Sunday, April 17, 2011

What If a.k.a. Andaikata

Let's play a new game!  

Exam is near, stress is here.  Chill out a little and do something else which is equally mind-challenging.  

This game is called "What if".  

Here's how we play: 
1. Pose a hypothetical situation starting with "What if", e.g., 

What if I am actually a boy who has undergone a transsexual operation, would you (girls) still want to share a room with me? 

2. And then end the question with "would you" as given in the example above.  

3. The next person who comments must answer the question and then pose another question in the same format. 

Get it? Good.  

Let's get the ball rolling... 

My question: 

What if I am a lesbian, would you (girls) still sleep with me on the same bed? 

or if you're a boy,  

What if I am a gay, would you still sleep with me on the same bed? 


Mad Maureen said...

Yes. Because i know that you would not fall for me.

MY question:

What if, we had one Freaky Friday going on where you get to be me and I get to be you... What will be the first thing that you do as me? And what will be the first thing that you would like me to do as you?

mcjayn said...

I would buy all the clothes that I used to only look at from afar and wear them to make people jealous.

As for you being me,
I would want you to do whatever it is you always do as yourself at home and observe the responses you get as me from people around you.

Q: What if you were given a choice to be whomever you choose to be, would you choose to be the girl/guy you admire?

Joe Jr. said...

sy mo answer suma...
1) mel, i wont.. coz i dun trust 'you' in this story to sleep with you... coz mna la tau ko tiba2 raba2 sy tgh2 mlm tanpa sy sedari... huhuhu...

2) mau if i were u ite now.. one thing i wanna do is xmo study!!! mo tgk drama... huhu... so jeles kmu ble tgk wyg yesterday.. sy kluar ngan kakak2 sy pun skejap ja.. only for breakfast... and you, of kos i want you to study for my exam.. hahaha

3) mel. i would still be myself but taller, leaner, thinner, with perfect body me... so that sy ble pkai all those clothes yg sy hnya ble pndg org pkai skrg... skinny, esp..

my question is...

what if you fall in love with a person with same gender all of sudden. e/t u really against homo. and u try to let go of that feeling, cuba lupakan dia, hate him/her for making u feel lyk this but in the end u cant.. u confess to him/her e/t ko tau it's wrong tp love makes u blind.. then the next day this person tells u that actually she/he is actually has diff gender than u r..., would u be mad angry or would you be happy and embrace ur love together... (remember, ko smpi ckp i dun care wat my family and friends think of me... i know its wrongto love a person from same sex tp i cant hold my feelings to you... but still dia xmo bgtau yg dia tu ppuan(if u're a guy)/ lelaki (if you're a girl)..(inspired by coffee prince..... ) haha

Mad Maureen said...

Joe: DUsh.. lol. me studying for your exam? disaster la then.. XD

ur question aku dh suspek2 dari drama, mmg pun bila ko letak coffee prince sana.. haha..

i think kan, my feelings for that person timbul bukan sbb saya homo tetapi mungkin instinct cinta adalah lebih tinggi dari segalanya (jeng3) sebab itulah akhirnya saya cinta orang itu and memang pun my instinct was right because that person is of opposite sex sebenarnya (yeah)... i will embrace my love together with that person... Maybe i was too daring before that and ambik risiko but there's a reason for everything.. hehe. it's hard to find true love,and once u find it (where the feelings are mutual) , don't let it go kan...

hehe. next question is... erm... ku fikir dulu. nanti baru bagi in my next comment.hehe.

Mad Maureen said...

What if, you have a wife/husband who's very sick, and you love her/him more than anything in the world... but the only way to cure her/him is to marry a witch/wizard who fell deeply in love with you? what will u do?

mcjayn said...

marry the wizard la. i'd rather suffer than see the one i love suffer. lagipun i x semestinya ehemehem sama dia. tapi kalau dia hensem, terpaksa la.

Q: what if you have a very big nose (1/3 the size of ur entire face), would you get a plastic surgery to reduce the size wpun dlm agama ada kata x boleh kalau it is purely out of vanity?