened and the man left.
*Sigh of relief*

Cursing all the way up to my apartment, I felt really bad for the man.  He must have had a sucky life to judge other people's life according to that kind of standards.

Moral of the story: I should have learned from moral story number I - "Don't ever talk to strangers no matter how old they are."  You never know, they might pissed you off.  True story.

Why don't people ever realized that it is better to keep quiet than to say something stupid?

Talking is good, but listening is better. 
Because when you listen, you can discover things that you wouldn't be able to had you been talking.  

And to that old man, here is why the world does not need more men: 

Picture from here

2NewMessages: To all my male friends (who are open-minded), please take no offense.  I was just pissed off with that sexist old booger-man. 


Mad Maureen said...

Yea. I wonder which century is he living in. And btw, talking bout the lift, whenever i press floor 11, people kinda stared at me. hmmm.. penthouse shows standard ka? aiyo.

mcjayn said...

ya, hate it too. and ppl will suddenly ask me - 'oh, so ur the tenant huh?'

ugh. so i stay in a penthouse, wat's the big deal? it's not like some kind of a bungalow.