Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Cube

Hi guys, I'm back.  Ew... dusty blog.   

Ok, I'm back because of The Cube.  Just look at the time discrepancy between this post and the last post and you know how important The Cube is to me. 

Ok, ok.  I ain't gonna lie and say that it's only about The Cube.  Actually, there's a catch.  If I write a blog entry about The Cube and features that I like about it, I stand a chance to win a BlackBerry Torch 9860! 

You don't know how desperate I am for a BB.  I am a student (you get the story - broke, broken, and might break down anytime because I need something efficient to browse the net.  Yes, I am shameless). 

Without further ado, let me introduce you to The Cube if you are still clueless about it.  But first, let me show you this video.  Lol, it's crazy and I just can't resist it! 

Isn't that cool? I wish I could do that!  Lol. 

You must be wondering why all those Cubes are dancing, right?
Duh, The Cube is like a music site.  Seriously.  You can download tones for your phones, find out what new song is the hottest right now (seriously, it's like a music chart), download games, and keep yourself up to date with your social circle.  The good thing about downloading legal stuff at The Cube here is the affordable prices.  You can download songs for as low as RM 0.99!   

There is one thing that really attracts me is going online on Facebook by SMS for only RM 1 per week!  I thought I saw it wrongly but no.  Seeing is believing.  That's like RM 4 in one month.  Cool eh? Even someone as broke as me can afford that.  Hallelujah! 

Oh, and one more thing although I know I may be writing out of topic here.  But you just gotta check out The Cube's site if only to take a look at the cool web design.  Check it out for yourself if you don't believe me (But please believe me, I am usually honest).  

See? See?

Lol.  I know I'm not making any sense right here but honestly, the colour combination works so well in creating something young, vibrant, and happening, if it was animated I would have danced along.  If only there were animations... Ah, you know, I'm a person who loves action.  Just ignore me. 

But as a website for in this genre, I gotta say, The Cube is The Complete Ultra Boundless Entertainment.  

Thank you very much. 


RazFiRa said...

this is cool.. hope u will win :)

Mad Maureen said...

Yeah i hope u win too, so that i can add one more contact to my bbm list. And save on sms-ing u. :P

Boni said... bb....and give it to me...:P