Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dilemma, Oh Dilemma! a.k.a. Dilema, Oh Dilema!

It's been a while since we last played games.  After playing Mars vs. Venus the other day (by the way, our team - Venus, won!  As expected, I might add *roll eyes*), I kept having this itch of playing mind games.  Tolong garu sat!  

So here, I would like to introduce a game called "Dilemma, Oh Dilemma!" atau dalam bahasa Malaysianya, "Dilema, Oh Dilema!". 

Here's how we play: 

1. The first person (me la of cos) will post up a question in the form of a choice which is very tough to answer (sik guna nek tok bok mok study wei) hence causing the dilemma. 

2. The second person (the first person to comment lo) must answer the question by telling about the decision he/she will make.  The decision must come with an explanation as to why the answer is such.  

3. After answering the question, that same person will then post up another question which is also very, very hard (sik guna juak mun sik study awal, mun study pun lom tentu guna) hence causing another dilemma.  The next person to comment will have to answer that question and so the chain reaction begins... 

This exercise is very good to help us think logically and critically.  See, I'm helping you guys in your revision process ler... tolong mengasah otak yg berkarat dah ni...  

Besides, I think it might help us in our decision-making should we face this kind of situation in the future. 


Let us play... 

Imagine this.  You got raped by a stranger (you couldn't see his face in the dark) and later found out that you were pregnant with his child, would you get an abortion or not? 

 Dear girls, please answer honestly.  If you happen to be a guy, just imagine that it happened to your sister or maybe even your girlfriend. 

1NewMessages:  Other readers who would like to comment on other people's answers are also allowed.  But you would need to answer the question of the person before you & post a question for the next person first.  Thank you :)  Enjoy! 


jeans lusuh said...

mok main! mok main!!!

i won't, definitely won't get an abortion. it'll be hard an tough but i'll try very very very hard not to hv an abortion sbb tht child sik mintak pun utk ada/wujud. my life was ruined, but i won't do the same utk tht child.

ok sik answer tok?

mcjayn said...

ok. tapi kawu x rasa benci kah sebab anak ya DNAnya dari perogol gila ya juak ka?

oh, btw, kawu lupak berik soalan... hehehe

jeans lusuh said...

ya la ku madah...memang akan susah. sangat2 susah. aku ada kawan bah pernah kenak like this.

i dunno la. imagine mun perogol ya hodoh? bodoh? and... bangla ke etc??? OMG...serious akan menimbulkan banyak persoalan. gene yg ank ya mbak not only mine tp dr perogol ya.

but, to abort...i don't think i will...

eh, thanks for reminding me abt the soalan hehehehe.

well, after jaganya dlm perut selama 9 bulan, aku confrim, mesti akan ada perasaan yg bercampur baur. u'll hate that child cos nya bkn ank yg kau mauk. bt at the same time, aku sure, akan ada rasa sayang juak sbb u know tht child sik bersalah. esp after u saw his/her face lepas beranak.

bila tiba masa ya, will i keep tht baby or gv it away?

Mad Maureen said...

if me, i will give the baby away.. i dunno why but a child growing up with the realization that nya adalah anak yg org sik mok wujud akan menyebabkan nya rasa rendah diri, mungkin diejek di sekolah, etc. I will give the child for adoption to a family who really wanted that child, and hopefully that family is an understanding one who would not restrict me from stalking the child diam2. hahah.

At least when i give the child for adoption, the child will feel wanted cause he/she is wanted by the family who adopted him/her. But if growing up with me, nanti aku temper2 sebab sometimes, kami berdua akan kena pandang rendah hina by people. Maybe i can bertahan with that cemuhan, but for the child yg masih kecil, dia takkan tahan.

so yeah, i will give the baby up for adoption.

