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What's in a Face? a.k.a. Eh, bukan jerawat ka?

WARNING: This is a very long post.  If you can wait for the many thousand words to load, congratulations.  It will be worth it.  

I'm sure everyone has, at one point in their lives, seen a face that they cannot forget.
Well, I'm not just seeing a face that I cannot forget, but also one that I cannot get out of my head.  This is pathetic and embarrassing T_T

Ever since I watched The Tourist recently, I couldn't get this face outta my mind:

Johnny Depp as Frank Tupelo in The Tourist

Please don't laugh.
I don't know why, but I find him very beautiful.
Don't you think he looks a little like


The same bony cheeks, intense stare, really high nose, not to mention the goatee and moustache?

Okay, I personally do not find men with moustache/beard/goatee sexy but this is an exception.  Men with moustache always remind me of

Mr. Potato came from here.

When someone as handsome as this

Brad Pitt as Achilles in Troy.
(Pic taken here)

grows a beard,

Mountain man caught from here.  

we shake our head slowly and go 'Tsk, tsk, tsk.'
But when it was trimmed into a goatee like this,

 Billy's long-lost brother was seen here

we shake our heads vigorously and say together (1, 2, 3!) "No, no, NOOOoooo~~~" 

You see, if someone as handsome/beautiful as Brad Pitt looks like a lost goat with beard, you can't blame me for hating hairy lips.

But of course there are exceptions.
I think I might have developed a tiny crush on him since Pirates of the Caribbean.

While 90% of the girl population salivate over 

Orlando Bloom 

who played Will Turner,

who actually reminds me of

I went gaga over Jack Sparrow and his eyeliner... (-_-")

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow 

Do you find my taste queer?  

Personally, I think he is beautiful albeit in a queer way.  But there is something about the way he stares... 
His eyes can say so many things all at once.  
They could mean confusion, sadness, disappointment, curiosity, and yet an eagerness to listen, just with one stare.  The next time you look into his eyes, they would merely say he is up to some mischief and crazy ideas.  
How can I not melt into that eyes? *sigh* 

Right, actually I wanted to talk about the The Tourist.  After watching movies that grab my heart or leave me with a high curiosity, I would google it up and find out more about them.

This movie is actually a remake of the French movie, Anthony Zimmer.  
It started with the police trailing after Elise's (played by Angelina Jolie) butt.  Well, they were but not for the sole reason of finding out whether she was wearing any panties or not but because they were on a mission to find one man - Alexander Pearce, Elise's secret lover.  

Who is this Alexander Pearce? When do we get to see his face? 
How am I supposed to know? Even the police didn't.  That's why they kept their eyes on Elise to bait Pearce out!  

Elise kept getting letters from Alexander telling her where to go, what to do, and then, to get rid of the letters.  

It so happened that one of his letters asked her to board a train, find someone with his built and trick the police into believing that the man is Alexander Pearce himself.  
The first guy she saw was taken.  Oh, never mind.  This is Angelina Jolie we're talking about.  What man can't she get? 
The next guy she saw was reading a novel while smoking in front of a non-smoking sign.  She liked it and invited herself to sit with him.  
That guy is Frank Tupelo (Johnny Depp), which I bet you might have already guessed.  
They talked and got to know each other.  Actually, they got to know Frank better while Elise kept her identity secret just to remain mysterious and sexy.  Just kidding.  

The train scene. 

Elise left and then they met again at a pier, by "chance".  For Frank, that is.  He was part of Elise's plan - meet a stranger and pretend that he is Alexander to fool the police so that Alexander will not be discovered.  And so the cat-and-mouse chase began.  

 Elise after saving Frank's ass.

Incidentally, another guy was also hot on Pearce's trails.  His name is Reginald Shaw, a former client of Pearce whom he had cheated 2 billion off.  He's a bad guy so he's not in the same team as the police.  Wow, two cats and one mouse (if you don't count Angelina in)!  

