Monday, April 18, 2011

Tail Number a.k.a. Nombor Ekor

Where I come from, majority of the folks spend a lot of time and money on one hobby - buy Toto, buy Magnum (4D, not the ice-cream which my sisters and I used to be so jakun about), buy Sarawak Turf, and the latest, Da Ma Cai.  

This is one of the oldest and most favoured hobbies in Sibu.  Every evening, before 7 p.m., you can see people cramping like sardines in the 4D premises to buy their last-minute lucky numbers.  

Like all typical Sibuans, my parents and relatives are also one of the contributors to the popularity of these 4D outlets (yang murah hati walaupun tidak diterima.  LOL.).  A lot of investment goes into buying 4D because "you don't know when you might get lucky" said Mama wisely. 

Yes, we did enjoy the results when the harvest is rich but most of the time, we were not that lucky.  
But when Mama or Papa did get lucky, we would all be treated and usually it comes in the form of makan besar (yala tek, makan sampey besar kedak tuk T_T).  Then we all happy la.  
The same goes for our other relatives.  This "ritual" had been practiced since we were small.  

So whenever any one of us (be it my siblings and I or our cousins) expresses our wish to have something, our parents would say "Of course, but wait until we strike the lottery" to console us.  And because we knew it was not that time yet, we just nodded sadly and submit to our fate (oh-so-dramatic~). 

The line/phrase had become so commonly used that most of the time, we didn't even need to express our wishes out loud anymore.  It had been engraved in our mind that whatever we want will be given, provided that our parents get "lucky".  

And so, one day while on the way home from shopping with my aunt, we drove by a beautiful playground.  My cousin Sharon (bukan nama sebenar) was still very young then, about 9 or 10 years old.  Being a young child that she was, playgrounds appealed to her very much and she expressed her wish to her mum.  

However, before my aunt could say anything, my little cousin added, "I know, we'll wait until you win Toto."  

Kids.  They say the darnedest thing. 


Mad Maureen said...

Sharon (bukan nama sebenar) never failed to amuse us hahah.. said...

puhahaha cute! LOL

family ku pun suka men tail number. bapak aku la plg hafal number IC seisi rumah. dipusing2nya number.

bna kata ko, tggu lucky jak. mak aku plg byk nya menang pun 2K jak. ya pun abis cepat cuz byr smua bnda.

makpak ku pdh duit hasil ekhem ekhem 'judi' camya xbgs dimakan. lak jd darah (tapi bg aku mcm main pok ba hahaha xda la judi ne..). duit ya harus k byr bil2, hutang dan sbgnya asal jgn msk perut..ya la nya 2 salu main pun aku xbleh pdh pa2 cuz mun bertuah n menang pun nya 2 cepat jak abiskan duit ya k byr apa yg patut. xbagus juak simpan nya 2 pdh..duit lbh2 gaji bolehla simpan tp menang 4D k byr apa yg patut.

aku setuju la juak ngn point nya 2 ya...