And next question, wil u rather give the baby to a nearby relative who belum tentu give a bright future to the baby (but you can still keep updates of the baby) or u give the baby to orang jauh yg dari keluarga baik2 dan confirm2 dpt bagi good future to the baby (but u cannot see the baby cos they are living faraway?)

semua menguji sifat keibuan tok hoho

mcjayn said...

for me, i would give to the family who can ensure a bright future for the child. lagipun jauh kan. at least, probability for the "dark secret" will not be easily discovered. besides, adopting children is not uncommon these days kan? but better if the family can give me photos of the baby's growing up years. hehe. tapi xkan kaco la..

next question:
suppose if you found a man you love and the two of you plan to get married. and then the night before the wedding, you found out that your future bro-in-law was the one who raped you, would you tell your future husband about it or keep it a secret? most importantly, would you still go on with the wedding knowing that he is related to such a monster?

mcjayn said...

apa aku cakap atas tu? i meant, probability for the dark secret to be discovered will be very low. said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

oh man! knak Q semua caka2 susah?! grrrrr! k aku jwb...

mun aku la, i'll tell him abt his bro. huwaaaa pnyala membazir smua brg2 kwin ya tpaksa batal. yes, batal jap. mmg la akan malu d mata saudara-saudai-mara-mari tp ini hidup saya! xkan la mo wedding dgn muka masam? huhuhu

depends jg sama my future hubby, apa opinion dia. let's say itu mlm dia mengamok, biarkan tp jgn kasi dump - tinggalkan beliau. kesian beliau, ok. for his bro, hurmm hope so, dia figure out mcm mana mo hukum diri sndiri.

but when it comes to virginity yg hilang sbb kna rape, siyes, aku n semua girls d dunia xmok bnda ya jd ngn kita. so, aku bg contoh, xmok mrncontohkan diri sendiri la, juz guna a girl named A.

aku meletakkan diri aku sbg A. APAKAH BEZA??! CETIIT!

A klu sdah buat kputusan wanna hidup sma bf dia sbg suami isteri, she should tell him d truth - ini dlm konsep A msh xtau who's d raper. klu d bf still terima dia seadanya, well, she's d luckiest girl to hv dat kind of man to be his life partner!
Say d bf terkejut, dunno what to do then terus larikan diri bcuz of malu - it's time for A to start cari lain tp kekalkan kejujuran hatinya. GOD WILL SHOW HER THE RIGHT WAY. klu xda satu lelaki pun d dunia ini can accept her, biarla. itu takdir. mau x mau, juz redha w khidupan single till u die. huwaaa gila sedihh.

tp konklusi aku, tell d guy. tgk dulu, if mlm itu he still wanna proceed w our wedding, thus i'm the luckiest girl in the world to hv him as my hubby!regarding his bro, i'll hate him forever n my hubby should realize/know dat. huwaaaa


adoyai, nak pa kes soalan aku pun 2x78965 juak kdk drama, siyes aku simpati mun cmya la idup seorg malangla. sekian.

natalia said...

for the 1st question: i think will give it away also.. I won't give it to my relatives, b'coz relatives still have a very close relationship with me and i don't wan the secret come out too early (before the child is ready).. i think, i'll just give the child away to a family that stay very far from my hometown and leave them my address (in case when the baby grow up he/she wanna find me)

the 2nd question: i'll tell my future husband 1st about what his brother do.. and i think i won't cancel the marriage, but ask him to stay very far from her brother (since her bro is my trauma) said...

lia, where's ur Q? n u're supposedly to answer mine..huwaaaa!

Mel Malden said...

Lia dint leave a Q, so i'll answer Step's

Caka eh, susah na! Susah dari soklan essay spm!

huhu. In my opinion, i would rather, have to let go the guy. Totally cant stand sakit hati every day wei. huhu

I know im pregnant, and it is suck to handling it all alone. But, i would seek help from family and friends.

My baby wont have a father? yea, that sucks too. but he/she will have a good mum. title janda?Single mum may not be a bad stuff. There are many successful single mothers out there. you just gotta be strong. who cares about what people think? im a victim here.

