Sunday, April 17, 2011

Laundry Woes a.k.a. Cuci-mencuci Pakaian

Yesterday I did my laundry because I had a load accumulated in my laundry basket. 

As usual, people dry their laundry in the sun.  I do too. 
But in doing so, I run the risk of getting my laundry blown off by the strong wind or maybe even get stained by bird droppings. 

Should I hang them in my room, then? Hm... It will be safer definitely, but then my room would get a musty smell.
Maybe I should just ignore the dirty laundry and let them pile up at the corner.  Or better still, just throw them away after use.  If ever I need clothes, I'll just buy new ones.
That is a good idea but how long will it last? Besides, there are some really nice pieces that I love in there. 


Who knew cleaning laundry would be this tricky?

I also wished for a whole day of sun to dry my laundry but sometimes, there are bound to be rain before your laundry are dried. 

What about you? What do you do with your laundry?
Any suggestions how I should deal with them?


Mad Maureen said...

I dried my laundry (almost under the sun)... Sometimes there were rain...Bird droppings. Strong winds.

But i didn't care and i was not worried because i dried it in front of my hostel where it has roof. It is quite safe from bird droppings. Sometimes people might judge my laundry based on the clothes i wore, how many panties i dried under the sun (the more panties u dried, the more embarrassed u shud be because that means you didn't do your laundry for quite some time), what kind of panties i had, it is embarrassing but at least i cleaned the laundry.

Maybe sometimes i wet other people's dry laundry when they are drying them, because i dried my newly washed laundry next to theirs. I thought that that space was supposed to be where i dried my laundry last time... ANd yes, that was the place that i was supposed to dry my laundry last time, but i realized that i took too much space, more space than i was entitled to.

Realizing so, i will give their space back for them to dry.. I knew that i wet their laundry back, but the laundry will still dry sooner or later because there are still sunshine the next day.

mcjayn said...

maybe i'll try that some other time.

still trying to mend my clothes that got stained and find the ones i lost from the strong wind.

just hope i'll be luckier the next time. said...

bakar saja!

Joe Jr. said...

sory.. blok sy ada dryer.... hahah.. perlu risau kena tiup angin/bird poops... terus kering in 1 hour...