Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Question 1: What is Your Favourite Song? a.k.a. 30-day blog challenge

First of all, I would like to explain a few things: 

1. I copied this challenge from the Ketua Kuyat :)  (Beliau adalah Tai-ka-je kami, sila respek ok!)

2. This is a 30-day blog challenge but it does not mean that it has to be continuous.  It only means that you need to answer only one question per day.  

And since I really need to talk but nobody can afford to stay awake that long to listen to me, WTH let me just do this then.  

There are many songs that I love but this particular song will always be my favourite.  
It is a chinese song sung by my favourite idol, Jay Chou.  
I love this song not just for the melody but also because of the lyrics and its MV and the special effect (so it really is my favourite!).  

The title of the song is 你听得到 (Ni Ting De Dao) meaning You Can Hear It.  
Mesti takorang rasa heran pahal tajuk nya cam pelik jak bunyi.  Mestila bole dengar asalkan sik pekak.  
Tapi.... jeng jeng jeng..

This is the lyrics: 

you shui neng bi wo zhi dao
Who can understand better than me
ni de wen rou xiang yu mao
That your gentleness is like a feather

mi mi tang zai wo huai bao
A secret is lying in my lap

zhi you ni neng ting de dao 
(2nd time: dao de ting neng ni you zhi [see note on bottom*] ) 
Only you can hear it

hai you mei you ren zhi dao
Does anyone else know

ni de wei xiao xiang yong bao
That your smile is like an embrace?

duo xiang cang zhe ni de hao
How I want to hide your goodness

zhi you wo kan de dao
So that only I can see it 

zhan zai wu ding zhi dui feng shuo
Standing on the roof, facing the wind saying

bu xiang bei zuo you

That I don’t want to be pushed around

ben lai tao yan xia yu de tian kong 
I used to hate the raining sky


zhi dao ting jian you ren shuo ai wo
Until I heard someone say she loves me

zuo zai dian ying yuan de er lou
Sitting on the second floor of the movie theatre


kan ren qun zou guo
Watching the crowd walk past


zen me na yi tian de wo men
Why did we on that day


dou mo mo de wei xiao hen jiu
Both quietly smile for so long?


wo xiang wo shi tai guo yi lai
I think that I am too dependent

zai gua dian hua de gang cai
When the phone hung up just now

jian chi xue dan chun de xiao hai
I persisted in acting like a naive child

jing jing kan shou zhe fen ai
Silently guarding this piece of love


zhi dao bu neng tai yi lai 

I know that I can't be too dependent


pa ni hui ba wo chong huai 

Afraid that you would spoil me


ni de xiang wei yi zhi pai huai 

Your fragrance constantly hovers


wo she bu de li kai
I am reluctant to leave


*This line is reversed the 2nd time around. Play the song backwards to hear "zhi you ni neng ting de dao."
Jay does it with a purpose, which is to create a line to suit the song title's theme so that only you can hear it.  


And the video: 

Atau bagi yang tidak dapat tengok video itu atas sebab-sebab tertentu, hehehe, here is where you can download the mp3 version.  

Nice, right? 

Well, why does it still touch my heart so much even after eight years? 

Because... not everybody can listen.  

Sometimes, people don't hear you.  
But when they do, are they really listening? 
Even if they do listen, can they ever hear the real message behind your voice, your words, your pause? 

Makes you wonder eh? 

;) Enjoy!


jeans lusuh said...

aku mok saman kuyat kaki pendek sbb telah mendahulukan title ketua kuyat ya untuk aku chaitt... !!


btw, kyric nya nice la. wish can hear the song. ko sik pat embed mp3 nya sitok ka?

mcjayn said...

baik ku cuba! *dgn penuh semangat*

Mad Maureen said...

oh, boleh pergi ya.. tapi sia sik tau la ada Mandarin song ke tak.. hehe. ada kot.. Step tauk..

jeans lusuh said...

the song very aku stil sik dapat catch cne nya repeat... walaupun aku dengar 2 kali. adakah sbb aku terlepas or sik paham cne nya repeat?

mcjayn said...

oh, salah verse ku x bahagi betul2. sori beb :p