Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tips Berumah Tangga a.k.a. What to do before renting a house

Hehe, mesti rasa gatal kejap bila nangga tajuk first ya nak? 

Inspiration to talk about this topic came when I went to inspect a house with two of my friends just a few hours ago.  Weh, inspect!  Macam inspektor sahab jak bunyi.  Yela, penyewa tegar la katakan.

The house was fine - nothing special.  Quite old, actually, if you ask me.  Not to mention the scarce furniture but that is not really much of a problem if the house owner had not asked for such a high rental fee.  
I mean, had the house been in a better condition (like mine, ahem!), it would not be such a big deal.  But that...hmm... 

But because I really wished to have friends as neighbours (I mean, it would feel like living in the hostel again but with more freedom and facilities, hehe), I tried to talk the owner into decreasing the fee and improve the house condition.  But the owner would not budge easily.  In the end, the offer was only RM50 cheaper.  Pfftt. 

Okay, back to the topic - what must you do before renting a house? 

1. If you do not want to live alone, find a few friends that you can get along with as roommates/housemates (whichever you prefer to call it).  Make sure that all of you understand and accept one another's lifestyle so that fights/quarrels can be avoided.  At the same time, it would be better if each housemate has a role to play in the house, e.g. Mommy, Daddy, and Son/Daughter.  Hehehe, this sounds corny but you only play the role, not the real person.  

 Pic from here

In a traditional household, Mommy does the cooking and cleaning whereas Daddy fixes and repairs things around the house.  The son/daughter does the house chores that Mommy can't cope with, e.g. collects garbage, sweeps the floor, wash the dishes, etc.  The role is only limited to household chores.  The extra duty that Mommy and Daddy does, is none of my business :p 
Mun ada organisasi kedak tuk dalam rumah kan sungguh bersih dan kemas? Hehe.  Yala namanya berumah tangga...

2.  Find out how much each future housemate is willing to pay for a room.  Your job is then to find a house that fits the price.  

3. You must also consider what each housemate expects to have in their future house.  Are they comfortable with the condition of the house? Are they fine with the neighbourhood? Do they have any transportation problem? All of these must be taken into account so that future complications can be avoided.  

 Grabbed pic here.

4. Are you a private person? Do you mind having someone (who is not romantically involved) sleep in your room? If you don't, get an individual room.  Then you can do whatever you like, e.g. stay naked all day long, menari syok sendiri, cabut bulu hidung panjang yang sudah lama disembunyikan, shoot a porn video, etc.  Satu sahaja saya mau ingatkan - keep the door closed!  Please do not contribute to global warming. 

5. Don't forget about the landlord.  Is he someone who is easy to deal with? If he is nice, the you will have a happy life.  If he is a monster, unless you have a dream of becoming Cinderella (while she is still poor), don't even think about moving in.  Kenapa nak susahkan diri sendiri? Siapa yang susah? Jawapan: Diri sendiri... 

6.  Last, but not least, can you bear the responsibility of paying bills and rental monthly?  Bulan pertama, memang excited giler so bayar on time tapi lama-lama, dua bulan pun tak bayar lagiSilap-silap, kena evacuated pulakKeesokan pagi, share tilam lagi dengan makcik-pakcik di Komtar tu.  So ingatlah bayar sewa tepat masa.   

Pic from here

1NewMessages: Sewa rumah memangla seronok tetapi masa bayar sewa, bil, dan membersihkan rumah tanpa bantuan makcik hostel adalah masa keinsafan melanda.  

Nevertheless, happy renting!  :)


jeans lusuh said...

xda gmbr rumah ya ka? ne tauk aku tetiba mok menyewa dgn daknya hahahaha...

Mad Maureen said...

eh mun ko mok menyewa sama boleh jak Claire. Sidak ya tengah mencari... Sidak aim Marce dh, and bercadang mok baginya sewa bilit masterbedroom, tapi sikda org sewa sama ngan Marce cos aku dh ada rumah kakak aku (yg lebih menjimatkan hahah). Ko mau sik sewa satu bilit ngan Marce? RM1200 for 3 persons, if you and Marce join, will be cheaper.Hehe said...

ooooooo utk ini post, komen claire&komen amau. lak2 aku mok ambk test jepun, g penang, merempat ngan takorg bleh??? kekekeke

jeans lusuh said...

amau.... eh, eh, eh... mun aku sewa d luar, aku mok bilit SORANG. if aku mok share bilit, i wont plan to move out from my room utk next sem. next sem aku mok more privacy and ketenangan and room to do my own stuff... mun pndh luar pun share ngan org, bgs ku stay d hostel n mta single room hahahaha

step, anytime bebeh. kita merempat bersama2. melod dtg, kita merempit guna bus. okay?

Mad Maureen said...

oh mun bilit sorang ya reganya jadik RM300 cos ada 4 orang semuanya...hehe.. nang mahal kan.. ya lah sidak tengah memerah otak mencari orang hahah.. ANd blm sure gik mok teruskan menyewa rumah ya ka sik... Mun ko mok bilit sorang, reganya RM300 cos 4 orang semuanya.. hehe. mahal kan? huhu

Mad Maureen said...

BOleh jak merempat ngan mekorang Step... the door is always open to you.. (after u jerit nama Mel dari luar, that is..)

And, Marce sik dpt sewa rumah ya dengan sidak, aku dengar dari Lia.. So sidak ya tengah mencari orang yg mok sewa bersama-sama hehehe.

mcjayn said...

Step: Sejak bila ko pandey malu-malu ngan aku?

Claire: Mun aku engkah sitok gambar ya, maybe selera anda akan makin berkurang :p

Mau: Pandai-pandai nak jadi tuan rumah pulak.

Step: Aku yang madah boleh ya. Bukan ahmau. Sebab ya bilik aku :p hehehe