Q : you car broke dowm, i a middle of the night, in a middle of nowhere. credit tepon ngam2 ciput. 5 sen saja. Cannot call out, or text due to insufficient credit. Anda seorang pengguna DG. Ada F&F (pakej friend n family). The only no you register under F&F is your ex-bf number, whom cheated on you, to be with you best friend whom you now called a bitch. Your ex is the person you hate the most currently. No current gerek sikda pulak dalam F&F ( sebab baru gerek tek kan..haha. lupa key in no)

So, to call or not to call? Fyi, your current gerek adalah sangat kuat jeles wei...

mcjayn said...

call! mestila call. ya matter of keselamatan aku. benci ka x, yg penting aku syg diriku lebih gik. so of cos will call definitely.
mun gerek ku jeles, ku celen nya balit. "oh, keslamatan aku lebih penting ka atau "maruah" kawu?"

sure nya xpande jawab. so ku pun pura2 merajuk. then nya pujuk ku balit. hehehe..

u and ur bf just broke up. you loved him very much and you're very heartbroken. then after a month or two, u found out that he's trying to woo your sister. and ur sis seems to like him. what would you do? would you try to stop the relationship because you can't face the possibility of ur ex becoming your future bro-in-law or would you bless their relationship (which means you'll have to attend their wedding if the relationship works out - and see them both declaring their love towards each other)?

remember that's your ex-bf. sth has happened between the two of you before this. could you imagine him doing the same things with you before? said...

soalan smua ala2 drama! byk tgga tv takorg tok! bahahaha menyampah ku ngn game tok! soalan susah2 jak. xmok ku nyaut ehh! ok, next person to answer mel's Q...


mcjayn said...

eleh.. konon menyampah. tapi nya yg x sabar mok nangga jwpn org. jwb jak!!!

EverEverAfter said...

Answer : I think after much thinking (kunun LOl) I'll accept the faith if his destiny is to be with my sis..I x mind..cuma kalau I know he can't take care of my sis I wont rela dia kawin or in relationship with my sis...not because of me but because I love my sista and as the big one my sister's happiness will eventually be mine honestly...I x mind if I need to face someone yg hurt me before as long as don't hurt my sista then sa carilah bf baru LOL and yeah tunjuklah sikap "I don't play with my old toy " depan dia ...over is over :)

Q : you discover that you will die in exactly 5 years time but then you realize that if you win a coin toss you can live for another 30 years but if you lose you'll die in exactly 1 month will you take the gamble of life ? :)

Mad Maureen said...

Wow that was one hard question Ebeth.. Hurmm.. Let me think..

Ok i think i will take the gamble of life. It's either all or nothing.

Because if i only get to live for 5 years, i have to do sth like studying or working to fill in that 5 years. But the thing is, i cannot get to enjoy what I harvest because in 5 years time, I get to build my career, but when I reach the peak of my career, I cannot enjoy it cause the 5 years is over already. It's like doing work half done. Or doing work without reaching the climax and get to enjoy it.

Let's say if i toss the coin and win, i know i have 30 years ahead of me. I will really work hard for my future, cause i know i still will live to enjoy my harvest later...

And if i toss and got only one month to live, I will live it like there's no tomorrow. I will enjoy, do things which I've never tried before, and at the same time i will tell my family, i don't want to study anymore because it's a waste of money and time (cause what's the use going to classes for 1 month only). I won't get to apply it in the future anymore. SO i will enjoy my life, at the same time keep some money for my own simple funeral.

Q: Would u rather be in a relationship with someone whom u love much but then that person would not treat you like you deserve (where you have to make excuses for him everytime when your friends asking about him) OR would you rather be in a relationship with someone whom u do not love at all, never have feelings at all, but you know that person will treat you like a queen?