Here is where most of actions in the movie happened.  Action enough for a romantic movie, that is.  
Honestly, I thought it was comical when Frank ran on the roof to escape two thugs who were after him because they thought he was Pearce.  It was the way he ran that was funny.  And oh, that was when his tummy looked so obvious.  

Fast forward a little bit, Shaw got to Elise first and forced her to open a safe (containing all the money he had stolen) in Pearce's hideout.  It was clear that Elise had no idea how to open the safe or whether Alexander was finally going to show up.  Oh, forgot to tell you guys that Alexander never showed up in all the scenes before.  

While all this happened, the police on Elise's trail were all watching this through a hidden camera in Elise's dress.  Frank was with them, being handcuffed, because he was a glitch in the plan.  He kept pleading with them to save Elise but to no avail.  The police also wanted to know how Pearce looked like.  They were as convinced as Shaw that Pearce would eventually show up to save the woman he loved. 

Somehow, Frank managed to free himself and went to rescue Elise.  Frank told Shaw and the gang that he was actually Alexander Pearce himself, which got everyone including Elise confused.  Laughing even.  I mean, how could this clumsy and foolish guy be the legendary Alexander Pearce?  

Shaw saw that it was all an act, a little puzzled and intrigued too, I guess, asked Frank to prove his identity.  Frank said that he had undergone a plastic surgery so that he could live freely.  Well, it all seemed too convenient at the time, and suddenly it sounded a little like one of the typical comedy Hindi movies.  

But Frank told all that present that he would open the safe if only they would let Elise go.  Yeah, right.  Even the villains weren't that foolish.  So they offered not to kill Elise instead if Frank could open the safe.  Well, as all dramatic stories go, Shaw and his underlings got shot by the cops surrounding the area before Frank got the chance to open the safe.  Elise's service got terminated immediately (maybe because she had already gone through such a traumatic experience because of another agent's negligence.  

Suddenly, the agents got a call from the other agents that they had Alexander Pearce.  And so everyone except for Frank and Elise went to the scene only to find out that the guy they had was a decoy (someone whom Alexander had hired to drop the letters to Elise).  

Meanwhile, still at the hideout, Frank declared his love for Elise and so did Elise.  
"What about Alexander Pearce?" Frank asked.  
"I love him too, unfortunately," Elise replied.  
"Then I might have just the solution for you," said Frank while reaching out the safe and keyed in all the correct codes.  So yeah, Frank is Alexander and Alexander is Frank. 
Predictable, right? 
(By the way, I'm not sure whether I got the dialogues right 100% but the gist of the story is there.  Hehe) 

From what I read online, a lot of the audience kept arguing about whether or not Elise realized that Frank was Alexander all along.   

For me, I would say that Elise didn't know that Frank was actually Alexander.  Had she known, why pretend not to know even when they were both alone? 
It was a coincidence that Elise chose Frank in the train.  The first guy she wanted was taken and then, by chance she saw Frank who had Alexander's built because both of them are the same person, and I suppose something about Frank intrigues and attracts her.  He's Alexander, what.  

And I don't think Alexander planned every little details.  All he did was planned for the letters to be passed to Elise at the right moment and also the places for Elise to go.  The rest are just coincidence.  I guess he just went with the flow.  
I suppose there was a foreshadowing that tells the audience that Frank could be Alexander.  When Frank stayed in the same suite as Elise, he had fantasized about kissing her passionately, full of love.  I don't think people would fall in love with a stranger that easily.  I mean, the kiss seemed so passionate as if it had been held back for a very long time and only released then.  Hehe, I don't know.  

All in all, it was a nice movie to watch.  Heartwarming and romantic.  

1NewMessages: Bebeth, sila tengokla movie ni.  Sa kira ko ni jenis yang romantik jugak :) Ngee~ 

2NewMessages: I have to say, though, that Depp and Jolie do not look that good together even though both are beautiful (I think Johnny Depp is more beautiful :p).  Johnny Depp's kind of woman is more like 

Petite, daring, and has a very unique look (the kind of face you won't forget easily). 

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