(Sesi matter of the heart)

mcjayn said...

i like your answer abt the life gamble thing.

to answer your question,
the second one, i've been in. so i think i'll choose the first one. because second one is equally distressing (it's not as if the partner won't demand anything from you no matter how nice he treats you because in a mutual r/ship, there has to be a give and take).

for me, if you really love someone, you wouldn't mind if he/she doesn't love you back. at least then i'll be giving sincerely, because i want to (even though he may not deserve it - according to how others see it). but for me, he deserves it because i love him.

it's not easy to find someone whom you love who will love you back, so don't ever let him/her go when you have found the ONE. i mean, try your best but don't stalk/force him/her.

in real life, i would choose neither. because for me, this is not really a dilemma. i still have a choice because i am comfortable living with myself. i would prefer to live alone and travel the world (w/o any worries), get me self a bf if i really wanna have some fun but never get married. hehe..
to be honest, that's how i see myself in 20 years to come.

jay chou (the one), come and save me now~~~ lol

You are about to get married to the nicest man in the world the next week. Incidentally, your boyfriend (whom you really loved) whom you thought had been dead came back. Turned out that he had been held as prisoner of war (see, this guy is in the army).

He thought that now that he's back, both of you could be together again. You find that you still have those feelings for him.

What would you do? Rekindle the old flame (whom you believe to be the one) or proceed with the wedding because you know the guy you're going to marry will treat you nice forever (your future is ensured and stable - well, nya kaya and responsible, handsome gik ya - eligible bachelor la tek)?

EverEverAfter said...

test napa reply sa x out ni ? lol

EverEverAfter said...

haishhh...penat sa type tadi rupanya teda kluar..ok type balik :)

A : we'll I will marry the other guy not the old love. Why ? the wedding is so near and I couldn't mess it just like that ...everyone during the M.I.A of the army already learn how to accept and live with the "fate"

p/s :just realize my grammar mistake in my previous comment sorry :)

ok continue...BUT I'll ask permission from my current fiancée to talk with my former boyfriend just to declare the end of the relationship with him...and just to tell him how I miss him before and suffer when I thought he will never come back anymore and how happy I am at the moment to see him alive. I'll tell him my fiancée is a good man and don't worry about me anymore :) Yeah I guess I'll do that :) I bet during the M.I.A of my former bf I must have develop love towards the other guy as well because I thought the former bf sudah mati bah...

q : This is taken from the film "Death Note".Let's suppose you were to find yourself in possession of the supernatural power to kill people from afar simply by knowing their name and what they look like. This power is completely untraceable, so there's little chance of your getting caught if you use it. What would you do with this power, if anything at all, and why? Would you take out a few serial killers? Would you use it to eliminate oppressive world dictators? Would you get revenge on your personal enemies? Or would you turn the power over to someone else, or otherwise give it up entirely? said...

eleh.. konon menyampah. tapi nya yg x sabar mok nangga jwpn org. jwb jak!!!

mel anok aku! huwaaaaa! ku bulak2 jak ba xda niat mdh pa2 jaik...ishh x mok geng ko gk!

jeans lusuh said...

caka2 soklan. sampai aku rasa soklan exam petik jari jak jawab (amen)

tiap kali aku mok jawab, dah ada org jwb hahaha...

lepas bcb soklan kunun mok berfikir...sekali.... dah ada org jawab hahha

mcjayn said...

jawab agik la. ish ish ish. kan boleh komen jwpn org lain?

neyda ku nganok kawu kuyat! ih, ku mok mandik gik la. kelak malam bok main baru. cis. padah sikit pun nanges. cengeng!

EverEverAfter said...

teda pun orang jawab saya T.T said...

ok, sa jwb Q bebeth sblum dia menanges terjun RESTU!

klu sa, sa xkan guna itu power sukahati sa sbb itu power sgt kejam! ia lbh kpd curse bg sa. mcm itu ujuan dr GOD. dia mo lihat how we deal w d given power itu la lbh kurang. (or adakah ini smua kerja dr DEVIL??)dosa namanya klu simply kita ambil nyawa org lain juz bcuz kita berupaya like how come judge boleh jatuhkan hukuman mati pdhal nyawa ajal smua d tangan Tuhan??? so klu sa, sa xkan guna eventho sa rasa sa jika btol sa ada itu power, sa ada tendency utk guna - saya amat2 berharap saya sedar dan berfikir semula utk x guna itu power!

efek tgk drama ORTHOROS NO INU, insan jahat dbagi power GOD'S HAND tp insan baik dbagi power DEVIL'S HAND. ksian ooo yg baik tpaksa deal dgn kbolehan membunuh dgn sentuhan dan niat!

sa xda Q. so, ini bolehkah dianggap komen saja?? haha

natalia said...

eiikk.... i din read step punya.. maaf step... :(

so i'll answer ebeth la, since step x bagi soalan lagi..

i will use that power to hurt or kill people who hurt my parents before and after that i will give it to people.. i don't want to hold such kind of power for a long time..

Q: a bit related with ebeth punya.. if u found out there's someone hurting your parents and make them suffer so much.. what that person do not only hurt your parents but the whole family. One day, the angel of death come to you and give u power to kill that person, but with one condition: u will lose one of your family member (or your beloved one). if you did not kill the person who make ur parents suffer, there's a possibilities that the whole family won't survive.. What will be your decision?

EverEverAfter said...

Lia :I will just pass it...easy because it is like gambling with the life of your loves one..yes the person makes you suffer but still that person is the one who responsible to make you a stronger person kan ? though I bet if that happen to me mesti I have my own grudge but at the same time my grudge towards the particular person is still to small too mention rather than the love that I have towards my own family...:)

q : which one is more important a pen or a hoe ?

mcjayn said...

susah o... how to answer. i would like not to kill that person. because only a possibility that the family won't survive mah... if i kill him then i'll be like him too. but if he is someone who keep on killing my family members one by one, then i'll most probably take his life and then offer my own life to be taken so that the other family members won't die.
but if i'm not allowed to have my life taken, then no, i won't kill that person. that will be like me killing one of my own family member also.

Q: if you suddenly died only to find out that your life was mistakenly taken; it wasn't your time to die yet. so God says you must live again but you cannot go back to your old body. you have to be somebody new. He gives you two choices

1) you are going to be a very brilliant person and would come up with solution for any kind of global issues and become very popular, but you will be very ugly that even your own family are embarrassed to admit that you guys are related and nobody will ever love you.

2) you are going to be very beautiful and popular in Hollywood, but you will be very stupid that you always get cheated in love. But everyone wants to be with you.

Which would you choose? And you cannot choose to stay back because as I said earlier, your time has not come yet.

mcjayn said...

bebeth, q ko macam nda sesuai ja sini. macam tersesat dari game This or That ja... hehehe :p sori, x sempat nak jwb soalan ko.

EverEverAfter said...

o yakah lol...baiklah tukar Q

q:An asteroid is about to hit the earth but you, your partner and family will be safe in an underground bunker. You can choose just one other person to take refuge. Who would it be?

EverEverAfter said...

Mel : I chose the 1st one since I am the most brilliant one nobody want to be with me including my own family but still I can buy them I don't care cause I have the money to buy them ..mesti lonely kan ? but since I am the most brilliant I need to think everyday I bet I don't even have the time to think about loneliness....:)

natalia said...

beth: i will choose my sister.. because she still very young and she have very bright future to live on.. and if i can sacrifice myself, i would like to choose my father so he can stay by my sister :D

i dun have more question to ask~~~

mcjayn said...

Hehe, then I'll ask on Lia's behalf. Since she answered on my behalf :D

Q: You are going to be executed to death in 1 minute. You are given a choice to choose the way you die either

1) hung to death in public (your family members will be forced to watch) without any cloth covering your head and it is possible that when you die, your eyeballs will pop out (my teacher told me one..)

2) beheaded in secret and then your head body will be fed to your dog/cat/any pet you own at home and your head will be hung in front of your family home.

Which one would you choose? I know it's gruesome but choose anyway :p

mcjayn said...

I meant, the body will be fed to pets while the head is hung in front of the family home.

EverEverAfter said...

Random answer : I chose number 2 since at least I know my body will be given to the "needy" wow sometimes I am a gory person hehe....

q:You are an inmate in a concentration camp. A sadistic guard is about to hang your son who tried to escape and wants you to pull the chair from underneath him. He says that if you don’t he will not only kill your son but some other innocent inmate as well. You don’t have any doubt that he means what he says. What should you do?

mcjayn said...

pull the chair from underneath my son. then tahan guna my own shoulder lo (since he x say anything abt x allowing me to do that). hehe.

Q: your doctor told you that you have a very rare disease which would only allow you to live for another 3 months, maximum. you feel really shocked and in denial because all these while u thought you're healthy. coincidentally, in 3 months' time, your sister is going to get married. she's very happy abt it, and yet also very stressed out. everyone is busy helping her to prepare for the wedding. you want to appear happy for her as well since you just reconciled with your sister after a very long fight (because got too drunk and somehow ended up sleeping with her boyfriend - who is now her ex).

what would you do?

would you tell your family abt your plight and steal the attention from the bride-to-be (again stealing from her)?


would you keep quiet about it and die a lonely death and run the risk of breaking your family's heart for not giving them the chance to say goodbye?

Mad Maureen said...

I will choose to tell the family because first of all, wedding is in human's control. She can always adjust the date.. But death is in God's hand. I cannot delay it..

She must be a really shallow sister then if she thinks that me gonna die is stealing attention away from her... Or it was me who was shallow for thinking about her that way.

It is unfair for me not to tell my family about my upcoming death. In one way, it will also destroy my sister's wedding if i didn't tell them as the date of the wedding and my funeral might possibly clash (3 months, maximum).. And if i die suddenly within that 3 months, my sister will be shocked. she might as well call off the wedding because of guilt because she thought that i didn't dare to tell my family about my health because i was thinking for her..

That's why, telling my family about it was never selfish at the first place.

so i will tell them lor..

Q: What if you are given two options...

The first one is to graduate with first class and you are the top student in the university (best among the first class student), but then you never get to attend the konvo... and put all those supposedly sweet memories in pictures or even experience them.


the second option where you get to bring all the members of your family to attend your konvo, siap dengan tempahan hotel and kereta, but you will just graduate with average pointer and you're not the best student, not even first class student.

Which option do you prefer, as a student?

mcjayn said...

sbg diri saya yg sekarang, i would like to choose option 1 because bagi saya convo tu overrated and memenatkan. i wud love to escape that. lagipun boleh pinjam baju tu balik ma.. ambil gambar di studio jak.


if like u said, option 2, semua kemudahan pun disediakan (mmg macam vip punya vacation), i would definitely choose this.

firstly, my parents get to see me graduate (dpt rasa proud segala let other parents see that "ini anak aku, aku berjaya educate beliau sampai uni" etc.) bagi mrk kembang2 idong sikit, then ada lagi hotel motel yg syok rasa vacation ada spa segala (wow, selain rasa gembira anak grad bagai diri grad) dpt juga nikmati semua kesenangan and yg penting ada alasan x payah pergi kerja (sbb attend konvo anak).

pointer average ok (nasib x kata fail) at least still grad. yg penting bukan pointer. tgk saya boleh survive ke tak. lagipun masa interview, performance tu yg penting tp bonus kalau pointer tinggi (tp since u x kata average mcm mana, i just assume average bahagian yg lebih tinggi tu wakakka) so this one, win-win situation. damn, it'll be the greatest convo experience.

Q: ur family members kena held hostage oleh terrorist. then and kena selamatkan mereka. they are in one building. but different rooms. your parents are in one room, and your siblings in another. the two rooms are opposite of each other tapi jarak about 100m from one room to the next. wpun anda pelari pecut, tapi anda hanya ada masa 1 minit utk slamatkan mereka semua or else the bomb will explode and semua yg dlm building akan mati.

do you
1. go to the room where your parents are and untie them?


2. save your siblings instead?